I wore jeans yesterday. It was probably the first time in about three weeks. And whilst I didn’t hate it because they were my favourite stretchy contour jeans from F&F at Tesco (the best for inexpensive but comfy jeans), I write this for you now wearing a pair of joggers. Because a comfortable waistband means everything to me right now. But in the spirit of trying to make more of an effort going forward, I’ve been looking for comfortable fashion options that will give me the easy wearing required for working from home but pieces that will also make me feel put together enough for an impromptu Zoom meeting. 

Jumpsuits & Dresses

Like wearing a publically acceptable onesie, jumpsuits were my first port of call. And since my bathroom visits are in the comfort of my own home I don’t need to worry about the inevitably uncomfortable and cold de-robing involved in going for a wee wearing a jumpsuit to the actual office. All of my finds are linked in the images below and in case you’re new around here, we’re a 100% ad-free platform, so they’re all just regular links. No affiliate links in sight. This navy textured jumpsuit from Next looks very comfortable. I’ve found a bamboo jumpsuit from a new-to-me sustainable brand called Thought that looks lush (there are quite a few more products from them in this post) and another sustainable brand, People Tree have come up with the goods with this khaki green jumpsuit

When it comes to dresses, for me right now, the looser the better. Let’s think a-line and swing dresses. Enough to make you feel like you’re floating around at home looking fancy, but also enough to feel comfortable about your food belly if you decide to have leftover Chinese food for lunch (I may be speaking from experience). Back to Thought for this tunic dress. I love the print, but also the sleeve length and pockets. Great for summer with no tights and autumn with tights. It’s also on sale so… Next up the equally beautiful but definitely not on sale ruffle dress from Cos. Cos have the nicest / weirdest structured clothes. Also, once again, pockets. If your skin tone does not resemble that of tracing paper (like mine) then you will probably rock any of the three colourways of this affordable and feminine H&M dress. And if you’re in the mood for a playsuit, I loved this denim-look number from H&M also

Tops (Loose Ones)

So whether you’re wearing joggers, leggings or stretchy jeans on bottom… No one on Zoom need know, right? You can be all business on top and comfort party on bottom. In the spirit of wearing a deceptively fancy top, here are some loose and comfy find that I thought would be a nice addition to my lockdown wardrobe. I really enjoy Uniqlo’s clothing (and bras) and I love the teeny tiny polka dots on this red shirt. For something a touch more fitted but still comfy looking, this glitter striped blouse from & Other Stories might win you over. I absolutely LOVE the bunting shaped trim on this top from Thought. Imogen in our team sent me this flowing shirt in very on-trend pastel lilac. I have just bought this printed throw from Thought, I find them such a versatile piece in the summer months for throwing on over basics. This super pretty linen and cotton scalloped top would look so nice on top, it wouldn’t matter what you were wearing on bottom. Back to Thought for a Breton style tunic (also it’s majorly on sale). And finally & Other Stories for this beautiful pink crepe shirt

If in doubt, just wear what you have maybe treat yourself to some jewellery like a bold necklace or statement earrings to lift even the simplest of outfits. A team favourite for such jewellery finds is Oliver Bonas

And there you have it, all the reasons to partake in some online shopping – for work purposes… Or simply just because you’re worth it. 
Please, please share any of your favourite comfortable fashion finds with me. I need more tabs open on this browser.