Finn is three months old and I recently signed back up to the gym. I feel like I’m ready to get back into some sort of a fitness routine and to be honest… To just regularly get out of the house without the kids. I wanted to find somewhere I’d be happy to spend time in, even if it’s only twice a week at the moment. I took my time trying out the gyms in my area and eventually found the perfect place a short drive away. And whilst the membership is a good bit more than my local council gyms, I’m seeing it as an investment in not just my physical health, but my mental health, as its currently the only place I get to be without very small people tagging along. That sauna is like a little pine box sanctuary for me now. And my yoga teacher is walking sunshine (and hilarious)… Which is how I feel all yoga teachers should be.
Onto the workout clothes dirty enabling…

Of Course, I Need New Workout Clothes

After I signed that dotted line, I whipped out my old workout gear in blind hope it would still fit. And while most of it (kinda) does… Albeit with a bit of more of a doughy silhouette… It’s all a little worn and doesn’t make me feel my best. So I’ve got to shopping. And I thought I’d share some of my finds with you beautiful bunch.

The Sports Bra

In my eyes the most important piece of gym kit there is. Give me a good sports bra and I feel like I can channel my inner Serena – minus tantrum. I’ve focused on high impact bras for larger busts, although these would work equally as well for smaller chests (although you lucky ladies can also sport (ha!) any thin strapped, fancy numbers you like)
Spend – When I think sports bras, I usually think sports brands. This Nike bra gives both shape and support but looks pretty much like a regular t-shirt bra.
Save – Word around the campfire is that this H&M sports bra is far more supportive than the price point would lead you to believe. I haven’t tried it personally, but it’s in my cart as we speak.
Splurge – One bra I have tried and I am almost evangelical about is the Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer. This perfectly named piece has been through my wash umpteen times and still keeps my E cup girls nicely locked down, holds it shape and is wonderfully comfortable. I’m currently contemplating the super smooth, seam-free Enlite bra, with its supportive straps and criss-cross back. It will definitely be my next investment.

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The Workout Top

Spend – The gym is probably the only place in my life where I am comfortable wearing a splash of neon. I really like the loose fit and back detail of this bright peach New Balance t-shirt.
Save – To be honest, I tend not to spend loads of money on workout tops. Typically there are some rather lovely bargain ones, like this grey seamless Only Play tank. And although my pale skin and blonde hair would have me too washed out in this gorgeous lilac 4505 long sleeve, if you have beautiful dark skin or hair, buy it, wear it and think of me.
Splurge – I will now eat my own words and tell you about the most beautiful and spendy gym top I’m on the verge of buying. This Sweaty Betty workout t-shirt has the most figure flattering mesh seams and back detail. I think it’s the kind of purchase that I would wash and wear to death. So I’m thinking cost per wear will be pennies.

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Workout Leggings

Spend – While I quite like a plain/block-colour top… I am all about channelling my Mr Motivator in some patterned leggings. I love the colourway of these lilac and peach Reebok leggings and also love that they are now stocking a vast majority of their styles in plus sizes.
Save – For my budget finds, I couldn’t quite decide between these all out pink print H&M leggings or these more subtle, yet flattering ASDA bargains. I suppose I could have both!
Splurge – Sweaty Betty leggings are pretty luxe and legendary, but I’m thinking that since these gorgeous tiny star leggings are reversible… That’s like getting two for the price of one. So technically it makes them affordable, right?

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Workout Jumpers/Jackets

Spend – I love the hue of this 4505 light grey waterproof jacket. It’s the perfect gym cover up for the wet weather. Although I’m also quite taken by this semi-casual Only Play grey hooded jacket, it’s the kind of put-together coat you’d wear if you had a lunch date or a school run after the gym.
Save – While I couldn’t find any bargain gym jackets that I liked, I did find this Nike colour block crew neck jumper that I love.
Splurge – Ok, so I’m clearly old because apparently this 1996 style North Face jacket is now considered ‘retro’. Regardless, it’s the perfect black/pink colour combo and looks incredibly toasty warm for those gruelling winter gym days.

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Anyone else returning to the gym after a break? Or have any workout gear recommendations for me?
Also, congratulations if you managed to get through this entire blog post without chanting this song in your head.