The Best Non Wired Bra – I’ve Found It

Author: Naomi Liddell

When I stopped breastfeeding, I wore my maternity bra for waaaaayyyyyy too long afterwards. It was the comfort guys. I’d put my usual wired balconette bras back on and I swear it felt like torture of the ribcage. Yes, they may have been a damn sight sexier than my tatty old maternity bras, but I’m clearly at an age where I’m beginning to value comfort over cleavage. God help me. 

Apparently, some call them a ‘wireless bra’. But that sounds like a new smart gadget I’m not aware of. Perhaps one where we can adjust the padding with our smartphones?  So I’m going to stick with ‘non wired’, although it doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well. Let me give you some context. I’m a 34DD. And whilst I’m perfectly happy with my ample boobage, I have to admit to longing after those lacy little bralette things. I even ordered a few to try on. But alas, my girls need a little bit more scaffolding in order to feel comfortable. I did find one bralette that fits nicely and is perfect for lounging around at home, but I wouldn’t call it an everyday bra. In fact, I wouldn’t call it a bra at all, it’s pretty much a lace bikini.
I tried on quite a few bras to try to upgrade my underwear, but every tshirt bra I could find was wired or if not, too padded to make up for the lack of wire. Or the wrong shape. Or just not that comfortable at all.
But on a trip to Manchester with my Dad (of all people) we stopped by the Uniqlo store. After a good browse around and an armful of clothes to try on, my Dad casually mentioned that my Mum really rated the Uniqlo bras. I hadn’t thought much about it but grabbed one of the non wired ones to try on. May as well, whilst I was there. 
FRIENDS… It was like wearing my beloved, comfortable maternity bras all over again. Only better. It had shape, support, a low cut front that magically didn’t allow any overspill, it’s seamless AND… The Comfort. From the second I fastened the backstrap I knew I’d found the one. So I bought one in every colour (except for the weird green). 

I have lived in them ever since. They are the perfect seam free tshirt bra for day to day wear. And I’m currently sitting on the sofa at home, it’s 10pm and I’m still wearing it. Yes, it’s that comfortable. For reference, my 34DD fits into their 75/80 CDE perfectly. Although if you’re thinking of ordering, click on the ‘Find your perfect fit’ link under their sizing to convert from British sizing into theirs. 
A smaller busted friend of mine also recently picked one of these up on my recommendation and has been harping on about them too. 
So it turns out that the legend is true. Someone has designed a non wired bra that fits both large and small busted women. Now from my research on this particular bra, it seems their sizes range from a 30AA up to a 38G. Which is a better range than I’ve seen at most high street shops.  Of course, us women are all made differently in an array of beautiful shapes and sizes, so if you’re going to order and try it on, but you’re not as keen as me then make sure you keep the tags and original packaging in order to return. Or better yet, make your way to a store to try before you buy.
Now the quest for non-diggy-in, comfortable but sexy knickers begins. Have you found any?
Do you have a comfortable bra that you swear by and rave about as much as I have here? I want to hear about it. To expand my collection. 
(And if you’ve read thus far thinking that this is some kind of sponsored post, you’d be mistaken for we no longer use ads or affiliate links. Just good old honest recommendations.) 

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29 thoughts on “The Best Non Wired Bra – I’ve Found It

  1. I wholeheartedly agree! I found these when I was pregnant- major rib spreadage meant I had to ditch my normal bras really quickly. These fit the bill of being the comfiest ever but still giving really good support and shape. It’s magic, not sure how they manage it!

    1. Woop! So glad to have another fan on board. Sometimes when recommending products I worry I’m the only one 🙈

  2. I tried their bras, maybe five years ago, on the basis of recommendation but could not get the right fit. Although they were sized as XS, S, M etc., so I’m guessing they’ve changed this? I might have to give them another go, as I too am clinging to the last vestiges of my maternity bras.

    1. Well the sizing is completely different now, so I can only guess Kat that they’ve changed. Can’t be sure though. Make sure you keep your receipt if you are trying them again. I honestly live in mine.

      1. Naomi- you’re woman after my own heart! Have just looked at the website, and am guessing it’s the beauty light version as these use the sizing system you’ve described above. Thank you for the tip-am ordering as I type! X

  3. This is amazing timing! Going back to work after mat leave in a couple weeks and have had to buy pretty much a complete new work wardrobe, including some decent underwear.

    My underwired bras have been so uncomfortable since having my daughter despite regular measurements/trying different styles. So I’ve ditched them too. Found this in good old M&S, have only been wearing it a shirt while but so far so comfy! …

    Definitely going to try a Uniqlo one too! X

    1. Oh Katie! I don’t think I’ve tried this M&S one? Must give it a bash. I think the big brands are starting to cotton on (ha!) that non wired is in higher demand now.

  4. Would have loved to try these but as a 34G cup it’s often hit and miss with sizing! Annoyingly it looks that you can’t return bras! And with no store nearby it’s a shame I can’t try them!

    1. Sami it seems their returns policy is unclear about this, doesn’t it? It says that underwear can only be returned in its original packaging. These bras come with tags only, not in a box, so I imagine they can be returned as long as the tags aren’t removed? Anyway, I’ve emailed Uniqlo for clarification, so I’ll update this comment thread once they get back to me.

      1. Oh please do let us know if you get an update. I am also normally 34GG but being pregnant I have gone up several back sizes and currently only have bar that fits (an as a bravissimo girl it ain’t cheap!) so if these are as good as you say for under £20 I am on it!

    1. I forgot to even mention the price point Annie! Hopefully it was a pleasant surprise once you’d clicked through 😉

  5. I am SO going to try some of these! I’m 24 weeks pregnant with my second, struggling to love my pregnancy body as I am definitely bigger this time although feel that is more to do with my consumption of a loaf of Warburtons Toastie per day… To date I have spent a small fortune on trying to find the right bra and am currently wearing a very old one in a size I know I am not…! A very strict bra measuring lady in M&S talked/scared me into some and they are rubbish. Do not hold things where I want to give the illusion they still are!

    Thank you!

    On another note, my husband loves the Uniqlo merino wool jumpers. Loves them. My mum and aunties all buy him them for Christmas and he wears them year round!

    1. Have you tried the Bravado Seamless Silk maternity bras? They come in S/M/L type sizing and are genuinely the comfiest things I ever found (and allow for size fluctuations with the milk coming in etc).

      Another fan of the merino wool jumpers and cardigans here, I have a whole wardrobe of them!! Wash extremely well on my washing machine’s woollens setting too 🙂

      1. Even just the product name for these sounds comfy doesn’t it? Seamless silk bra. Some excellent marketing there ☺️

    2. Great tip on the merino wool jumpers Pamela! Also, I hate being convinced to buy something then getting instant buyers remorse after. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to try these on before you buy. Annie’s recommendation for the Bravado Maternity bra sounds like a good one too!

  6. I had breast cancer and therefore some surgery 18 months ago and now am very slightly lopsided, and also now unable to wear wired bras and have also been in the look out for attractive and comfortable non-wired bras. They do need to have a bit of a shaped cup to compensate but the only post surgery bras available are for women who have had a mastectomy, which are weirdly like maternity bras. The best that I have found is the one mentioned in a previous comment at M and S too. Didn’t occur to me to look in Uniqlo- will take a look. Thanks for the info.

    1. Carolyn, I have found the moulded shape of these bras to be exactly what I need too after breastfeeding two kids. Just gives a nice curve under a tshirt. Hopefully they’ll work out for you. I need to give this M&S bra a go, don’t I?

      Also, sending you tons of love for the journey you’ve had/are having. Hopefully, you’re out the other side now. xo

  7. I have never heard of this place…I have just had a quick peep at the website..there is a sale on…I may be in trouble. Thanks.

  8. Thank you!!! Just thank you!!! So needed some new bras as my m&s T-shirt bras had been gaping from some weight loss (read boob loss) and the bralet ones I had got were just a little triangle and peanut smuggling for my liking. Just ordered four and they’re perfect!

  9. Hi, love the look of these bras but just one question- website says hand wash only- have you ever machine washed and did they survive?!! Not sure if I can face a lifetime of hand washing bras!!

  10. Best comfy but stylish knickers – the cheeky from Victoria Secret.

    They don’t dig in, stay put all day and look nice too. I have too many pairs to count!

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