I have to admit I was a little dubious when I first heard about Modibodi because it just seemed a bit too good to be true. Underwear designed for period? Odour-proof, leak-proof, dry and comfortable? It all sounded a bit gross to me to be honest. But following an update about sanitary-wear on the RMS Instagram, I thought I would give it a go.

It’s really important to me to source a sustainable alternative to sanitary products. Did you know it takes a tampon longer to degrade than the lifespan of the woman who wears it? ONE TAMPON. And the average woman will use over 11,000 tampons in her menstrual lifetime. That’s insane and totally eye-opening. Tampons also contain chemicals such as dioxin, chlorine and rayon which get soaked up by the earth when they lie in landfill and are released into groundwater and air, so we’re literally stuffing our vaginas with these chemicals then polluting the planet. Add to this the fact that most pads contain polyethelyne plastic which is also an environmentally harmful pollutant and that pretty much seals the deal for me. To the brief(s)…

You’ll have to forgive me, I’ve never tried a Mooncup or whatever it’s called but I’ve heard great things (mainly from my friend Emily who insists I would need a size ‘large’ – not sure what she’s insinuating there, ha!) However, the thought of inserting a cup up my noo-noo doesn’t fill me with great joy, it mainly makes me a bit scared to be honest and I have visions of myself in A&E having it surgically removed.

So the pants it is then. I ordered myself a pair of their best-selling high waisted number and waited for them to arrive. First impressions? I love the design, the material and the comfort of them. They feel really soft but are also super flattering, I swear my bum is perkier in these (probably not but they felt like they gave it some lift) and they did just feel like pretty (albeit supportive) pants. Then came the period. I have to admit I bottled it a bit in the beginning. I went to bed and freaked out that they would leak everywhere so I used sanitary protection with the pants as back up. No surprise then that the next morning when I rinsed them out ready to wash the water ran clear (because I didn’t really use the pants).

Then came the laborious task of washing and then drying them. It was pretty straightforward but it took an entire day for them to dry meaning that it wasn’t until the next day that I got to use them again. By now, my period is in full force and I’m meeting a client for an all-day coaching session. I almost bottled it again (do I really want to be testing this underwear with a customer working from a 4 star hotel for six hours solid?) Well I’m not going to be a very good reviewer if I don’t jump in the deep end. So off I went, hoping for the best.

The briefs delivered. Amazing design. I actually forgot I was on my period at all I felt so comfortable. I never once felt wet, there was not a single leak and I felt better than I ever have. Apologies to the client that I was with, she had a full run down of the pants and my please-don’t-bleed-all-over-the-joint predicament! But I was mega impressed with the pants and their power. When I got home I had to change back into normal sanitary wear (as I only have the one pair!) and it was awful. After being in soft, flattering, comfortable underwear all day I hated using a pad again for bed, it felt horrid. But again I was stuck in the wash/dry situation.

So here it is: do I recommend period pants? Yes absolutely. Not only are they comfortable and effective, they mean making a difference to the planet, it’s a no-brainer. But maybe don’t just order one pair as then you’re stuck in a wear them, wash them scenario where you need to rely on single-use sanitary products in the interim. However I didn’t want to order more pairs at £20+ a pop until I had tried them. Now I have I will be ordering more and I won’t be going back to tampons or pads ever again. I felt more comfortable, more secure and actually a little bit sexy. I’ve don’t think I’ve ever felt so good on my period. And putting two fingers up to using plastic and overloading landfill? Well I feel even better.

I just want to make it really clear that this isn’t a sponsored post or an advert. Modibodi had no idea that I was writing this review and I bought my pants with no PR discount or deal. However, I champion what they are doing and think it’s a fantastic initiative so I got in touch with the Modibodi marketing team to ask if Rock My Style readers could have an incentive to try their underwear and they’ve given us a special code to get 10% off your order so if you do fancy giving them a try, this one’s for you. Use code ROCKMY10 to test-drive your very own period pants. Go… rock your flow!