Back in September guest writer Jess joined us to chat about minimalism and her plan to cut down on buying non-essentials for a whole year. As a fellow White Company and Cox and Cox addict this intrigued me and I will be following her journey with interest. Over to Jess to find out how she’s been getting on.

So I’m Jess a whole month into my year of no buying and all is going well (read: I haven’t broken the rules yet), but it has been challenging and eye-opening in equal measure.

The biggest challenge is breaking old habits – when I’m tired, bored or just fancy a pick-me-up, shopping is my go-to, so I’ve become really aware of that. I also seem to have spent the past month locked in debates with people telling me that they don’t understand why I’m doing it or they think I’ll fail (that’s super helpful, thanks!) or that I don’t need to do this – I should just relax and buy a little less rather than go cold turkey. Or my favourite: people sending me photos of what they’ve bought or trying to convince me that I need to buy something (that I really don’t). Basically, people seem more bothered than I am that I’m doing this and that’s been interesting.

What I have learned already is that I have too much stuff. Yes, I knew this but I didn’t really KNOW this if you know what I mean? I’ve been selling some of the excess in the past few weeks, and the more space I make, the better it feels. I forgot how real space feels. I also appreciate quality more – I’m wearing stuff that I actually love, that fits and feels good. My two favourite insights in the past few weeks have been 1) that despite all of my cleansers, my actual favourite cleanser is a £10 high street one, and 2) out of all my lipsticks, one of my favourite ready-in-a-rush looks is simply Vaseline with a Rimmel lip pencil. For someone with a LOT of lipsticks, this is an important (lip lined) point that will change my purchasing patterns going forwards.

So overall? The month has gone well. But I know my limits. I didn’t dare even look at the Cox and Cox sale (I’m only four weeks in so can’t get cocky) and when I went into The White Company sale I literally ran through the ground floor without looking up, got in the elevator, went to the children’s department and bought the pyjamas I wanted for my daughter for Christmas. I then told every single sales assistant about this challenge so they all knew the deal (there’s strength in numbers!). I actually felt pretty good walking out of there with just the pyjamas I went in there for… and at half the price! So all in all a success, but I feel with Christmas looming, the difficult part is just about to begin! On that note, The White Company privilege card catalogue has just come through the door. To open or not?