It’s been almost a year since we let you know what podcasts we’re currently listening to. I’ve delved into a few new ones over the last couple of months so I thought I’d go ahead and share them with you here in case you’re in need of something to listen to whilst prepping the turkey or wrapping your loved ones gifts.

The Best Podcasts

Sex Power Money
First up is Sara Pascoe’s Sex Power Money. I really Sara Pascoe (I’m a bit of a comedy addict and also, she has a very cute dog) and I really enjoy her stand up so I was keen to listen to her podcast, one which is, surprisingly, not a comedy. In this 8 part series Sara talks to a host of guests who all have experience in sex work, stripping and porn. Not something you might naturally gravitate towards but a thoroughly interesting listen and a very eye opening one at that. I certainly learnt some things that I have taken forward into my own life when it comes to the stigma surrounding these topics. There are some elements of humour but it is largely a lesson in understanding and breaking down barriers for those people who don’t usually get a voice and can be misrepresented or misunderstood. Her book, of the same name, is on my Audible list for downloading so I’m looking forward to listening to that in the new year.

The Drop Out
Apologies if we have mentioned this podcast before but The Drop Out is a great listen. It follows the story of Elizabeth Holmes, the youngest self made billionaire. In this 6 part series they talk you through the inception of Elizabeth’s company Theranos which was set to change the world of health care forever and the scandal that went along with the realisation of the company. It seems very well researched and thorough and is a gripping listen.

Off Menu
Oh how I look forward to a Wednesday when new episodes of James Acaster and Ed Gambles foodie podcast are released. The last episode of series two went live a couple of weeks ago so you have 40 episodes to catch up on before the release of series 3. I’m a bit jealous of you if you haven’t found it yet. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not ground breaking or deep and meaningful conversation but it’s light hearted and entertaining. Great to have on whilst peeling the potatoes or walking the dog. James and Ed have a new guest on every week, from the likes of Fleabag star Sian Clifford to world renowned chef Marcus Samuelsson (I recently visited his Red Rooster restaurant in Shoreditch and would highly recommend a Sunday Gospel Brunch) where they disclose their favourite meal of all time. There are loads of restaurant recommendations in there and ideas for recipes you may never have thought of and of course, general joking around.

As a side note, if you’re into food things, I can also recommend Hoovering by Jessica Fostekew; another comedian and you might recognise her form Motherland if you’ve seen that and if you haven’t, where have you been?! Sorry, yes Hoovering. I have only listened to a few episodes but have really enjoyed it so far.

Sue Perkins: An Hour Or So With
Good old Sue. I miss her being on the Bake Off so I;m glad to have her back in my life in podcast form. Sue grabs her friends from the world of celebdom and has a good old chinwag with them. I really enjoyed the Mae Martin episode and check out the Asim Chaudhry one too.

Distraction Pieces
If you’re after a real eclectic mix of guests having interesting social and general chit chats then Scroobious Pip’s Distraction Pieces might be for you. From Fern Cotton to Vicky McClure and Eddie Izzard there are some cracking life stories to get in to. his episodes are all pretty long format too and some split into two episodes so if you have a super long car journey coming up they are great.

Hip Hop Saved My Life
Don’t let the title of this podcast put you off from listening. Yes it largely centres around hip hop but you still get a lot of life stories and general music discussion. Host Romesh Ranganathan chats to famouses about how they got in to music and hip hop and how music has impacted their lives. I really enjoy his authentic style of interview and you can feel his genuine interest in the subject. You get a different side to Romesh through this medium that you do in his stand up shows.

The Missing Cryptoqueen
Dr Ruja Ignatova created one coin and persuaded millions of people to invest in her financial revolution. And then she disappeared. This podcast follows journalist Jamie Bartlett as he tries to uncover the mystery of Dr Ruja’s disappearance and how One Coin has impacted on those who have invested. The Missing Cryptoqueen is available through BBC Sounds.

And that my loves, is it for now. To mention a few of the usual suspects, still thoroughly enjoying Adam Buxton’s podcast and also into the last series of My Dad Wrote A Porno too which still makes me cringe and laugh in equal measure. As ever please share your current faves below and let me know any I might be missing out on. Oh and if you know anyone who is getting married you can point them in the direction of our very own podcast hosted by Charlotte and I all about wedding planning.

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See you soon!