So Cornonavirus guys… Only joking. You’re about to read a completely frivolous, easy-going post about the 90’s revival. A temporary but welcome escape let’s say. Becky and I have been chatting all about the current ’90s trends. But actually, what it was like to have lived memory in the ’90s. Because, old. We figured it would be a fun way to spend a Tuesday, to remind each other of the nostalgic weird little things that went on twenty-plus years ago. We agreed not to confer and jotted down a list of all of our nineties memories. Amazingly there was no overlap but a hell of a lot of “Ohmygodrememberthaaaaaattttt”. 
I am entirely confident that we’ve left out heaps though, so feel free to chime in on the comments with your best loved nineties gems. 

Naomi’s ’90s Favourites

Biker Jackets – Mine was pink
Natalie Imbruglia Chinese inspired vest tops
Tammy Girl 
Polly Pockets
Over Head Projectors – The satisfaction of writing on acetate
Disposable Cameras – And collecting all that film
Plastic Stick On Stud earrings – Triangles, hearts and stars please
Lucky Charms  
Having to press play and record at exactly the same time to record something from a radio show on cassette
Saturday morning children’s TV complete with people getting dunked and slimed
The Big Breakfast
Floppy Discs
Brown lip liner
Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape – now kind of gives me the boke
Platform Boots – You can buy my current boots from New Look here (not an affiliate link, just dirty enabling)
Soft focus photography
Scented nail polish
Jet from Gladiators – My first girl crush
My Girl the film – Still crying
Pogs – Did they ban them in your school too?
Watching Mr Motivator whilst eating Poptarts as a legitimate breakfast
Passing notes in class – texting was not a thing
Learning about heavy petting and periods via Sugar and Mizz magazine


Becky’s ’90s Favourites

Shag bands (happy to elaborate on this should no one have a clue what I’m on about)
Multiple scrunchies – my best mate could hold up to 16 in her ponytail
Two straggly bits of hair pulled down the front of your face – a la Angel from home and away
Magic eye posters
Sony Walkman. It was yellow. And amazing. And I loved it
I also had a discman (spoilt much)
Alanis Morissette
Velvet chokers and matching velvet hat
Overplucked eyebrows
McDonalds birthday parties
Gifts in cereal boxes
Tupperware parties that my mom used to throw
Push Pops
Gameboy. Tetris.
Peace symbols on leather lace necklaces
Clarissa Explains It All. I was Clarissa.
Saved By The Bell
Splash (the film)
Paul Nicholls
Eurotrash (where we all learned about blow jobs)
Getting a pick & mix from Woolworths
We totally binge listened to the entirety of Jagged Little Pill and highly recommend that anyone having a bit of a tough day puts that one on full blast.

Oh, and we’re going to add Morgan on especially for Charlotte #morgangirl