What Would You Like?

Author: Naomi Liddell

If you’ve been popping by over the last month you will know that things have changed a bit around here. Charlotte posted two big updates, the first being that RMLtd has a bright future ahead with new owners and the second being that we’re now a completely ad free platform.
As someone who has written for the brand on and off for ten years (!!), this has been a very exciting time to be around. All the chat in the office surrounds integrity, meaningful content and giving our communities what they want. When it comes to Rock My Wedding, that’s quite clear. Planning brides want to know how the hell they do this wedding planning thing and get oodles of inspiration along the way. But Rock My Style has been a more interesting platform to mull over. Our Instagram account is very interiors heavy which seems to be the little niche we’ve fallen into. A beautiful interior sharing, chatty account to follow. We even have a hashtag #rockmystylishhome which has currently over 18k images of amazing homes shared by our followers. 

But this platform has always felt a bit different. We were never just an interiors blog per se. We’ve kind of talked about everything and anything over the years. From the deep and meaningful conversations to what to wear to your Christmas party. I, personally have always liked that aspect of Rock My Style. If it was relevant to life, it was worth posting on here. As one of the regular writing team for the last couple of years, I can say that I have always been free to write about content that matters to me. Of course, if we’re going to post about winter boots, there used to be affiliate links thrown in (but not anymore!!), however, I have never been told what to write about. 
I had thought about writing a Christmas Gift List next week. But even though I knew we wouldn’t be advertising anything, something stopped me in my tracks. I wondered “Do our community even want this? Or is this something that we default to writing at this time of year?”. Which then opened up the wider question about 2020. What do you actually want to read? Regardless of what some arbitrary marketing calendar says that we should be posting at that time of year, what do you, our readers actually want?
That being said, I am partial to a bit of seasonal content and I do love the odd gift list. Maybe not 20 of them in two weeks though. We also love talking about beauty, careers, fashion, family life, home tours, books, DIY, life experiences, health, money, renovating, food, travel, and sustainability, which I guess all fall under ‘lifestyle’. But what are you facing in life that you want to hear more of? What do you miss about the old days of the blogging world before everything became laden with sponsored posts and affiliate links? 
You may read this post and draw a blank. That’s ok too. But do join us in the comments so we can shape this space into something that you want to be a part of. We’re happy to share our loves (dirty enabling) and our thoughts on life, the universe, and everything. I think the reason the team are willing to share it all is that we’re lucky. Rock My Style has always had a distinct lack of arseholery in the comments. The positivity, hilarious stories and support you, our readers, dish out never goes unnoticed.  And from my experience, the comments are always the best when we share something that is either useful or thought-provoking.
Speaking of useful, I’ve bored Charlotte to death last week (or secretly rivetted her) with tales of my inexpensive new portable carpet and upholstery cleaner, which has pretty much turned my child smeared home into a brand new house. If that’s the kind of #adfree shopping content you want to see then I’m happy to oblige 😂
So tell me… What do you actually want to read about?


Naomi loves daytime baths, learning things and rock music.
(Oh and her kids. She loves them too)
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66 thoughts on “What Would You Like?

  1. I miss the family content. I used to read Rock my Family before I even had a baby and found it very useful/interesting. Thanks!

  2. I am pretty much interested in everything you already write about. That’s why I’m already here! My particular thing is interiors, which is what initially drew me to the site. It would be great to see a bit more variety in styles, though I’m not sure others feel the same way. It would be nice to see more unique UK homes rather than interiors which have that kind of Instagram/country/matchy look about them. I still love to read the interiors stuff (and don’t mean to offend anybody whose lovely home has been featured) for the insight into why people decorate their homes a certain way and the whole process, but it sometimes feels a little middle class and samey. It’d be amazing to have some really different styles and interviews. I also really enjoy garden/plant talk. Are garden tours even a thing? It’d be interesting to see gardens which are more similar to those in average uk homes and the various designs or things grown.

    Otherwise, I’ve really enjoyed things like the recipe suggestions and ideas for healthy snacks for children. I’m not much of a cook so they’re helpful. There was a summer one I have referred back to a few times and winter ones would be great too. I’ve enjoyed the week in the life of various jobs, book recommendations, makeup recommendations…

    I’m particularly concerned about the environment at the moment. It has greatly affected my mental health and I am back on medication. I suppose I am suffering with the eco anxiety that I have seen mentioned I news articles. So I’m a bit torn on that one – it’s really important but also reading about it can make me extremely anxious. But I think that knowing that other people care and are making lifestyle changes BUT are managing to still continue on with their lives without the level of panic I feel is really helpful. The comments in general are always insightful.

    This site kind of reminds me of “a cup of jo” which I also enjoy reading, but can’t always relate to as it’s not uk centred. I guess that’s a bigger deal to me than I had realised as I have referenced it so many times in this comment.

    1. Firstly Jade – I can totally relate to the eco-anxiety thing. I have certainly experienced that, especially in the last couple of years. But I am slowly learning that I’m not a horrible person if I get an online shop from Tesco (with all that packaging) and that I’m trying my best in a whole heap of manners. It reminds me of that quote that’s doing the rounds in the zero waste world “We don’t need a few people doing zero waste perfectly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly”. I am firmly in that imperfect camp. Also… Aside from trying your best at home and holding companies accountable where you can… There is only so much you can do. And know that that is enough. The pressure of climate change does not fall solely on your shoulders. I feel positive about the future, I think we’ll figure it out.

      Also great feedback on the interiors posts. Of course, all the homes we have featured in the past are UK homes, but I can see what you mean about similar styles. A Cup of Jo are very good at mixing up their styles. We’re relying on submissions for this at the moment, so we’ll try to call out for more varying styles and sizes of homes.

  3. A little Christmas gift list post never hurt 🙂 I miss the family content as mentioned above. I’m also here for interiors, fashion, books, travel and I like the idea of advice on how to be more eco friendly.

  4. I agree with the comment about different interior styles and garden tours. Would love to know more about growing well everything! I also loved the family content and the odd random posts on useful items the team have bought (usually domestic ones!), very helpful. I also like book recs and eco tips. Love the refesh, always good to keep changing and evolving!

    1. Thanks Tracey! I had a stab at growing veggies the last two years, some successful, some not so much. So might share more about those adventures come Spring. I’m learning on the go though so it won’t be ‘expert’ advice. Haha!

  5. I am really enjoying the new content on RMS, it feels like it is back to it’s old sparky self! I really enjoy the updates and insights on the team’s lives (I understand those who want to keep this more private but I feel invested in you all!) I loved the discussion posts about general life, children, family life and housework type things. Recipes and book chat were also really interesting as mentioned above and I too would be interested in a variety of gardens and interiors. While I enjoy the clothes/make up/interiors chat it often feels out of my reach- I’m more of a primark girl (being on maternity leave and child no 2!)
    Keep up the great work RMS 😊

    1. Being totally honest, the overwhelming focus on interiors is one of the reason is stopped visiting this little corner of the internet (and stopped engaging on social). If I do need inspo on that front, I can get it from other places – Pinterest, printed magazines, blogs who specialise in that content.

      I miss the variety – make up, fashion, city guides as well as the thought provoking posts. If I’m going to continue to come back, I’d need to see more of those things.

      1. Good feedback! Personally, whilst I like an interior post, I like a good bit of variety too. I think the team are definitely keen to mix things up.

      2. LBMC I feel the same, and that probably seems a bit odd as I founded Rock My (!) but I do think instagram has saturated certain interiors/styles/types of homes and it seems like a competition (?) rather than folks genuinely choosing things they like/are practical and aesthetically pleasing. I miss putting together the fashion and beauty posts – promise to do more.

        1. YES! There’s only so many times you can look at ‘that’ rug, a fiddle leaf fig, a velvet sofa, F&B paint and artfully displayed eucalyptus in vases. I mean, I LOVE all of these things but it’s very same-y. Give me a post on a Sheila Maid any day 😉

        2. Great idea to check in to readers’ latest likes etc.! I like a good mix of articles but especially your interiors posts. I do enjoy your thought provoking articles but found that in the last few months they seemed to dominate. Whilst I do like reading these on occasions, I mainly read your blog to escape all the “thought-provokingness: of daily life. I also have an 11 week old so your old Rock My Family posts have become increasingly interesting as well. I do miss a good diy hack! You used to put some great hacks on, any chance of more of these? If you have any ideas to create a reasonably priced stair runner in particular I’d be grateful (how expensive are those things!?) 🙂

          1. Liz – The Frugality did a blog post on stair runners and her tips for trying to keep costs down maybe check that out! x

      3. Snap! Me too. I used to visit weekly but there hasn’t been any outfit or fashion content for so long. I very rarely visit now. But I remember RMS doing a similar survey a few years ago so figured readers must have said they wanted interiors

    2. Lucy I’ve been toying with the idea about writing about my frugal side. Money saving has become a bit of a hobby of mine from an eco perspective, but also just a good habit perspective. Maybe we can do more budget posts?
      Also… Thank you so much for the kind words. It feels nice to know you like what we’ve been writing. 🥰

  6. I love a Christmas list- always up for some inspo from small businesses and ideas for the men!

    I too miss Rock my Family so any family content is great. I love the interiors although a post it two about budget/affordable tips and items would be very welcome. Love the fashion posts too and I also still use your rocky road recipe from years ago- quick bakes and ones kids can help with are lovely.

    This is a stylish space and one I like to visit so essentially keep at it! I also like that you’ve not been shy of certain topics like infertility for example which I found a comforting read. Another place I like to read is Clemmie Telford’s Mother of all Lists because the subjects are varied and concise (easy to read at work during a tea break and thought provoking).

    You’re right that the blogging world and influencers in particular have made things tiresome and we are all very aware now when we are being sold to and are fed up of it (at least ads on TV are expected- to keep being shown hidden ads or people pretending to love something because they are being paid is loathsome and I am unfollowing accounts who do this constantly). RMS is a refreshing alternative to all that

    1. I really like writing the family content Louise and like I was saying to Lucy above, I would definitely been keen to write more on the budget/affordable side of things too. I splurge on some stuff, but most of the time I’m keen to save a few ££. Also, YES to recipes. I love it when I find a good recipe I keep coming back to. Shutterbean is a great food blog for that. She invented some of our absolute family faves.

  7. I think more family content would be lovely and I also find the infertility chat really interesting. There have been a few posts I have gone back to a few times on our recent journey. I also love house tours but agree with the above comments it got a bit samey & sometimes quite unachievable! Definitely up for lots of festive chat 🙂

    1. Elizabeth I haven’t been feeling at all festive yet. Don’t know what’s wrong with me as I’m usually Christmas on the brain at this time of year. Maybe writing a post or two will kick me into gear! In terms of infertility chat, maybe we can get a reader to guest post?

      1. I would be very happy to contribute something if you ever need any experiences or accounts. Maybe there could be a post with short pieces from people at different stages or different routes? This could be a helpful read for those who aren’t sure of all the different methods for example as there are many paths, something I had no idea of before I started our processes and my friends have said the same (those wanting to support a friend for example might like real-life info without troubling the friend with questions or trawling medical jargon on Google)

  8. I really miss the house tours – I gathered so much inspiration from them when I was renovating my house and would love to start planning for the next one. They were the thing that originally got me hooked on rock my style to replace rock my wedding once the festivities were over.

    The rock my family content was interesting before I even had a baby, so would love it to reappear now.

    I’m also always a fan of shopping enabling, from Christmas gift guides to a winter boot edit! Think the shopping guides would be even more interesting now you are ad free – it’s a real selling point compared to the others out there.

    1. Clare, it seems that Gavin and I are about to do a bit of renovation for the first time ourselves, so maybe we can share some of ours? We do have a fab house tour lined up soon and are welcoming submissions for any others so fingers crossed!

      As for the shopping posts, I’m sure the team will be more than happy to have a wee nosey around the internet to find you things to buy! Haha.

  9. I love all of the above but would particularly welcome some family content, as I think I mentioned before unbiased reviews of parenting/baby products and services are hard to come by! I love a fashion, interiors and travel post equally. I would like to see more diversity – so fashion/make up options for all shapes, sizes, ages, skins and budgets 😊 Can’t wait for all the new content!! X

    1. Katie diversity has been something the whole team has been talking about too. So we’re definitely keen to fulfill that request. I think before we became ad-free, I felt like I didn’t want to heavily recommend many family related products because it just came across as, well, salesy. Even though the intention was honest. So you will probably see more of that now. And hopefully… Discount codes where we can nab them.

  10. I loved everything you used to do on the daily posts; make up, skincare, clothes, interiors, food, life planning, how to be super-woman…all of it!
    Looking forwards to the new (old?) RMS

    1. Haha. How to be superwoman made me laugh. Not sure any of us are nailing that… But we’ll certainly share our successes and failures.

  11. I especially miss the RMF content too. Like Lucy above, I think my very favourite posts were the ones that generated discussion about general life, family life, organising, etc and people shared their ideas about things. I know they are the ones I have looked back on – for example, when my little girls was starting school I remembered that there had been useful posts a year before! I also love a book/tv show recommendations post!
    As others have said, a lot of the house tours are, for me, very aspirational, rather than ideas that I could replicate in my own home – I think if there could be interiors posts that were more ‘how can I store MORE toys?’ or budget friendly room updates that would be good.
    I also enjoyed the discussion posts on things like Brexit, or raising daughters.

    1. Amy… The TOYS. We’re fighting that losing battle right now. I think it’s safe to say you’ll see more family content and affordable interior inspiration around here from now on.

  12. Some interior content is great but I do feel that Instagram and blogs are saturated with a lot of the same styles, colours etc. I’d love to see a variety of property styles rather than Victorian or new build houses. Another vote for more garden content.

    There has previously been a lot of content about health in terms of kids and fertility but not much adult health – I have M.E. And it’s really hard to find upbeat accounts of day to day life rather than problems.

    I enjoyed reading posts about different careers. Love the book posts too.

    1. Claire I feel the same. We’ve decorated our 1970’s semi-detached house and I kind of feel like it’s not quite good enough for ‘the gram’. It’s sad really. Maybe I should just share my space complete with messy cables and toys piled in the corner.

      In terms of adult health. Would you ever consider *being* that upbeat voice for people who are living with a chronic illness? You can always email me at naomi@rockmystyle.co.uk and have a think about a guest post?

  13. The general posts about life are what I’ve missed most and would like to see more of – the discussions they opened up in the comments was great and I think is what helped to build the community here. Another vote for more family content too!

    The interior posts have never really interested me – they’ve always been on the types of properties I can only dream of buying and I can’t see how to replicate in my own home. I would like some more practical how-to when it comes to interiors I.e. planning an extension, re-designing layouts. A variety of homes too – ex-council houses, mid-terraces etc. Also maybe some posts of DIY/interior mistakes? It’s rare to hear about the errors we make along the way – everything online seems so picture perfect but I’m sure it’s been trial and error for most!

    Looking forward to the new content!

    1. Yes yes YES Jo! I want more practical tips on extensions/designing layouts and like to see a variety of ideas and budgets. We have been back and forth with our home so many times – it’s actually been really difficult to decide what to do for a multitude of reasons, but mainly because there are so many ways to re-design the space….I don’t want to mess it up/have regrets.

    2. Jo this is really good feedback and echoing what a lot of other readers are saying. By far our most popular posts have been ‘How to choose the right white paint’ and ‘How to choose the right grey paint’, which speaks volumes doesn’t it? So the practical, budget friendly posts will definitely be worth exploring in 2020.

      I like an aspirational interior post from time to time, but maybe we can mix it up a bit?

  14. LOVE a Christmas gift list, especially one with some ideas that are little more unusual. Always good to hear from independent shops too!

      1. I also love Christmas gift lists that introduce me to interesting independent shops – I still go back to one of the article Lolly wrote on children’s presents a few years back when I want inspiration for birthday/Christmas pressies. Even better knowing you would be giving a genuine recommendation and not an ad!

  15. I also miss the variety. I liked coming along and not knowing what I’d get each day. Beauty reviews and recent purchases, fashion round ups (eg. best high street boots), gift lists, presents for 1 years old – basically any of the dirty enabling I loved as I’m apparently incapable of making a decision since having kids.

    Then a mix of home/garden/cooking items and then a little bit of thought provoking chat thrown in too. Really looking forward to future posts.

    1. “I’m apparently incapable of making a decision since having kids” made me giggle Lynne. I know the feeling.

  16. I enjoy family, beauty, travel, food and discussion posts. I like any discussion on how to make eco-friendly changes in my house. I would like to see genuine ad free reviews of products whether that’s beauty or baby related. I always enjoy Charlotte’s writing.
    I like the interiors stuff but like others, I often feel I can’t relate to insta-houses.

    1. Lucky for you Victoria, Charlotte is going to be writing a bit more around here. And I can certainly help with the eco-friendly side of things.

  17. I agree with a lot of what’s been said already. I miss the RMF posts and with RMS, I’d rather have fashion or garden bits – or some fitness/health inspiration. I live a bit of interior design but I also find that most houses are very samey and not overly relatable with three small children and pets.

    1. Oh I’d like to read some fitness/health inspiration posts too Maike. I’ve been doing intermittent fasting (although fallen off the wagon last week – I’m back on it) and it’s been an interesting ride.

  18. As a new mum a bit more family stuff would be great, and I have previously loved the travel features, particularly for staycation ideas.
    I think the idea of no #ad content is great as I often find the same products being mentioned on Instagram from a number of accounts, clearly because that brand is promoting more at the moment…although I did have my own Zara dress! So highlighting some more independent/individual products would be great!
    And I also agree that period properties, although beautiful, are very prominent on these websites and I would love to see more new build/normal home interior ideas…we can’t all have original tiles and feature fireplaces to show off a room!

    1. I love a staycation post too Nina. And would also like to see more travel features. Since the team is small, we might need to encourage readers to share their favourite city break finds more often! As much as I’d love to be jetting off every other month to create that content 😂

  19. Mmmm, difficult. Agree with the others that variety was nice.
    So like grown up but not frumpy fashion, wearable trends, makeup, books, health and fitness….just keeping us busy useless folks vaguely up to date with new things, trends and intrests that are out there in the universe. Simples?!? Lol

  20. Have to echo posts on here already and say I massively miss RMF and all the family related content – I looked up an old post yesterday on bath toys (remembered there was a mention of a brand that doesn’t go mouldy!)
    Also again really love the variety of stuff on offer so please keep on keeping on- and loving the fact you’ve decided to go ad free!

  21. Hey ladies!
    So what I REALLY miss about the old blog days is the personal side of things; following the lives of the people behind the blog…and their readers (for instance the RMW Brides that we followed through their planning). On RMS I’d love to just read more about people’s lives. And normal people- not necessarily a top dog/super stylish/not really like you and me type person.
    Agree with much of what people above have said. I’m a bit over interiors that all look the same and fashion that I can’t afford IN GENERAL (not aiming that at Rock My). Interior hacks, family hacks, a day in the life of… Lucy the bus driver/stage manager/personal trainer etc.
    I’m going to stop now cos it’s late and I’m rambling BUT I’m so happy your mojo has been rejuvenated and 2020 is looking exciting 😊😘

  22. Greetings!!

    Firstly, I can’t believe no one has asked for more details about the inexpensive cleaning miracle thingy you mention at the end of the post. Please share, because my toddler is making my house look like a squat!

    Secondly, I’ve been meaning to comment for a while – since the ‘relaunch’ as it were but, you know, TODDLER!

    I’m glad to have you back, and like the variety of content you’ve always included. I do think we’re (massive generalisation coming) all a bit over the insta-perfect house pictures you see everywhere and I would love some variation of interiors posts. But just general escapism please!

    1. Ha! I totally meant to ask about that too and forgot because my comment was soooo long. So yeah, please tell us about this magic tool! I bought a shark vacuum last year (weirdly enough to the day during Black Friday sales) after reading about it on here and I bloody love it. Anything else you can recommend which makes the drudgery that little bit easier is very welcome 🙂

  23. Hey!
    Long time fan here and I like most of the content too!
    I would definitely love some more meal ideas. The kind of easy lunch/snack types where a bit more veg is involved.
    Books, travel with a family, wellbeing hints and tips too. I learnt a lot from the doctor posts and often refer back to them. Gift round ups are always lovely too.
    I’m not so bothered about interiors but I would love some tips on how to take great photos of family!

  24. For me interior posts are my least favourite, but I appreciate that I am in the minority there and it is likely due to my complete lack of any skill in that department! I loved rock my family when babies were on the plan for one day, sat here at 27 weeks pregnant now I would love more of that. Also love the career and book posts, was a big fan if the book club. Basically love it all! Ha! Very excited for the future of the Rock my empire xx

  25. So excited to see the mojo rising 😀 I am in the minority in that i am not so fussed on the family bits (although i did still read RMF) so I would love to see some posts about being positively single & what can you do to approach modern dating – I mean it is just mind-boggling!!! I am in my mid-40s having not dated since i was in my early 20s and its rather scary out there now!
    I also loved of old the fashion posts (yes dirty enabling happened many a time) & Charlotte I cannot wait for your Beauty Pie post (& yes i do blame my Charlotte Tilbury obsession on you ;)) – bring back book club! More travel posts – but a mix of away with the girls, your other half, your family, going solo.
    Health & fitness – yes please – I got back into yoga in a big way thanks to a RMS post last year – which have led me to meditation, journalling & surfing as part of that journey.
    This was a super long reply – hopefully not too rambly – oh and any top cleaning hacks – yes please!!!!

  26. I’m here for interiors (I love the posts that are picking paint colours and how to hang curtains, that kind of thing) and general home life stuff – budgeting, meal planning etc.

    I don’t have kids so I actually really liked that RMS was always less kid focused, and I’m not super interested in the fashion posts because they don’t really celebrate diverse body types.

  27. Sorry I’m late to the party! Lots of agreement with all the comments above – I love a bit of variety in content but feel like the frequency of posts possibly needs to increase a bit to accommodate that? So for example if you put up a fashion post and what’s in it doesn’t really float my boat I might scroll by without commenting and then have to wait a few days to check back. I loved coming over to Rock My Style every lunch time to read and join in with the discussion below the line.
    I’m so so happy that you’ve gone ad-free – I always really valued your recommendations and have made some great purchases on the team’s and reader recommendations.
    Love travel guides and learning about different places – UK and abroad.
    Naomi, I have been really fan-girling over your life/admin/budget planning hacks. I’ve recently implemented some of my own and have found that “the mental load” has been much improved since then! I read some really interesting articles on the BBC News website recently that were normal people’s spending habits, ie what they spent in a week and find articles along the lines of “a day in the life of…” really fascinating.
    Hope that’s useful!

  28. Agree with so many of the above. I loved the daily posts from both RMS and RMF and loved the diversity in particular. Always totally loved RMF so would be so happy to see a return of it too!! Am personally less fussed about loads of interiors and make up but would love to see family recipes, garden/ veg growing, high street clothes, holidays and mini breaks, book reviews, household hacks and purchases, family stuff oooh and the beauty pie post!!

  29. I love the interior posts- but please no more pink, grey and parquet floors. It feels like everyone has the same “curated” Instagram look and the rest of us have to live in the real world with messy kids, husbands who don’t like pink and limited budgets. I’d much rather see real homes of people with jobs, budgets and pictures taped to the fridge. Design mom does a lot of great house tours that have the right kind of variety.

    I also love seasonal lists, fashion, make up, gardens, hints, tips and real life stories. I don’t read magazines any more, so a quick top 5 midi skirts or 5 concealers that really work are perfect for my commute.

    I’m delighted there’s no longer sponsored posts as it felt like every blog was doing the same sponsored content on the same day. I love a Joules Breton and I’m sure Hello Fresh is great; but there’s only so many identical features of people showing off free stuff that I can read before I turn off.

  30. Hi all,

    Agree so much with the comments above and felt I had to post too as I absolutely LOVED rock my style and family when they were first around – genuinely made my day better to read a new post on each every day on the way to work. Now I’m a mum of a toddler with another on the way, I would really love to see some of the ‘old’ content back as nothing has ever filled the void that was left!
    Particular highlights…
    – eco-friendly living (love Naomi’s articles)
    – home inspiration – home tours, pieces for kids rooms, tried-and-tested home appliances that people recommend
    – anything rock my family! Miss it so much and loved posts around life with kids, prep for school/nursery, balancing life and mumhood, cooking, everything!
    – speedy weekday meal ideas
    – you used to do posts with people saying their hair/skin type and saying what products they use/recommend – loved these!
    – beauty and fashion posts – so much dirty enabling but I knew my money was going to be spent well and be worthwhile purchases
    – gift and toy ideas for different ages, independent companies, etc
    – general life stuff
    In summary, everything! Looking forward to more content coming soon xx

    P.S. Naomi, what is this handheld cleaner you speak of?! Desperately need something to freshen up toddler-stained curtains and sofas! 😆

  31. I’m super late to the party (as usual!) but wanted to echo some of the above. I wonder with interiors whether the thing to do would be an idea or room rather than a whole house tour? i.e. ideas on dark paint colours, or those decal sticker things for temporary room decoration (for kids and/or rental living), or things before like how to help declutter the hallway (was that Lottie’s post? I don’t recall but it was good!). I understand you are not interiors specialists (that I know of!) but enthusiastically doing up your own homes, so I wouldn’t expect “how to” posts as such just general inspo if it floats your boat. I always found the best interiors posts in the past were those where they were related to one of the writers’ (or a follower’s) renovation plans. I like a range of styles and choices for all budgets – yes to the super budget friendly but also a little bit of splurge too but perhaps I am the only one who wants that?! I can get my interiors inspo elsewhere though so I would say balance is the best 🙂

    With respect to non-interiors content, I like the health and fitness, eco homewares/housekeeping ideas, books to read or podcasts to listen to, how to manage a busy household (kids or otherwise – timesaving tips and tricks!), and I always like a guest post on health issues or life stories that are more thought provoking. And gardens! And of course family but as others have said that always felt good as a separate blog (but yes to toy ideas, and toy hiding ideas, books for different ages etc). I’m not sure how frequent the posting will be, but how about something like Mondays would be interiors, Tuesdays health and wellbeing, Wednesday for family, Thursdays for real life stories, and Fridays for shopping enabling?! Or a four-weekly rotation or whatever if posts will be less frequent. I guess I just mean if people weren’t interested in interiors, they would know not to check in on whatever day, but that they could check in on another day for whatever they were interested in? Maybe that puts too much pressure on content, just a thought.

    For a gift list to be honest I would need that sort of thing in November – I’ve already bought everything for everyone, or have it in a shopping basket, but I may be in the minority! And what is this carpet cleaning miracle worker?!!! Please spill the beans!!

  32. Late to the party. I don’t check in very often.
    (1) Travel tips – not ‘we spent a week at bluestones’, actual back streets of Lisbon, here is the best pasta you can eat stuff
    (2) Family chatter – this is a good day out etc.
    (3) Juggle made easy – easy cook meals (slow cookers, lunch prep), cleaners and dealing with work.
    (4) Interiors
    (5) House chat e.g. here’s a brilliant mould remover for the bathroom (HG Professional – you’re welcome).

  33. I come back here for the gift lists, clothes posts, family content and interiors! I have “gifts for your best girls” bookmarked as well as the best gifts for ‘littlies’

  34. I’m really going off the ad packed accounts. I know the product is being promoted b/c the person is being paid. I know it’s their living but speaking for myself I don’t like it and as soon as I see AD I scroll through. Well done for going ad free so we know if a product is mentioned, it’s for the right reasons

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