If you’ve been popping by over the last month you will know that things have changed a bit around here. Charlotte posted two big updates, the first being that RMLtd has a bright future ahead with new owners and the second being that we’re now a completely ad free platform.
As someone who has written for the brand on and off for ten years (!!), this has been a very exciting time to be around. All the chat in the office surrounds integrity, meaningful content and giving our communities what they want. When it comes to Rock My Wedding, that’s quite clear. Planning brides want to know how the hell they do this wedding planning thing and get oodles of inspiration along the way. But Rock My Style has been a more interesting platform to mull over. Our Instagram account is very interiors heavy which seems to be the little niche we’ve fallen into. A beautiful interior sharing, chatty account to follow. We even have a hashtag #rockmystylishhome which has currently over 18k images of amazing homes shared by our followers. 

But this platform has always felt a bit different. We were never just an interiors blog per se. We’ve kind of talked about everything and anything over the years. From the deep and meaningful conversations to what to wear to your Christmas party. I, personally have always liked that aspect of Rock My Style. If it was relevant to life, it was worth posting on here. As one of the regular writing team for the last couple of years, I can say that I have always been free to write about content that matters to me. Of course, if we’re going to post about winter boots, there used to be affiliate links thrown in (but not anymore!!), however, I have never been told what to write about. 
I had thought about writing a Christmas Gift List next week. But even though I knew we wouldn’t be advertising anything, something stopped me in my tracks. I wondered “Do our community even want this? Or is this something that we default to writing at this time of year?”. Which then opened up the wider question about 2020. What do you actually want to read? Regardless of what some arbitrary marketing calendar says that we should be posting at that time of year, what do you, our readers actually want?
That being said, I am partial to a bit of seasonal content and I do love the odd gift list. Maybe not 20 of them in two weeks though. We also love talking about beauty, careers, fashion, family life, home tours, books, DIY, life experiences, health, money, renovating, food, travel, and sustainability, which I guess all fall under ‘lifestyle’. But what are you facing in life that you want to hear more of? What do you miss about the old days of the blogging world before everything became laden with sponsored posts and affiliate links? 
You may read this post and draw a blank. That’s ok too. But do join us in the comments so we can shape this space into something that you want to be a part of. We’re happy to share our loves (dirty enabling) and our thoughts on life, the universe, and everything. I think the reason the team are willing to share it all is that we’re lucky. Rock My Style has always had a distinct lack of arseholery in the comments. The positivity, hilarious stories and support you, our readers, dish out never goes unnoticed.  And from my experience, the comments are always the best when we share something that is either useful or thought-provoking.
Speaking of useful, I’ve bored Charlotte to death last week (or secretly rivetted her) with tales of my inexpensive new portable carpet and upholstery cleaner, which has pretty much turned my child smeared home into a brand new house. If that’s the kind of #adfree shopping content you want to see then I’m happy to oblige 😂
So tell me… What do you actually want to read about?