This week it’s all been sport, sport, sport in our household.

On Thursday my netball team had a smashing 67-16 victory over our opponents. (We won’t mention the fact that half way through the match they were a player down). Then yesterday Charlotte and I cheered on Mabel and Lyra at their first ever nursery sports day. I think they did more running around showing everyone their bellies than actual sport, but it was lots of fun. And no doubt the sports theme will continue into the weekend…go Murray!

Anyway. Here’s are the links that we have been liking this week, none of which are sport related 🙂

  • Can we please all just take a moment to swoon over what I think is the most beautiful home I’ve ever seen, other than our lovely editor Lauren’s. It’s The Everygirl co-founder Danielle Moss’ apartment, and trust me it is an absolute peach of a pad.
  • From one Moss lady to another. Is there ANYTHING Kate Moss doesn’t look good in? Cosmo runs through the 25 things we all bought because Queen Kate wore them.
  • Rich and I have a BBQ at the slightest hint of sunshine of an evening. As I have done veggie skewers to death, I am going to have a go at knocking up Amelia Freer’s delicious-looking salmon and fennel kebabs.
  • Over on Charlotte’s instagram this week she showed us her new Topshop tea dress. How pretty?! Snap it up quick, they’ve nearly sold out!
  • Here’s one for those of you who have been blessed with green fingers. Wild & Wolf have collaborated with the Victoria & Albert museum to create a range of gardening tools that is just beautiful. That coral trowel may even get me potting plants.
  • The bikini had its 70th birthday this week. Who knew?! This USA today article talks us through ten memorable celebrity swimwear shots, including Anne Hathaway announcing her pregnancy in a bikini on the beach, and Kourtney Kardashian on a tricycle sporting an itsy bitsy teeny weeny gold bikini. As you do.

Have a fab weekend. xx