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It being a new year and all we want to sharpen up our social media, starting with our Twitter feed. In order to do that we’ve got a few questions about everybody’s favourite 140 character social networking messaging thingamabob. We’d love you to answer some (or all of) the following questions, in the comments section below.

Are you on Twitter? If so what do you use it for? Breaking news? Views? Inspiration? Something else? How often do you check Twitter and at what time of day? Do you have it open on your computer whilst you work or are you more likely to check it on your mobile, whilst you’re doing something else (for example whilst you’re watching a TV show, we won’t judge, we’re multi screeners too!). Who are your favourite tweeters to follow? When it comes to tweeting, how much is too much? What makes you reach for the unfollow button?

Over and above links to features what would you like to see on the Rock My Style Twitter feed? Is it the place for us to share hot new buys we’re excited about that might not make a whole post? Would you like us to keep you in the loop about what your favourite brands and people are up to? Are you interested in our thoughts on recipes we’ve tried and loved, TV shows we’re watching, movies we’ve been to see and books that are entertaining us on our commute? Do share. We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts!