Charlotte and I are both in the midst of our kitchen makeovers and we’re looking forward to sharing the results with you soon. It may be rather ambitious but I only earmarked £500 for the whole project and so it’s definitely been a case of working with what I have. As the kitchen units had been installed on top of the original floor (with underfloor heating underneath), this has meant the dark slate floor has to stay.

In terms of what we’ve done so far, my Dad and James painted all the cupboards (I’ll go into this in much more detail in a later post to take you through the whole process and the products we’ve used), we’ve changed the lighting, added new trim to the top of one cupboard and will do the others imminently, we’ve replaced some of the handles and painted the walls. I’m hoping we can start retiling the splashback in the next week or so to add some pattern into the scheme.
These changes have made a dramatic difference to the kitchen. It feels lighter, brighter and more airy but the large dark floor still dominates and saps in the light bringing me on the subject of today’s post, kitchen rugs. Admittedly I’m still to add my kitchenalia so I know this is why the room feels a bit bare and I need to sort out if there’ll be any form of window treatment, however I still feel the space needs a bit of texture by means of a rug.
I’m a messy cook leaving the floor littered with crumbs so I’m not thinking of a rug to fill the entire space. From a safety aspect I’m not keen on the idea of tripping up on the corner while I’m armed with a sharp knife. Therefore I’m imagining I’ll avoid the perimeter of the worktops and instead find a non-slip floor covering to fill the area in front of the french doors and back of the peninsular unit.

For the style, I adore the look of an antique style Persian rug though they’re probably not quite right for our space. They are great for hiding stains though but blimey they can be pricey. However the lovely Lisa Dawson recently revamped her kitchen and bagged herself a stunner of a vintage rug from an eBay seller for just £120. There are some great Kurdish, Turkish and Persan replicas about

In our old garden I had an outdoor rug made from polypropylene which I used to hose down when it needed a good clean which could be a much more practical option especially if we’re coming and going from the garden. Wayfair have a big selection of indoor/outdoor rugs and I do like a simple grey one and the more ethnic ‘world’ rug made from recycled straws!

Though entirely impractical for a kitchen area my search has brought up a couple of beauties for other rooms such as the Urban Outfitter Tomkins Rug and the Maisons Du Monde Villandry Rug.

What’s your opinion on kitchen rugs? A bacteria breeding ground or a stylish statement? Please do let me know if you have any solutions to lighten up my floor.

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