On Sunday night I watched TV in bed. I divulged (nearly) a full episode of the final series of Orange is The New Black. No spoilers please, three episodes left to go.

This was quite the novelty for me as it’s been months and months since the screen in the bedroom was on. My husband James and I have just rearranged the room reminding us the little white box in the corner was something other than a dust trap. (Speaking of rearranging bedrooms, is this a thing other adults do?! Dragging furniture around the room made me feel like I was thirteen again. Though this time I was manoeuvring a king-size bed not a single and my dressing table no longer groans under the weight of Body Shop Dewberry perfume).

Felix hasn’t got a consistent pattern to his nights; sometimes we’re still hotfooting across the landing countless times to settle him. As I never know what the night holds I like to be in bed by 10pm, though this has been slipping recently. Remember this post? Well, the last few weeks I’ve been staying up later, no energy to do anything other than watch TV but too lazy to stop the next episode lining itself up.

So rather than go old turkey, this week I’ve made a promise to have my eyes shut by 10pm. To kick the week off I headed upstairs at 9pm on Sunday night. James was out for the evening so with fresh sheets and a make-up free face I climbed into bed and practically giggled as I reached for the remote control.

There’s no shortage of articles telling us how detrimental screen time can be before bedtime, with devices stimulating the brain and disrupting the creation of melatonin. I know Naomi credits her good quality sleep with using her phone’s eye-comfort setting before bedtime. But ladies, this felt good! Was it because slipping beneath the sheets with a box set was a one-off? I wasn’t allowed a TV until my mid-teens and remember how rebellious it felt to watch late-night TV lying on a friend’s pullout bed. In my book, watching TV in bed goes hand in hand with TV dinners on a Saturday night. It felt strangely nostalgic.

While I’ve decided bedroom TV viewing will probably stay a rarity (all that research can’t be wrong), I do recommend a break from the usual routine once in a while. Even the most mundane activities can become a cheeky treat. You’ll be pleased to know I was quite productive last night and ticked off heaps of admin. However, I can assure you that did not feel like a treat.

To end, I’ve got a few questions for you. Where are you watching your favourite programmes? Anyone else like a bit of bedtime TV?
With autumn sweeping in and the electric blanket fired up, what are you watching? Anyone else really looking forward to the BBC adaptation of His Dark Materials?