Today I am super excited to launch a brand spanking new interiors series on Rock My Style. It’s fair to say we all love a ‘before’ and ‘after’ and so I want to invite you to take part in the Rock My Room challenge.

I’ve set myself the task of turning around my living room project in four weeks. 28 days to refresh the walls, add in storage and features, rearrange the furniture and firmly add the Coleman stamp to our new abode.
I’ll be documenting my progress every week with a big reveal at the end of February and I hope you’ll join in too. As thrilling it would be to hear all about my paint drying, I reckon it would be a lot more entertaining to hear about your decorating endeavours as well. It would be smashing for you to select a room to rock too and then we can all support each other while we put in some hard graft. Have you been itching to get your bedroom decorated or retile the bathroom? Then now’s the time to get a wriggle on. You don’t have to do a full room makeover though; maybe you’ve been putting off arranging a gallery wall or perhaps you’ve been meaning to hang those new curtains. Come on folks lets embrace the DIY.

My Room

The living room is situated at the back of the house with a view over the garden. Although it’s north facing is blessed with a boatload of natural light thanks to two skylight windows.
We’ve had a lot of family and friends enjoy this room over Christmas and a few of them questioned why we were even decorating. My friend actually put the same wallpaper we’ll be removing on her walls in the summer. However as we all know it’s different strokes for different folks and we had already decided way back in the autumn we wanted a grey cosy sanctuary to unwind in at the end of the day and so that means the wallpaper has to go.

The Plan

  • Remove the wallpaper and add a chalky matt white or light grey to the walls
  • Replace the lighting with something with an industrial vibe
  • Add a fire surround to create a focal point
  • Add built in storage to house the various paraphernalia we’ve accumulated
  • Finish off with new cushions, a console table, curtains and a few other little touches to make the place feel like home.
  • I’ll be back next Thursday (and every Thursday after) to share my progress and I’ll try my best to keep you updated via Instagram using the hashtag #RockMyRoom. I’ll be using the first week to gather together materials and research possible options and no doubt week two will involve a lot of painting.

    Are you planning on taking part? Which room will you be decorating? Please do share your progress too using #RockMyRoom