As we are in the final throes of packing away our first family home in preparation for the move into our “forever” abode, I’ve been wondering how all of our current furniture and decorative pieces are going to work with our new surroundings.

I’m not about to sell everything in a bid to start over, but I certainly want to bring more colour and pattern into our lives after living with a very muted palette for the last few years. Our living room and master bedroom are soft shades of blue and grey, my office is also grey but accented with monochrome and copper and the kitchen is essentially off white, with texture from materials (reclaimed wood and aluminium) adding extra details, rather than any alternative hues per se.

It’s only ever really been Mabel’s nursery that has incorporated more vibrant shades with splashes of pink, peach and mint green.

Our new home is significantly bigger – with one floor being the same square footage as our entire current Edwardian semi. That’s a lot of extra space to fill. We will therefore need to buy some new things unless we want to live with empty rooms, or truly embrace minimalism. As our new home is essentially top of our budget (once we extend the kitchen and turn the garage into a studio of sorts) there isn’t a whole lot of cash left to splash. I definitely need to get my frugal/creative hat on.

So far James bought me a lovely Mid-century mini desk from West Elm in “Oregano” as a late birthday gift that I have been lusting after for ages. I’m not sure where the ruddy hell it’s going to go, or if I’m going to use it for it’s allocated purpose or as a dressing table but I knew I had to have it. That drawer is crying out for dividers and to house my vast make-up collection no?

I would also love a pink sofa. But alas, James wouldn’t even hear of it. I’m wondering if I could get away with a small one in the snug and keep the main lounge more masculine? marriage is all about ahem, compromise after all. I am very much taken with the Loaf “Pudding” sofa in vintage rose linen. The cotton candy wool version (as seen in the header image above) is also rather lovely.

I am also having a moment with patterned bathroom tiles. Another lust of mine that James really isn’t keen on unfortunately. I’m subtly waving ideas from my interiors Pinterest board in front of him in the vain hope he’ll come around.

I’m thinking that I will introduce colour mainly with soft furnishings, pictures and the odd Ikea hack, I would love to copy Lauren’s chest of drawers makeover but perhaps choose a pretty duck egg or a green similar to my new desk. I say soft furnishings, I’m not a fan of curtains. At all. I would love shutters but wouldn’t know where to start with colours for those, should they all be the same throughout?!

Any ideas, tips or tales of your own experiences in making your life less neutral please do share in the comments box below. I have included some of my very favourite ideas in the gallery, how many I actually manage to implement remains to be seen.