Hello lovely RMS readers! A cheeky little post from me whilst I’m on maternity leave. My little boy Jenson Ronnie arrived on Easter Monday and Rich, Lyra and I could not be more in love with him. But on to today’s post, which is all about the gogglebox…

Televisions. They’re those blinking great big ugly, bulky eyesores that most of us can’t live without. I only know two people that don’t have TVs. One is my little sister Alisa. The reason why she doesn’t have one is because she’s only in the U.K. temporarily on a gap year from New Zealand, so she’s having to save her pennies. And the other is my friend Lou who’s vegan and once bought a clapped out old banger from Rich’s nan. Enough said.

As for me, we have three tellys in our house and as much as I love a thriller (HOW. GOOD. was Big Little Lies?) or some trash TV (Britain’s Next Top Model is my current fave), I hate having to look at a big black box and wires. And because I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford a Samsung Frame, I’ve made it my mission to try and make the TVs in our house less prominent. Here’s some ideas I’ve picked up along the way.

1. Size isn’t everything

If, like me, your other half insists that bigger is better when it comes to TVs, then this is an argument that’s worth having. Smaller TVs are so much less intrusive. In our open plan kitchen/lounge we switched out a 32 inch monstrosity for this 28 inch one and it’s made such a difference. Even Rich has admitted that the dinkier version looks better in the space.

2. Go Back To Black

I don’t know whether Lauren intended to disguise her TV in her snug (probably. She’s a smart cookie) but by displaying it within a dark-hued built-in unit, that’s exactly what she’s done. And the pretty and unusual nick nacks and coffee table books detract from the TV even further.

3. …Or Go For All-White

Rather than painting the area behind your TV, you could look for a telly with a frame that blends in with the wall that it’s going to be displayed up against. In our lounge the television actually doesn’t offend me because the white frame is camouflaged by the predominantly white wallpaper. Again, the statement wallpaper probably helps the situation as the pattern detracts the eye away from the TV.

4. Mirror It.

Ok so this isn’t really a way to hide your TV, but more of a way to make it blend in to its surroundings. In this home tour, interior designers Studio McGee have placed the TV above an all-black fireplace. The fireplace mirrors the black of the TV which makes it less imposing. I’m thinking this might work above another all-black feature, for example a cast iron radiator or a vintage chest of drawers that has been painted black perhaps.

(P.S. Do Check out the rest of the home tour. it’s an absolute stunner, from the moody walls of the sitting room to THAT blush velvet chaise).

5. Turn it into a work of art

…by displaying it as part of a gallery wall. This is my favourite option of the lot and is exactly what I intend to do in our bedroom. I’ve started gathering cute prints, photos, cards and maps, and one day I will get round to framing them all and arranging them around the telly just as Jessica Garvin has done.

Do TVs offend anyone else or is it just me? Have you got any ingenious tricks to hide your TV away?