Last year I wrote a post about getting organised (here if you missed it). It’s time to ‘fess up. While I have gotten into the habit of packing my stuff for the next day the night before and putting my keys, Oyster card and wallet in the same place so I always know where to find them, in other areas things aren’t going so well. Over the past week the following things have happened/not happened…

1. I stubbed my toe on the massive bag of books destined for a charity shop which has been creating an obstacle in my hallway for, ooh, at least a month.
2. I forgot to pay my Council Tax bill.
3. I put a letter reminding me to schedule a health check up on a pile of letters about similarly non-urgent but important things.
4. I received a bill for the best part of £100 for the home phone I’ve used 12 times over the past three months (I know because it says so on the bill) and which, since I switched internet providers, I no longer really need. That’s nearly a tenner a phone call. Which is ridiculous.
5. I wasted hours looking for articles I’ve ripped from magazines that I knew were somewhere, I just wasn’t sure exactly where.
6. I missed getting a spot in my new favourite exercise class because I was slow off the mark booking my workouts for the week.

Admittedly nothing really bad, but all low-level annoying and/or stressful. Clearly I need to get on top of my life admin. Even my (US Elle) horoscope from earlier this week agreed, saying: You prefer to look at the grand vision, Sagittarius, but don’t skimp on the details now. Roll up your sleeves and tackle those administrative duties you may have been putting off: taxes, decluttering, scheduling medical appointments. Focus on clearing the decks for the next couple of weeks and you’ll feel deliciously liberated by your efforts.

I want to feel deliciously liberated, it sounds ace! And with work easing up a little bit getting organised should be totally doable, but I’m going to have to be disciplined. I thought if I write down what I want to have done by the end of the month then I’ve committed. I will have to… Get. Shit. Done.

So, before the end of the month I, Miranda Eason, will…

1. Schedule that health check up as well my next dental appointment.
2. Take that huge bag of books to a charity shop.
3. Ditto the bag of clothes that’s ready to go too.
4. Put at least five of the items I’ve earmarked for eBay on eBay.
5. Get into the habit of booking exercise classes a week ahead.
6. Cancel my home phone.
7. That done switch my Pay As You Go mobile to a monthly contract and, hopefully, get an upgrade on my iPhone4S!
8. Start paying my Council Tax by Direct Debit.
9. Organise all the pages I’ve ripped from magazines recently into folders so I can find them when I need them.
10.Tidy my kitchen cupboards and cutlery drawer (it’s probably an odd thing to admit but I love it when my cutlery drawer’s neatly organised!).

It’s out there. There’s no going back. You are my witnesses. Feel free to harass me via social media or IRL to check I’m working my way through the list. If I get it all done, I’m booking myself a flight. To somewhere hot. Because, let’s face it I’m going to need a rest after all that hard work.

Anyone else on a mission to get organised? What’s on your list? Any life admin organisation tips to share? Do leave a comment below!

Images above from Madewell via Pinterest.