When it comes to spending money we’ve all got our weakness. If you’re a regular reader you’ll already know that Charlotte’s is make-up, see here if you didn’t. Lauren’s it’s safe to say is all things interiors especially crafty bits and bobs to make the creative DIYs you see on Rock My Style. Mine is anything that even vaguely comes under the heading of healthy.

From yoga/running/cycling kit and organic beauty booty, to meals or juices from the latest healthy eating gaff, to healthy cookbooks and kitchenalia to inspire me to knock up healthy recipes at home, I justify my purchases by telling myself they’re an investment in my health, as opposed to a frivolous item I don’t really need. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. I’m currently lusting after a Vitamix, but that’s one heck of an investment…

Here’s what I’ve bought (and loved) in May.

Leon Fast Vegetarian, Amazon, £20

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find it hard to eat the recommended five portions of fruit and veg a day (and did you read we should be aiming for seven?!). I find that cooking mostly veggie meals gets me close, at least. So when I saw that Leon, my favourite fast food chain, had brought out a speedy veggie cookbook I’d slapped down my Christmas book tokens (yep, still going with those) before you could say kohlrabi’s the new kale. I’ve only made Rosie’s Pea, Mint and Sharpham Rustic Fritters so far (substituting the Sharpham for feta). They were good. Courgette and tomato gratin’s up next.
Click here to buy Leon Fast Vegetarian

Gym Vintage Capris, Nike, £32

Somewhere between a legging and a track pant (a tregging?!) I’m crazy about the fit of these capri-length trousers. The vintage look makes me feel like I’m in one of those triumph-against-the-odds movies from the Eighties, the shade of dark grey marl’s spot on, and the fabric’s ridiculously soft to the touch. I’ve already worn them to a chilled out yin yoga class this past weekend and for a rainy Bank Holiday run around the Olympic Park. Seriously considering investing in a second pair for when these are in the wash.
You can buy a pair of Nike Gym Vintage here

My Very Healthy Snacks Lunch Box, Happy Jackson, £5.95

I’m one of those people who’ll be going along with their day just fine when all of a sudden I feel hungry and, that’s it, game over, I can’t think about anything else. And then I’m in danger of filling up with whatever’s closest/easiest/quickest, which, more often than not, isn’t particularly healthy. Carrying a healthy snack with me is obviously the answer and having a cute box like this makes it all the more likely I’ll remember to have something good to eat with me at all times.
You can purchase your very own My Very Healthy Lunch Box here

Mason Jar, Keeping House, £4.95

You can’t drink your fruity smoothie, cacao-almond-date-milkshake or LA-style green juice out of anything other than a Mason jar, it’s basically the law, at least according to my Instagram feed. I’ve been on the hunt for some classic Mason jars ever since drinking Bloody Marys out of one in a bar in Vegas last year and finally found them at Keeping House, a shop piled high with want-it-all kitchen kit on London’s Columbia Road (home of the Sunday flower market). Sadly if you don’t live in London they’re not trading online yet.
All the details of Keeping House here

Alex Monroe x Liberty x Nike We Own The Night finisher’s medal

In exchange for running 10k (which you can read more about here) and the £28 entry fee, I got this pretty Alex Monroe pendant and caught the running bug. Not a bad pay off, I’d say.

Do you own the Leon Fast Vegetarian cookbook? Which recipes have you tried? Any other cookbooks I should add to my list? What other healthy (in the very loosest sense) purchases have you made recently? Do share – and feed my addiction – below.