Yep that’s right, I went and stole Miranda’s regular monthly post slot. But I felt it was about time I stopped making excuses, stopped climbing aboard the healthier living wagon and then tumbling right off again and invest in some motivational tools and products that actually work. And no, you shouldn’t have to buy anything in order to re-address your relationship with food and exercise but it’s certainly helped me regain a decent chunk of my mojo.

Biocare Broad Spectrum Amino Acids £24.60

I always worry about mentioning dietary supplements, I’m by no means an expert/qualified to recommend anything so please do adequate research and possibly consult your GP before embarking on anything that could potentially effect you personally.

I heard about these 3-daily amino acids supplements as my friend Kelly had been taking them, she claimed to be feeling much more energised recently and I was amazed by the glow in her skin, her glossy locks and noticeably longer eyelashes (!) Amino Acids are particularly recommended for those who have little protein in their diet/and or have trouble digesting it. I’ve noticed since taking these that I just feel….better. And no, who can ever guarantee it’s not simply placebo? But my digestion has certainly improved and even though I thought Kelly’s increased lash lusciousness was purely a coincidence there is no denying that mine have increased in length and volume….A positive side effect perhaps?

I would be very interested to hear feedback from those of you who take anything similar.

Nike Industrialist Trainers £65.99

I know I know, I mentioned these in my fashion post last week but here’s the thing, since wearing trainers on a more frequent basis I am definitely more active in general and have been fitting in quick bursts of exercise throughout the days I am working from home. My prettier and more comfortable footwear has a lot to do with it – I constantly have a bounce in my step as it were. And it certainly makes it easier to lunge/squat whilst I am waiting for the kettle to boil whilst wearing these rather than bare feet or a heel….

I bought mine in Dove Grey from Office.

Gaiam CorePlus Reformer Kit £19.99

I have been practising pilates for a number of years now but reformer pilates for only the last 4 months or so. I love it – seriously, an hour session is equivalent to 4 hours of basic mat exercise and I can really feel my core working hard during the sessions and for a good 48 hours afterwards (!)

Unfortunately the only option of reformer training near where I live are one to one sessions which are super spendy. Worth it absolutely but not something I could ever justify more than once a week at the most. I bought this piece of equipment to encourage me to do more reformer at home and thus far it works fine. I don’t really use the included workout DVD as I have my own set of targeted moves I follow but it would certainly be useful for beginners or anyone interested in giving this type of pilates a whirl.

I bought mine at John Lewis.

Amelia Freer “Eat, Nourish, Glow” £11.50

I feel as though I need to dedicate a whole post to various recipe/healthy living books I have found useful but this is my most recent purchase. I’ve by no means read it cover to cover as yet to give a thorough review but I appreciate qualified Nutritionist Amelia’s straight talking backed up with actual experience and results. I also feel as though the goals are achievable and that she is realistic on what you can give up and how quickly – and that you have to really listen to your body’s needs. Not everyone has to give up dairy or gluten for example.

There are some great recipes as well as easy-to-follow information on what foods are good and what certainly are not – I found I was rather confused before reading this book so it’s certainly given me more clarity. And a much needed kick up the arse to sort out my kitchen cupboards and set about curbing my sugar addiction once and for all.

Eat. Nourish. Glow.: 10 easy steps for losing weight, looking younger & feeling healthier is available at Amazon.

Sweaty Betty Quick Step Dance Pants £95

We need to talk about the Sweaty Betty Quick Step Dance Pants. I winced when I typed the price of them, hell – I winced when I handed over my credit card to pay of them (no really) but they are categorically some of the best trousers (never mind exercise specific) I have EVER owned.

I haven’t bought any gym kit since about 2008. I’m not even exaggerating. I’ve always worn some leggings or other (that I would also wear as daywear) and whatever T-shirt or vest was a bit worn/battered and really should have been destined for the bin. I can’t say I have ever taken part in a pilates class and thought “Oh I am so very comfortable!” or “Hooray I don’t look like a sack of potatoes!”

There is always the faint possibility my leggings will tear at an unfortunate moment/in an awkward position (it’s happened to me before – luckily in the comfort of my own home. I still can’t decide if this was due to the poor quality of the stitching or the increased consumption of chocolate digestives subsequently expanding my posterior)….and I always feel rather scruffy and how should I put this, unprepared?

My pilates teacher Lorraine has these dance pants. They are VERY flattering (Hello slim ankles!) and I have admired them on her for at least 6 months. Like me Lorraine raises her eyebrows at the price tag and almost whispered it when I asked her the damage during one of our one to one reformer classes. After much talking myself out of ordering them online I eventually caved and went and tried them on in the Selfridges Sweaty Betty concession during a recent shopping trip to Manchester with friends.

I didn’t want to take them off.

I only wish I’d bought a pair sooner, and known about them post pregnancy – I would have bought TWO pairs.

They are SO comfortable I can’t even begin to describe it. I wear them around the house with the aforementioned Industrialist trainer and don’t feel one bit like a sack of potatoes. Or that I’m too lazy to wear “proper clothes”. They are also a god send when it comes to spending half my life crawling around the floor after a nearly-one year old little Madame with more energy than sense.

What have been your “healthy” buys these last few weeks? Do you ever wear your “gym kit” all day long? Ever had an unfortunate accident with your um…. leggings?