Buying for kids should be easy but my gosh it’s tough! Despite having two little ones of my own I still struggle to know what to buy other people’s children. How do you know what they already have, what they like and I have zero ideas for teenagers! If you’ve got children to buy for this Christmas fear not. We got together the expertise of the team to come up with a list of gifts that are sure keep any child happy. And all for under £15.

{0-3 Years}

Teeny tiny people are super cute to buy for but how do you make sure you give presents that they, or their parents, will actually use.

For the little ones something decorative or to wear is always a good option and some new babygros or pyjamas are sure to be worn. Marks & Spencer has some lovely designs for all ages. We might all also have been swooning over these lighting bolt boots from Zara but the teddy bear ones were a close second.

I also often buy lovely baby towels for babies as they are so useful but choose a sweet print and it makes for a lovely present. This Marks & Spencer set comes in a nice gift box and you can pop some bubble bath and a bath toy in too. On the bath toy front Skip Hop is a brand I love and they have fun designs like the bee water fountain.

Asda wooden toys are also a top buy amongst the team. The quality is excellent and the price point means you can get a lovely gift for under £15. These wooden play sets are perfect for little ones and can be tidied away inside the house at the end of the day.

For wooden vehicles I like this set of three from Orange Tree Toys priced at just £11.

A sweet cup and plate set is a nice gift to give. Laura recommends the beautiful Twinkle Star melamine cup from Sophia Victoria Joy.

Most parents wouldn’t thank you providing paints and messy crafts so Fern recommends these brilliant water painting books for toddlers. Absolutely no mess and hours of fun.

  • Zara Lighting Bolt Boots
  • Asda Wooden Playset
  • Marks & Spencer Babygros
  • Twinkle Twinkle Cup
  • Marks & Spencers Towel
  • Orange Tree Toys Vehicles
  • Skip Hop Bee Fountain
  • Galt Water Colouring Book

{3-6 Years}

Dressing up items are an excellent choice for this age group and there are so many great options. You don’t need to go for characters but instead hunt out some sweet accessories for fun make believe play. Zara is winning this year. Molly got given this stunning cape for her birthday and it is a million times prettier than I ever imagined. I can’t believe it’s only £6.99. There are also fabulous angel wings to go alongside. A super hero cape set is also a fun gift so they can practice saving the world.

Toy kitchens and wooden food are aways really popular and you can pick up some great sets for under £15. John Lewis have a good selection, including this cute cake stand, or Great Little Trading Company is excellent for this. I also love this wooden sweet set from This Modern Life which comes in a handy bag.

I also love gifting a woollen hat or mittens for those cold days. There are some super sweet designs around and I love Joules for their fun colours and cosy knits. These Robin mittens are adorable.

Simple crafts and beading are a great choice and Cotton Twist is my new favourite for youngsters. I raved about them in a recent post on Rock My family but their little sets are perfect for keeping kids occupied whether that be bracelet making, masks or treasure hunts.

Kids in this age group are often very in to characters be that Disney, Paw Patrol or the beloved Peppa Pig. The parents might not want more plastic in the house but you can bet your life the kids will love you forever. These Disney figurine playsets have been loved to death in our house.

Rather than more toys how about an experience? Buy a theatre ticket for a local play or vouchers for a farm park accompanied by a little Schleich animal. Obviously the parents would need to go along too!

  • Peppa Pig Character Set
  • Cotton Twist Craft Sets
  • Joules Robin Mittens
  • Wooden Candy Playset
  • Zara Fairy Cape
  • John Lewis Cake Stand

{6-9 Years}

Dobble is the new game of choice in our household and most kids I know love it. It’s easy to play for the younger ones (Alice is four and can play it) but still enjoyable for older kids.

Go retro with some favourites from your past. Screwball Scramble has been gifted to lots of our friends children and the adults and kids alike love it. Be warned, it can get quite competitive.

Other board games are a good option and can always be a combined gift between siblings if they are similar ages. How about putting together with some chocolates for a family board game night. Becky recommends Rush Hour which is perfect for logic lovers as you race to beat the traffic. There is also a version called Gridlocked for younger ones.

Lego is my go to gift for a lot of children as there is a set for everyone. If Edd was left to do the Christmas shopping everyone would have lego. Me included.

Amy buys up these brilliant personalised pencils as a unique gift. You can tailor the message and partner with a nice notebook for hours of doodling.

Whilst we are talking stationery Molly received a lockable diary for her sixth birthday and it is one of her favourite things ever. She is constantly scribbling secret notes like ‘I love Harry’ and ‘Ponies are the best’ as well as more serious things like ‘Uncle Ed smells’. Yes I’m the mum who has sneaked a look. But it does make a perfect gift and accompanied by a little pen would make a super gift.

Amy’s boys love playing spys so for hours of fun and secretive missions then this spy voice changer is a winner. Perfect for gadget lovers this cleverly disguises their voice and also has a detachable speaker.

This book is brilliant. It’s a space for them to record all sorts of fun details about themselves and their lives, beautifully illustrated.

If they love a kick about then Football Swingball is ideal for practicing those skills. Even better they don’t need loads of space for it and there’s no chance of broken windows!

  • Me Book
  • Spy Voice Changer
  • Screwball Scramble
  • Paperchase Lockable Diary
  • Lego

{10 years and over}

I must say that this is the age group I find most difficult to buy for as I am not down with kids to know what a nearly teenager would like.

Not the most imaginative but I have often given vouchers be it book tokens or iTunes or Amazon would be a good idea to let them choose their own gift. Or how about cinema vouchers packaged up with some popcorn and sweets so that they can have a trip out with friends.

For my neighbour’s ten year old daughter I have purchased a nail art set as she loves copying her older sister. For the older ones you could splash out on a luxe Nail Inc Christmas bauble which I’m sure they would love.

Going on the fact that most kids over ten now seem to have a mobile phone you could choose them a fun case or cover. Paperchase have a great range of designs for around £12. If they are on pay as you go I’m pretty sure a top up card wouldn’t go amiss either.

If they love reading then pick up the latest blockbuster for them. Just check with the parents that they don’t have it first.

A personalised piece of jewellery is a nice touch and these initial necklaces from J&S Jewellery are lovely. I rather fancy one myself.

Lorna’s boys are now in to posh pants so some designer undies and socks are a great gift idea. It’s worth checking out TK Maxx for some good prices and gift sets.

And if all else fails a crisp note is sure to be welcomed. Pop it in a cute card like this one and I bet you will get a thank you.

  • Paperchase Phone Cover
  • Nails Inc Christmas Bauble
  • TK Maxx Designer Pants
  • Marks & Spencer Nail Art Set
  • Christmas Cash Card
  • Initial Necklace

If you need more ideas I recently shared some of my favourite independent toy brands over on Rock My Family for some beautiful gift ideas.
Do you have any fail safe gifts for kids?