If you’ve been reading Rock My Style from the beginning you might remember that I wrote a post about my ongoing struggle with sleep and my strategies to sleep better (if you haven’t and you’re interested, you can read it here).

Since writing that post my sleep has varied in quality but, having spent most of the past 12 months freelancing from home, I’ve been able to work at odd hours and catch up on sleep when I needed, no biggie and, tbh, all those sleep-better strategies I put in place? They’ve fallen by the wayside.

Like lots of people I’ve stopped drinking for January and, a week into the month, my sleep was better that it had been for as long as I can remember. I was feeling full of energy and all kinds of smug and was seriously considering giving up alcohol altogether apart from the occasional glass of wine on special nights out.

However, last Monday I went back to working 9 to 5, and my sleep is all over the shop again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving being busy, but I think my brain is finding it hard to switch off with all the new stuff I’m throwing at it to learn. And with my evenings and weekends set aside to write for RMS, there’s no time for me to catch up. Clearly I can’t have an afternoon nap in the office. Can you imagine?!

During the week I’m getting home from work, exhausted, around 7pm and it’s all I can do not to go to bed immediately. I don’t of course. That would be ridiculous, I’m not a toddler. Also I have things to do. Instead I aim to go to bed between 10 and 11pm. I fall asleep pretty quickly but then, with spooky set-your-clock-by-it regularity, I wake up at 2.30am and find it impossible to fall back to sleep until just before my alarm goes off (5.30am if I’m doing a pre-work yoga class, 6.45am if I’m not). And so it continues. I’m feeling increasingly tired and more than a little stressed about the situation, which I know doesn’t help in the slightest.

In order to try and get my sleep back on track I’ve reread the comments below my original post. On Jen’s recommendation I vow not to watch Pretty Little Liars immediately before bed. I’ve ordered some lavender oil to drop on my pillow as per Marianne’s suggestion. I received deep sleep bath soak from the this works range for Christmas as recommended by Sarah. Next time I’m in Westfield I’ll be stopping by the Body Shop to pick up their Deep Sleep Dreamy Body Mist and Comforting Milk Bath Float. Thanks for the tip off Laura! Kitty recommended getting a new mattress, which I’m desperately in need of, it’s on the list of things to do in February. And Hannah if you’re reading, can you put me in touch with your hypnotherapist?!

My sleep may be erratic at the moment but at least now I feel like I’m doing something about it. Anyone else struggle with their sleep? What helps you fall asleep and stay asleep? As well as dropping lavender oil on my pillow, I’m thinking about investing in an oil burner. Anyone seen any stylish ones? Also I think I need to drop the lavender oil into a carrier oil before burning it, or putting it in my bath? Can anyone confirm? And what types of oil work as a carrier oil? Any and all help, as always, very much appreciated!