For those of you who don’t know who Lottie is, she’s our Account Manager – she looks after all of our big brand clients and dress designers over at Rock My Wedding. If you missed our posts on her beautiful home last week you can see them here and here. Before she came to us she was working for McCANN (so very Mad Men esque) so knows a thing or two about customer service and project management. Turns out she also knows a thing or two about skincare as it happens, and even though she works, runs around after two small children AND bakes endless cakes (yes – she’s also the owner of Buttercream and Dreams) she is always in possession of an almost other-wordy glow.

Becky and I often just sit, study her complexion and admire her formidable freshness…..and wonder how we too can achieve such a healthy sheen (last time we were worshipping her epidermis we were simultaneously demolishing a packet of Chocolate digestives, putting those away and exchanging them for a bowl of kale might be a good start I’m guessing.)

Last week whilst planning the design of the next Rock My blog (ha! coming soon you lovely lot you!) I proper full on quizzed her on the contents of her bathroom cabinet. I was convinced there must be some super spendy dead sea algae serum in there with essence of snake venom, 24 carat gold flakes and some kind of renewing collagen stem cell technology (or you know, similar.)

Turns out this is not the case. Neither does she have fancy facials or drink 58 litres of Evian a day.

Admittedly good skin as we know is somewhat down to our gene pool but in Lottie’s case it is also down to a generous application of Oil Of Olay Complete “Sensitive” Day Cream with SPF 15. She has tried various other jars and tubes of over-promising goop and they simply don’t compare in terms of getting your glow on. Plus you can afford to slather it on when a 50ml pot is less than a tenner from Boots.

There are various formulations for a wide range of skin types in the Oil Of Olay complete care range – I copied Lottie and chose to opt for the sensitive cream version. I’m pleased to report that I too am now sporting a rather increased glow after applying religiously every morning for the last 10 days. So impressed am I by the results I’m very tempted to invest in the night cream too…..

As I write Boots have 25% off the entire Oil of Olay range.

Yes you too can get half way to having lovely luminosity like Lottie. I can’t promise it will give you give you her Victoria Sponge making skills though.

Do let me know if you are an Olay fan – the original pink bottle and associated scent still makes me go all a bit nostalgic.

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