I have become somewhat obsessed these last few weeks with finding a dehydrated and dull epidermis quick fix. And with all the hype surrounding miracle masks across social media I thought I would be able to find a wonder product that I could subsequently recommend.

Unfortunately I haven’t been that….impressed. By anything. And I’ve even tried some uber expensive “highly recommended” tubes of alleged magic in my quest. My sister loves Clinique’s Moisture Surge Overnight Mask which seemed to be the most effective for me too – I did notice my skin looked softer and dewier by morning. But it is sticky and greasy looking, so not one to wear if you’re keen to embark on getting up to no good between the sheets. Although perhaps some folks are into that sort of thing, I’m not judging. Personally I didn’t feel the results lasted any longer than until the following afternoon, so I’m not sure how bothered I would be to make the effort in the future.

Lottie rates Clarins SOS Hydra Refreshing Hydration Mask – I haven’t tried it personally but she says it noticeably reduces parched patches and doesn’t irritate her sensitive skin.

Of course not everyone is looking for a mask that targets dryness, Laura favours the Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask which draws out impurities and focuses on clearing your pores using charcoal and Kaolin clay. It’s also only a tenner, and I do like the idea of the self-heating action. Perhaps because this would make me feel as though it was doing something. Placebo and all that.

I’ve seen many a Garnier Tissue Mask modelled on instagram but I’m never sure if that’s because they actually work or whether it’s because Garnier are clearly going hell-for-leather on the whole “hashtag ad” shebang. Boots currently have them on special offer for £1.99 each so probably worth a whirl, you never know!

What I have found to be far more effective than any mask I’ve tested recently is a few drops of The Ordinary 100% Plant Derived Squalene applied before moisturiser in the PM. It has a very unsexy sounding name but it’s only £5.50 from ASOS so if it works who cares. I’ve noticed my make-up has looked much fresher since using it. And whilst you are purchasing your Squalene you can treat yourself to this very cool mustard chunky knit cardigan. Unfortunately this hue looks terrible on me which makes me endeavour to persuade everyone else I know into wearing it instead. I figure I can live out my mustard knitwear dreams vicariously via those with a less sallow complexion.

Do you mask? Is there a mask out there that really does make a noticeable difference to the condition and appearance of your skin? Please do leave your recommendations and reviews in the comments section below!