Habitat Bed in Yellow and Grey Bedroom
Grey and Yellow Bedroom
Ikea wardrobe
Habitat Fleur Range
Fern Living Owl Wallpaper | Bright Nursery
Cloud mobile
Bright and Bold Nursery
Almond White Bathroom
Almond White Bathroom with vintage accents
Captain's Mirror
Pink Girl's Bedroom
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ice cream
Pink Little Girl's Bedroom
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to bed
Pink Little Girl's Bedroom

Lottie’s House | Upstairs

Author: Lauren Coleman

We’re tickled pink you love Lottie’s home as much as we do. There was a LOT of love for part one yesterday. We’re back today for a peek at the upstairs of her Victorian house and it’s just as stunning as the downstairs! Without further ado I’ll hand you back to the queen of colour and cake baking.


The bedroom has only recently become the space that I envisaged and even then it took a bit of a diversion from the original planned scheme. I had planned a nice copper and white scheme with some indigo accents. However my husband came back from Habitat with the yellow light instead of the copper version as they had sold out and the electrician was coming that afternoon so it evolved from there. It is actually a bit of a homage to Habitat in here. The bed and beside table are their Fleur habitat range which I love and the throws are also recent sale purchases. The cushions and bedside lamps are also Habitat. The lamps have added a pink element to the scheme as I liked them and they were a bargain at £10 in the last summer sale! To tie in the pink I painted an old chair white and added neon pink paint around the bottom of the the legs. We had a white wardrobe from M&S so I ordered some extra Fleur door knobs from Habitat spares department and added these on. We also had a wardrobe built in to the alcove for extra storage. I painted the cast iron fireplace white which was a bit of a mission. Never go paint shopping with toddlers as I picked up the wrong paint three times and painted the fireplace several times before I actually bought the right one. It makes the room feel much lighter though. We’ve got a little en-suite off the bedroom as well which just has a toilet and big sink (obviously with large storage cupboard under!).


Alice’s room is very bright and fun. This owl wallpaper from Ferm Living is just amazing. We actually fitted it when it was Molly’s nursery but loved it so much that it stayed. It’s a bit spendy at £70 a roll but we just used one so I justified it! The only issue is that brown, turquoise and orange proves to be quite difficult colours to match to in children’s rooms so I just went all out bright. Its an odd shaped room so we have a chest of drawers in the one alcove and I painted an old pine wardrobe in the other. I added a rocking chair from Blue Sun Tree and lots of fun accessories. There are obviously a few Alice in Wonderland prints and the most amazing A-Z from Ketchup on Everything. I made some bright bunting and a throw plus cute plus the hanging clouds mobile. I love making bits as it’s so much fun.

Molly’s Room

This is a little girls room through and through. It is up in the attic and so has sloping ceilings but is such a lovely light room. I went for a Soft Shell Pink from Crown up here with the woodwork in a Dove Grey. I’ve recently added in some hints of mint and gold in the form of these fab wall stickers from Made of Sundays at Molly Meg. They were super speedy to put up and so cheap and have really transformed the room. As there is minimal wall space or height we had cupboards built in to the eaves which house drawers, shelves and rails for hiding away clothes and clutter. I then added lots of cute shelves for her to display her knick knacks. The house shelves were just £18 from Next. The bedding is from M&S and there are homemade cloud cushions and a bargain of a £2 cushion from Dunelm. I made the little pom pom garland on her shelves after spotting something similar. I bought at £1 bag of pom poms from HobbyCraft and in 2 minutes I had threaded them of some cotton and voila. Molly loves playing up here so I plan to add a reading nook with piles of cushions soon.


After the kitchen this is my favourite makeover. The bathroom was the most unwelcoming room ever. Freezing cold, horrible bath, wobbly sink and nails sticking through the cheap vinyl floor. I’m not sure how we coped for as long as we did especially once Molly arrived. We did it quite soon after the kitchen so had to stick to a stricter budget. I sourced all the items from Bathstore and Victoria plumb in their sales and then our plumber fitted it for us. We removed a huge cupboard that was great for storage but drafty and cold and instead had a build in linen closet made at the top of the attic stairs. I wanted a big bath and separate shower and the removal of the cupboard allowed us to place the bath under the window. Luckily it isn’t overlooked so thats fine! I went for Almond White on the walls as the previous bathroom had been white and I was trying to get away from the coldness. To give a bit of cheer I chose this cute boat wallpaper from Mini Moderns in a soft putty shade. To finish I chose the towel ladder from John Lewis towel shelves from Next and a few eclectic pictures of a vintage gillette ad and a shiny kingfisher that reminds me of my nanny!

I hope you lovely lot have drawn inspiration from this relaxed home. I have to applaud Lottie for getting the balance between child-friendly and stylish absolutely spot on. You can tell from all the family photographs so many memories have already been made here and I’m sure there are many more still to come.

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49 thoughts on “Lottie’s House | Upstairs

  1. What a beautiful home Lottie, so full of warmth and personality! I dream of having a bathroom like that! Could you tell me where the reading lamp in the owl room is from? I’m looking for something just like that.

    1. Ah, thank you! It was actually just from B&Q. Not sure if they still have them but I’ve seen something similar in habitat xxx

  2. What a lovely home! We are in the process of moving and it has given me lots of inspiration for the next place especially for our daughter’s bedroom. I absolutely LOVE the dog wallpaper, any idea where it is from?

    1. Little girls bedrooms are the most fun to do! The wallpaper is by Scion and you can get it in John Lewis. xxx

  3. Oh Lottie, again I absolutely LOVE it!

    Very in awe of your radiators!
    Every room is bursting with personality, love all the little trinkets, you certainly know how to make a house a home 🙂


    1. Thanks lovely. I am rather chuffed with the radiators! They have made such a difference to the look (and warmth!) of the house xx

  4. I am absolutely going to introduce some snazzy wallpapers after seeing Alice’s nursery in our next home, even if it’s a wall or two. Also……I am having a similar bath, what I wouldn’t give to have a lovely bath to relax in (we currently have a shower over the top of ours and a glass screen, just not the same!) x

    1. Snazzy wallpaper is the way forward! Ferm living have some amazing scandal style prints. Love them. I do try to relax in the bath but often find a small child appearing and throwing rubber ducks at me! xx

  5. Absolutely stunning sis, I’ve always loved your house 🙂 I remember when I called the estate agents about the location and they brushed me off, you nearly didn’t go and view it. Thank goodness you did! Beautiful through and through, with so much character. What wonderful photo’s, something you can keep and cherish xxx

    1. Thanks Nelly. There were times when I didn’t think it was worth the effort but finally got there. Come and stay again soon xxx

  6. WOW! What a fab house – love the colourful pieces you’ve mixed in everywhere. May I ask what colour your painted your master bedroom? We are off to buy paint this weekend for ours and am feeling inspired after seeing your gorgeous house.

    1. Thanks so much. Its painted in Pebble Shore by Dulux. It is the loveliest grey shade with a bit of a browny tinge to warm it up. I found a lot of the greys a bit cold in our house. Good luck with the painting! x

  7. Lottie, I am so in love with the beautiful home you have created. It’s so much more than a house that has been tasted with impeccable taste – it oozes fun, love and warmth. I love the glimpses of the photos everywhere too – and every time you see one everyone is smiling and laughing. I see lots of house tours where I think ”oo well that’s lovely, but just wouldn’t be practical”. You manage to do both – and so well! Whilst I don’t have anywhere near the creativity or flair to recreate such a lovely style, I will be stealing lots of ideas and tips. Completely inspired – thank you! x P.S. That bath…

    1. You have made me smile so much Sian. Love that you are inspired by the house. It has been so much fun, and hard work, getting it to where it is but it works so well as our family home. I just go with what I like rather than a specific style and somehow it has luckily just worked. I never really set out with a particular look, or if I do it is never as planned! I think if you surround yourself with things you love and mementoes of you life then it is bound to be a happy home! xxx

  8. My ma and pa have squillions of family photos in their house (a look which has been copied my both my sister and I). It’s one of the first things anyone comments on when they walk in to their house – it makes it feel like a well loved, well lived-in home and like Sian says, so warm and welcoming.
    You know I love your home Lottie and I’m so pleased with the response we’ve had from our readers. It was definitely worth splitting in to two posts! x

    1. Thanks so much for putting it all together Lauren and loving all the love! Your ma and pa are right, photos definitely do make it a home. I love them xx

  9. LOVE it! Love it all! And Molly’s room is exactly the type of secret hideaway I would have loved when I was a little girl – she is so lucky!

    Can I ask Lottie where the radiators are from? And also how would you rate them in terms of heat output? Currently trying to source some for the new house and these are exactly what I’m after!

    P.S. Molly-Meg is a guilty pleasure of mine – so much amazing stuff!

    1. I know Lolly, I would have loved it too. In fact I’m still tempted to swap rooms with her, he he! The radiators were from Column Rads online (and a couple from B&Q) and they are all great. The heat is fantastic. We opted for the 3 column ones mostly in the coldest rooms and then 2 column in the others. They really do whack out the heat once they are going and stay warm for ages after you turn the heating off. The vertical ones have worked really well as they free up wall space for furniture etc so though I prefer the aesthetic of the horizontal ones they have been well worth the compromise. xxx

  10. You have such a beautiful home Lottie. Can I ask two things: is the pink polka dot wall in Molly’s room wallpaper? And also where did you get the lovely white side table in Alice’s room? Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much Laura. Molly’s room is painted in a pale pink and then I stuck on some dot wall stickers. Mine are by Made on Sundays which I got from molly meg ( I went for mint and gold and then alternated them. I just measured out a grid and stuck them on. So they were really quick to do and look great. The side table was just from homesense. They always have similar ones in my local store so worth a peek xx

    1. I second that! My favourite pass time is lusting after other people’s interior design! Pinterest is to blame!

  11. How annoying my last comment vanished!!
    I was wondering where does the daylight come from in the attic room? Is it just one velex or do you have windows too. Curious as we are having our attic converted soon and was worried it’d be dark, but yours is so airy looking!

    1. Hi Alice (great name btw!). It just has one Velux and not a very big one at that. I’m always surprised by how lovely and light it is up there. I guess it just must get the light at the right angle or something ridiculous like that! Good luck with the conversion, it will be fab I’m sure xx

  12. Your home is just beautiful Lottie so full of lovely lovely personal things. I have a silly fear of putting holes in my walls in case I change my mind so end up with very boring walls!!

    I especially love your bathroom, it looks sooooo peaceful. Just a quick question would you mind sharing what colour you painted the cupboard under the sink in the bathroom?

    1. Ha ha Becca! If you moved half of my pictures you would find numerous holes from where I have put them up and then decided to move them slightly. Much to my husbands horror I use neither tape measure nor spirit level and just go by eye!
      The cupboard is actually already that colour and is from B&Q canterbury range. I love it and have it in the downstairs toilet too. Its kind of a soft sage colour. I think Bathstore had something similar recently. xxx

    1. It is from Habitat Kirsty. Its a bedspread and then a yellow throw. Underneath I just have white bedding from M&S xx

  13. Oh man can I move in here?

    So much envy! I love the kitchen from the previous post (particularly the orange kettle) and I was just commenting yesterday to other half how awful I’m finding our bathroom and ensuite (we live in a rental so we are restricted). I am inspired and vow to make it better and more homely! My favourite item in the bathroom… the John Lewis towel rack! Our landlords don’t believe in toilet roll holders or towel rails (sigh).

    1. Of course you can Lynn! Glad you like it all. The orange kettle is a new addition. Its just a Kenwood one and was such a great price on Amazon. The towel ladder was a brilliant purchase and would be perfect on a rental property. Lots of nice bits like that around at the moment. Hope you can persuade your landlord to let you make some changes! x

  14. What a fabulous home you have, can you tell me where your bathroom tiles are from and what colour you painted your kitchen walls in please.
    Thank you for inspiring me in the renovation of my new home.

    1. Thank you Sereana. The tiles were just from B&Q, their metro style range in the white. The Kitchen walls are just Dulux pure brilliant white in their endurance range. Good luck with the new home! xx

  15. It’s just beautiful. Love the way u have used neutral backgrounds and used colorful hints. What color have you used in ur hallways?

    1. Hi Shehla. Glad you like it! Its actually just pure brilliant white in the hallways as it was the easiest thing when it came to repainting! x

  16. Really enjoyed this post and know I’m late to comment so hopefully you’ll still get this. Currently renovating my house and in the process of choosing carpets. I’m looking for something beige but warm -your carpets look perfect. May I please ask where they are from and which type/colour if you still know. Thanks so much and well done for creating such a lovely home 🙂

    1. Hi Cece. Sorry for the delayed response and so glad you like the house. I’m really sorry but I can’t remember the colour. My carpet fitter just bought me lots of books round and I picked one! I think the one’s in the bedroom were called ‘mushroom’ or something similar and they are just cheapish carpets so nothing fancy. Sorry I can’t be more help xxx

  17. A very late query! Love the house – very homely.i was wondering if the Eames rocker in the nursery is comfortable for rocking or nursing baby?

  18. Hi Lottie,

    I love all the colours you’ve used. Could you possibly run through which colours you’ve used and where please? I love your style! 🙂


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