The answer is, as with any beauty product, it largely depends on your skin type and your personal requirements.

When the cosmetics brand Glossier launched I literally couldn’t wait for them to ship those millennial pink tubes and pots of alleged magic to the UK. I have read Into The Gloss for years (it is literally the only blog I do regularly read) and the founder Emily Weiss is one of my all time favourite entrepreneurial heroes.

I think the branding and marketing is on point, as is the concept “Beauty inspired by real life”. Weiss took feedback and desires from the vast and diverse readership of her beauty blog to essentially create a cosmetics line that was accessible, easy to use and enhances wearer’s features rather than mask them. And there lies the truth, the make-up in particular is simply not going to cut the mustard for problem skins or those that require any kind of significant coverage.

My Favourite Products From Glossier

Haloscope was my absolute will-buy-again pick of the bunch. A portable stick of subtle luminescent glow-making genius. It reminds me of the RMS luminizer but without the hefty pricetag and unhygienic pot. I bought the shade “Quartz” which is a kind of natural sheeny pearl. It looks fab on the bridge of your nose, the top of your cheekbones and on your cupid’s bow. I find I can re-apply it to freshen up my face when by afternoon I’m looking all dry and drab (which is basically every day at the moment).

I was also pleasantly surprised by the stretch concealer. It really is buildable (but no more than a light/medium coverage) and doesn’t seem to crease or migrate. I have started using intimate lightening cream. I have been reaching for this on days my dark circles are not quite as purple as usual (I think the extreme quantity of water and early nights due to pregnancy are helping) and to cover up the awkward redness around my nose that can often be flaky and look worse with make-up on. Will it replace my beloved Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush On Glow BB concealer? I very much doubt it. But I think it will be a super alternative for the warmer months when I require some lightening and brightening but don’t necessarily want to look as though I’m wearing anything at all.

I had high expectations for boy brow and it delivered. This tinted brow gel is their number one bestseller and I can see why. It just makes everything neat, tidy and slightly fuller. It’s also really easy to apply and it stays put. Will it change the appearance of your brows if they are sparse and wayward? No. You need Benefit Goof Proof for that. But I’m personally reaching for it most days now that my brows are tinted and fuller than usual.

Glossier Products That Didn’t Work For Me

I had such high hopes for cloud paint, Glossier’s gel-cream blush. I found it doesn’t really work when you pair it with anything underneath, which is an issue – unless you want to go barefaced except for cloud paint. On my skin in made my powders and tints look patchy and uneven. Perhaps my epidermis is simply too dehydrated, I’m sure on a normal complexion it would look as intended – a subtle flush.

The generation G lipstick was quite good, it wasn’t goopy and smudgy and was more of a “tint” than anything else. I bought the colour “Like” which wasn’t a “light powdery pink” on me as described – it was more of a mauve, and it did turn slightly more purple as the day wore on. It didn’t blow me away but then I’m a lipstick obsessive. If you don’t like the feel of anything but still want to perfect your pout then this might be worth a whirl.

The Perfecting Skin Tint evens out skin tone and the shade “medium” was lovely on my pale yellowish complexion. But I didn’t find it that sheer and glowy if I’m honest, it was a little bit on the dare I say, chalky spectrum? Again, perhaps I simply don’t have the right kind of skin.

Neither the Milk Jelly cleanser or the Priming Moisturiser worked for me for probably the same reasons, I didn’t feel the cleanser did much in the way of cleansing (it doesn’t touch eye liner) and the moisturiser wasn’t anywhere near rich enough – to be fair they do a rich version but it contains lavender which brings me out in a rash hence why I opted for the lighter version. I’ve read other reviews where folks have rated both the regular and the rich version very highly however.

If you fancy trying some products for yourself then the videos on the Glossier website are excellent in terms of giving you an idea of shades and finishes.

Have you tried any products from Glossier? What did you think? What were your favourites?