A clean house makes a clean mind. I’m not sure if that’s the saying, but you know what I mean. I’m not a very tidy person. Maybe that’s the creative in me. I flit from one thing to another and then back and forth several times. Things rarely get finished in one go as my brain is always drifting off to other tasks. This extends to chores as well.

Since having children the mess has gotten somewhat out of hand. I’ve never been very good at tidying as I go, frequently walking past the ‘stair pile of doom’ (which lets be honest is a safety hazard!)  or leaving my nighttime water glass on the bedside table… but there’s always something else in my hands… normally a small child. 

So I need a solution. A plan. What are the things I absolutely need to do every day to keep things neat, tidy and clean. What can I leave for once a week and what about fortnightly? Because once everything is tidy, away and freshly hoovered my mind feels calmer, less cluttered and more ready to focus on a single task. Which is why to get onto the task of making everything tidy I went online to check out Wired Smart and the various robot vacuum cleaners they had along with reviews to buy the right one for my house.

We have a fairly large dog who malts constantly all year round. It is ridiculous so vacuuming and using a mop to get shiny tiles is absolute priority for us, over everything else. But it was driving me mad. So time consuming; getting the vacuum out, unravelling the cable, plugging in, switching on then doing that all in reverse to get it to a different room and don’t get me started on the stairs! Trying to manoeuvre the beast around the pile of doom was getting ludicrous.

So two weeks ago I went vacuum cleaner shopping and I bought my very first Dyson. I don’t want to be over dramatic but it has changed my life! Maybe that is slightly OTT but the difference it has made is invaluable. I went for the cordless V7 Animal. I was so skeptical of wether it would be powerful enough but it’s great. It deals with the dog hair wonderfully, there’s no plugging and unplugging. I pop the main body out and plug the animal attachment straight into the main motor and the stairs are done in a second. The kids often have snacks  in the lounge (lazy parenting 101) and I had this naff little handheld to clear up all their bits which just wasn’t any good but this? You’d never know they’d even been there.

So what about everything else? I’ve had a bit of mooch about the internet to see what folks generally recommend you need to do and put my own handy pin together for you of the rules I’m going to start following. Have I missed anything? Or would you do anything more frequently than I’ve suggested?

The next step is to decide whether to go really hardcore and make myself a weekly rota of what to do. Do you do that? And do you stick to it? Please can you tell me how to become a domestic goddess. Thanks in advance.



Header image taken from Rebecca’s amazing utility room make over!