Down Pipe Utility and Boot Room

Rebecca’s Utility and Boot Room

Author: Lauren Coleman

At my house I have a utility cupboard. We’ve made the most of the limited space, stacking our appliances on top of each other and adding shelving and hooks to store all the paraphernalia. It does the job but wouldn’t it be amazing to have a space to store muddy boots, do your laundry and snip a few flower heads too? Enter Rebecca’s utility room of dreams.

Before Ben and I moved house, we had a list for what we’d want in a forever house. A utility room and boot room came pretty close to the top of that list yet I never imagined what it might look like. We were so busy planning the kitchen that we didn’t really give much thought to the utility area, figuring that we’d sort that out once we’d got somewhere we could cook!

But then once the brain fog of kitchen decisions passed and everything was on track I suddenly realised that just because a room needed to be utilitarian, it could still be beautiful too. So then came the idea for patterned floor tiles, dark Down Pipe cupboards and panelling. And funnily enough everybody who visits actually prefers the decor of this room to our {much more expensive/planned out} kitchen!

Bespoke Joinery

Ben has built the run of units to keep costs down in here. He had doors made by a bespoke kitchen joiner he found on eBay and sent him a design and measurements over. He then made cupboard frames out of oak veneered MDF for the doors to sit on, custom making it all to fit the space. We’ve got an angle at one end of the room but the doors hide this making it look like a flat run. We’ve used the utility end of the space for a washing machine and tumble drier stacked together as well as a big cupboard to store laundry and cleaning supplies etc. We’ve got an extra sink out here for washing allotment vegetables/as a flower cutting sink and an extra fridge for Christmas. On the visible end panels and the wall behind the sink he fitted mounded MDF tongue and groove effect panelling. At the other end we went for two full height cupboards with a panelled bench seat in between to create storage for the boot room area. All of this was primed and then painted in Farrow & Ball Down Pipe. We’ve put up shaker style peg rails, which Ben has made, which are partly decorative but also v useful.

Because it is a fairly dark room in the middle of the house we’ve left the other walls light {Farrow and Ball Wimborne White} and then went for statement floor tiles {if you’ve ever seen my Instagram when there’s a pretty floor around you’ll see me hashtagging #ihavethisthingwithtiles} which are the Berkeley range in charcoal from Topps Tiles and I’m so pleased with them. I love antique brass so we designed a bespoke tap from Bespoke Taps in this finish to come out of the wall above the butler sink which also ties in with the door furniture. For the handles/knobs our kitchen maker got the brass handles from a hardware shop in Edinburgh and then distressed them.

The reclaimed cast iron radiator, from Ribble Radiators, should keep it toasty in here whilst looking the part too. We chose a pewter sparkle colour to go with the floor tiles and I think it looks really in keeping.

Finishing Touches

The run of units is definitely the main feature in here so we’ve kept everything else quite simple in terms of decor. We’ve framed some vintage kitchen prints by Ros Shiers and put up a Cox & Cox wire shelf rack to store a few bits but other than that we’ve just dotted some plants around from Ikea and hung a few baskets. The back door, which we painted in a light pink {Farrow and Ball Pink Ground} and fitted a cute bee door knocker has become one of my all time favourite features in our house now. I want to get a couple of blinds made for the door and window but can’t decide on fabric just yet! I chose a French linen grain sack for a bench seat cushion by an independent seller I found on Instagram called Maison Brocante. Lastly, we’ve fitted a large coir door mat in the step which I’m sure will be well used this winter as we’re going to use this as our main door with muddy boots. The star door mat is from Lisa Valentine Home. For more details you can view the post on my blog, Roses and Rolltops.

  • Berkeley Topps Tiles
  • Ros Shiers Print
  • Cox and Cox Wire Shelf
  • Bee Door Knocker

Photography by Adam Crohill

Lauren likes Paris, Prosecco and Paint Charts
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32 thoughts on “Rebecca’s Utility and Boot Room

  1. I’ve been waiting for this. We’re lucky in that we have a separate boot room/entrance hall and then a separate utility so the boot room will just be for shoes, coats and the like and the utility will be used for the washer etc and will form part of the extension family space when we get around to it.

    I’m so jealous your Ben is so practical. It’s the cost of cupboards that are causing me to have heart failure which means projects are slower than I’d like. Lauren, what are your thoughts on using Jali (???) for something like that? Or would we be better using a joiner for the cupboard frames and doing what you did Rebecca and buying the doors from eBay?

    Also thoughts on percentage of closed doors to open to make it neat and presentable and not a jumbled mess?

    Also I know Lolly doesn’t work for you guys anymore which is a real shame because we need winter coats and boots and she had such lovely taste but any chance we could see her house?!

    1. We bought cheaper cabinets from ikea , fitted them outselves and then got doors and worktop professionally fitted by a joiner and it looks great and cut down some of the costs.

      I’ve found it a bit bizarre that Lolly just disappeared with no trace or even a farewell!

      1. GOOD CALL. How did you get the “boot room” style floor to ceiling cabinets. I hadn’t realised Ikea just did the shells.

        But urgh on having to go to Ikea.

        I follow Lolly on IG but I want FULL ON HOUSE DETAILS. Also Lauren, your bathroom yes?

        And anyone that’s painted tiles. Basically, I’m using you lot instead of google.

        1. Lolly has excellent taste so I’d love to feature her house! As I’ve said before I was sad when Lolly told us she was leaving back in May.

          On the Jali cupboards, I’ve looked at having wardrobes made and they get a bit pricey when you go on a larger scale – they were in the scheme of about £800 for a three door whereas I think Ben managed to get a better deal for this run of units.

          No bathroom update yet. I’m having wall tile woes! Why is every sample that says it’s white is actually a weird yellow colour when it arrives?

  2. Ooh, it’s beautiful. I love the colour of your back door. Truly love it. Is it grey on the inside or does it just look darker? How wide is the room?

  3. It’s so lovely, I have the same tiles in my utility (alas, no boot room) and our cupboards are IKEA in turquoise/grey and I think they look wonderful.

    I too have really missed Lolly’s posts and I would love to see her house. Will she do a farewell post?

    1. Turquoise grey is an amazing colour for cupboards!

      It’s been four months since Lolly told us she was leaving so unfortunately there won’t be a farewell post.

  4. Love this room so much and I would happily take off my muddy wellies in here, although it seems too nice for that. xx p.s. I now want new tiles in my house!

  5. Hi,

    There are so many lovely things in this room! I will be thinking about how to incorporate some of your ideas into our home.
    I live your floor tiles and this post has got me back into my search for the perfect hallway tile. I would like something patterned but in a soft bluey grey….
    I love love love the taps, the pink door and bee knocker and will definitely be shopping for more plants now too!

  6. Beautiful, love the floor tiles! Oh no I had no idea Lolly had left, that’s such a shame I loved her posts and have been waiting eagerly to see the rest of her house!! Hope it gets featured at some point! X

  7. This has given me so much inspiration for our current refurb. I love everything about this room.

    I would love to see Lollys house renovation featured, absolutely loved her bathroom posts and I’m sure the rest of the house is looking as beautiful.

  8. Utility room of dreams indeed!

    I’ve never been one for interiors posts in the past as we’ve been renting (so can’t put any inspiration to use!) but now we’re finally in a position to buy, I’m super excited to get in on the interiors action!

    I only started following you on Instagram a few months ago Rebecca – absolutely loved following your house rennovations on there but love these posts here for more detail. The floor in your utility room is just dreamy and the cupboards too. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Wow Rebecca this is a stunning room – thank you for sharing. You really have the loveliest unique style. Do you mind if I ask you a slightly random question about the bee?! I just wondered if its a ‘good’ door knocker, as in, is it loud/firm? I’d love it for my front door (in honour of my Manchester roots!) and I was just hovering over the add to basket button wondering if it will be a good enough knocker for a front door! I probably shouldn’t worry too much, we’ve had no doorbell or knocker since we moved into our house neary 2 years ago and we still seem to get our post!! Thanks very much in advance x

  10. This is stunning. Such a great use of the space. I think the touches of foliage really make it. I never noticed how nice greenery looks against Down Pipe before. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing

  11. Congratulations on a successful, beautiful boot room. I was wondering what the dimensions of your room are? It looks spacious while not being too wide.

  12. This room is absolutely perfect! What wall color paint did you use? cabinet color? I’m getting same tile in bath and would love to go with a color as everything else is white.

  13. It was estate eggshell, its on her main site if you click her name on the replies here it will take you there.

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