Sometimes there is a piece of seemingly frivolous furniture that you just need isn’t there? It might not have a particular function, is possibly quite spendy, probably takes up quite a lot of room where you should really be using that space for more domesticated items such as a laundry bin. Or storage for your vacuum cleaner. But you just want it. And all the practical reasons why you shouldn’t can jog on.

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For me it’s always been a chaise lounge. I imagine myself languishingly idly in some kind of luxe silky negligee type item whilst reading a penguin classic, sipping champagne and indulging in some Charbonnel et Walker Dark Sea Salt Caramel Truffles…..*sigh*. In reality I know damn well it would be littered with internet shopping debris, and the closest I’d get to my fairytale vision is flicking through Grazia whilst trying to prevent Mabel from half inching my family bag of Malteasers. But I still want one. And as soon as we move house I’m treating myself, even if it does serve as a part time clothes horse.

Apparently a very covetable yet perhaps every so slightly superficial piece of furniture is the trolley i.e. what is often referred to as the “bar cart”. Child-proofing aside I LOVE mine, I’ve used it for a number of things including the perfect place for my vast make-up collection and a display case at Mabel’s first birthday party. Whilst Adam and I were styling a shoot in collaboration with Cox and Cox and Prezola a few weeks ago with said trolley being a key prop, it occurred to me that actually, aswell as being aesthetically desirable, the trolley is really rather useful.

To the right of this text you will see a pinnable graphic of amazing ways to style yours. If you ever doubted that you didn’t have a good enough excuse to invest now you have eight. You’re welcome. I’ve also added in a gallery below and you can check out more detail on how a trolley can be styled (and functional!) for your kitchen, home office or as a gin cart here.

Do you own a trolley cart? How do you style yours?

What’s your most coveted piece of furniture? Please don’t be afraid to include the slightly ridiculous in the comments section below. I would also like not only the world’s largest walk in closet, but one of those island units you can have in them with a glass top so you can see all of your accessories and the draws are allocated to specific colours of lingerie. I think I’ve only ever seen them in the homes of American celebrities but you know, a girl can dream.

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