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What’s On My Bedside Table? | Lizzie Crohill

Author: Lizzie Crohill

Hi, I’m Lizzie and I’m here today for what Lauren tells me may be a whole new series on Rock My Style.

I like to change up my bedside table every now and again – switch some new books in, add some fresh flowers or most recently I’ve decided to take away my lamp and use candlelight. I love candles and the warm, glowy, romantic vibe they create (seeing as I’m not up and down to the loo all night this works a treat for me but can see this isn’t ideal for everyone).
As some of you know Adam and I have been married three weeks and the frame {bought from HomeSense but see similar here} actually comprises a wedding card from two of our friends Hellie and Eirlys – I just love its sparkle. As I’m prone to losing things, I try to have a place for everything and use this Oliver Bonas Trinket Pot to place my wedding rings on top.

Anyone else struggle to drink enough water? For some reason I find if I’ve got a bottle I’m much more likely to consume the daily recommended amount (if not more). I usually refill a plastic bottle or an ugly sports bottle but since being sent a BKR bottle I’m absolutely converted. I have my eye on the pale pink and pale green variations…

Along with consuming more water, prior to the wedding I wanted to get my skin in the best possible condition, so did a little research and found some ace skincare products.

Emma Hardie’s Cleansing Balm has a never ending list of accolades and I can see why. It removes every last smidgen of make up leaving my skin super soft, dewy, plumped and glowing. It also doubles as a treatment mask and apparently leaving it on for 10 minutes in a hot, steamy bath helps to lock the moisture in. I’m not allowed any baths at the moment as our bath is leaking through to our newly plastered ceiling – Mr Crohill is not happy. One more thing I have to mention about this product is that it smells divine.

Whilst in America at the beginning of the year I stumbled across Glamglow products. I initially bought the Thirsty Mud Face Wash which is lovely and prior to the wedding I treated myself to a YouthMud Face Mask and use it once or twice a week. It provides a gentle resurfacing exfoliation and leaves my skin feeling so clean, soft and instantly brighter.

Did you know that M&S sell the likes of Emma Hardie, Ren, Glamglow, L’Occitane (to name but a few)? I had no idea and when a friend told me recently I visited to discover a 20% off event in full swing. I decided to register for a SPARKS card and got an additional 10% off… I now regularly receive interesting offers and savings. Winner.

For the body, I am loving Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt Body Creme. It’s absolutely gorg! I’ve actually half inched it from Adam, he wore this on the wedding day and paired it with Black Cedarwood and Juniper Cologne – an incredible pairing and built for sharing. Ha! What’s his is mine and all that 😉

I’m always on the look out for new beauty products and fancy finds for my next bedside table reshuffle. What’s on yours?

I nurse in planes, I love beautiful spaces and places, I own the prettiest cats in all the land and I reside in #thecheltenhamhouse

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12 thoughts on “What’s On My Bedside Table? | Lizzie Crohill

  1. Super stylish! Although I don’t think I could read by candlelight, as beautiful as it is… My bedside table currently consists of a lamp, a framed print, an old glass of water, a baby monitor, nasal spray and a used tissue. Not quite so stylish.

    On another note, where is your actual bedside table from? It’s fit.

    1. Hey Sama, this is true but what I failed to mention is that Adam still has his bedside light so I tend to put that on too if I want to read.
      I can assure you my bedside table frequently holds those items mentioned by yourself but I was trying to make an effort/good impression!! Bedside tables are from House of Fraser, i’m pretty sure they’re linea but maybe a year or so ago.

  2. Please be careful with the bedside candles! It’s so easy to fall asleep without remembering to blow them out – I have done it. I woke hazily to notice and reached for the candle spilling hot wax over my arm and bed.
    Congratulations on your marriage x

    1. Tara! You hot wax incident sounds terrible – I hope you didn’t get burnt?! I promise to make sure i’m careful. Thanks for your congratulations, it really was the most beautiful day. x

  3. I like the idea of a beside table series and I am loving what’s on yours Lizzie. I’m already a big fan of Wood Sage and Sea Salt, and am hot footing it over to the Oliver Bonas site to bag myself one of those trinket boxes immediately!

    I’ve been very tempted by the BKR water bottles on a number of occasions now, but have always hesitated because I think the neck looks quite narrow and they might be difficult to wash…how do you clean yours?

    1. Hey Tracey, thanks my darling. I’m excited about it too, can’t wait to have a good nosy! Did you make your Oliver Bonas purchases? I also have the jewllery hanging thing and another marble trinket pot. Sometimes I feel a little bit like Eddie & Patsy from Ab fab – I just want ALL THE THINGS. Mine cleans up nicely with the help of my dishwasher… the entire thing is dishwasher friendly – even the cap and the silicone sleeve (which is also removable). Hope this helps. x

  4. Oh that candle is close to the pillow… haha. We just got some new lamps from Habitat which I’m loving! Bamboo with yellow at the bottom 🙂

    I don’t have anything as glam… Nivea hand cream, Soap & Glory Heel genius cream and This Works Deep Sleep spray. Got a couple of books (one being Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul) and the latest Elle Decoration.

    I did have a lovely candle (from Sainsburys nowhere posh) but have transferred it bathside for Autumn.

    1. Hi Lynn, it’s not usually as close – adam pulled the table out of it’s little resess to photograph as it was a really gloomy day! Oh those lamps sound ace, we’ve put a pop of yellow in to our kitchen! It’s such a happy colour.
      I’m a big nivea fan and I also really like some of the soap and glory stuff – esp their hand food. Smells lush.
      I think Debbie Rodriguez is brilliant, read both the Kabul Beaty School and Little Coffee shop of Kabul whilst I was out if Afghanistan both were excellent reads. x

  5. Ooh I like the idea of this series! I do have a lamp because I’m blind as a bat, I also have a diptque candle and love getting into bed with my candle lit and a bit of a read (or insta-stalk..) before bed. I have a little vintage tray for my jewellery, a couple of books (a novel plus something to ‘dip’ into, Jo Malone hand cream because it looks pretty but my actual super duper I have cracked hands one is hidden away and a vase with a little stem of something pretty. There’s often a sippy cup lurking too…

    1. I really need to invest in some Diptyque candles – i’ve NEVER had one which for such a candle lover and obsessor is probably a sin. Do you have any particular faves? Yeah i’ve got some essential but not so pretty items that I stash in the top draw – or just leave them out if i’m being lazy or in too much of a rush – which i’d like to add is pretty much always.
      Do try the balm, even if you pop in to SPACE NK and put a bit on the back of your hand so you can get a feel for if it. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. x

  6. A couple of books, Lamp, alarm clock, pillow spray and facial oil in pretty glass bottles. And usually a half drunk cup of cold tea (but resting on a very lovely anthro coaster!)

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