Must Have Spring Dresses
Must Have Spring Dresses
Boohoo | Hush
Boohoo | Hush

10 Spring Dresses You Need

Author: Becky Sappor

I love jeans. I live in them day in day out (except the odd day when I treat myself by donning a pair of joggers) but as the weather is turning warmer (pleeeease be warmer and dryer soon) I really want to get a few Spring dresses that I can flounce about in on the school run.

I find prom dress with long sleeves for Spring really tricky. Mostly I feel like you need your flip flops, your raincoat, your cardigan and your sun hat. You never really know what you’re going to get. With that in mind I’ve been on the hunt for relaxed Spring dresses that we can wear with all of those accessories.

The Stripe
Oh Mango Mango Mango. Absolutely knocking it out of the park. They’ve got a few striped numbers on offer right now but I think this is my favourite. The powder blue, the belt and those sleeves. It’s also 100% cotton so you know, totally Spring. I’m obsessed with the sandals they have paired it with as well.

The Denim
Another Mango marvel is this frilled denim dress. I love the frill hem and those lovely thin straps. I reckon you could team it really well with a t-shirt underneath for those slightly chillier days?

The Pinafore
The ever versatile pinafore. This could be the ultimate Spring dress. Easily worn with a tee or jumper underneath and tights of bare legs. Really like this denim stone colour as well.

The Wrap
I’m starting to see a lot of mustard about which definitely means Spring is on the horizon. This wrap dress from New Look is ticking all the boxes; a flattering wrap, a flowy sleeve and that very on trend length.

The Pocket Dress
It might also be denim but this slouch pocket dress from Boohoo looks so comfortable. I love how they have styled it too with the wide rimmed hat. I also love a rolled up sleeve. 

The Pleated Dress
Talk about easy breazy. The cami style top, check. A free flowing pleated skirt, check. And that colour. I really like that the piping detail on the Hush pleat panel dress is dark as well. I don’t think Spring always necessarily has to mean white and bright. 

The T-Shirt Dress
The T-shirt dress is me through and through. Lose fitting, relaxed and works immensely with a pair of Stan Smiths. ASOS will always throw out a few good t-shirt dresses (all year round to be honest) and I love this blush one.

The Bell Sleeve
I can’t get on with a bell sleeve normally but I think that’s if it’s long so I am well up for trying a shorter one. I love the pastel colours in this Joules number. Joules instantly makes me think beach (whether you’re wearing your wellies on it or your bikini) so I just want to get this on!

The Flute
Let’s just pop back to Mango before we’re finished and this fluted hem dress. It comes in grey (always a fave with me) and also a really cool dark green. That bold V neck is lush and it looks so comfy. I reckon I could chase the kids around the park in it pretty easily whilst looking well stylish. It’s also an excellent price point.

The Shirt Dress
I fell down the ASOS rabbit hole but this is the shirt dress I kept on coming back to time and time again. It’s linen (oh hi summer feels), it’s black so it’s going to go with everything, it is what looks like a super flattering length and I just love that hem detail. Winner.

Do you have one staple dress style you like to wear throughout Spring?

Author: Becky Sappor
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13 thoughts on “10 Spring Dresses You Need

  1. Yeah I wear the same thing all year around. Sleeves (maybe 3/4 rather than long), stripe, V neck, underbust. Then in winter I swop for a black version. Obvs. If it works, work it HARD. The baggy loose unfitted dresses would look like a sack of actual SPUDS.
    Whilst these fashion posts are ok and variety is the spice of life and all that, you do all definately have a similar ‘look’ and ‘taste’. Can you include some fashion stuff which is slightly more fitted or for a different body type?

    1. Morning Rebecca. Sorry you didn’t feel any of the dresses were for you. We try to be authentic and feature products that are true to us but I’ll try to include more closely fitting clothing in the future.

      1. I really love the look of the dresses on Joanie Clothing too 🙂 sadly my waist is rapidly disappearing as i am pregnant and am running out of clothes in my wardrobe that fit!- I’m finding this is the downside of normally suiting clothing that’s nipped in at the waist to suit my usual hourglass figure- now its impossible to wear these styles and i feel ridiculous in smock/shapeless dresses as i don’t have the flat chest needed to pull this look off! The only dress which is my usual style in this post is the cross over mustard dress- love the colour – but wrap dresses are not suiting me right now 🙁 Any maternity fashion posts on RMS would be appreciated- particularly dresses as i really hate wearing jeans/trousers!

  2. I REALLY love that these aren’t fitted, and I’m normally the queen of fitted dresses – at five months pregnant it means these might actually fit me (and I could wear them afterwards too). That Mango strappy number is 😍 Any RMS maternity fashion tips gratefully received too though. I’ve found myself copying Charlotte with the H&M tops and open shirts/blazers! Love that you all have different styles, it keeps the posts interesting! Xx

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