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Spring Fever

Author: Lauren Coleman

I blinked and all of a sudden March has raced by at break neck speed leaving me in disbelief that springtime is here once again. I love this time of year, when you get an hour or so of daylight when returning from work which makes you feel uber productive, but nightfall comes soon enough so you can legitimately curl up and relax.

There’s so much promise in the air at the moment, with all the blossom in bloom and the tulips bursting through. More than once over the last week or so I’ve found myself daydreaming about what the summer may hold. I mean, just imagine not having to wear a coat. Such bliss.

In terms of 2017 resolutions, I’ve ticked off a couple. One was to stop procrastinating and I’m pleased to say in the last few weeks I’ve cracked on with a few home and some very significant personal bits and pieces I’ve been putting off for months. We have an almost finished utility cupboard and just a few jobs left to do in the dining room. Doesn’t it feel good to put a bit tick on your to-do list?
The second was to book a foreign holiday and I’m bloody ecstatic to tell you I’m off to Lisbon next week for a few days. Please, please let me know if there’s anything I should be enjoying while I’m there other than ramming my face with custard tarts.

Spring To-Do

  • I still haven’t made a cake yet so there’s one for the list
  • Start on the patio or deck. We really want to build a place for sun soaking further down the garden so we need to get a wriggle on if we want to get use out of it this year.
  • Like Charlotte I have the Olympus Pen and I’d love to practice more with it over the coming months. First step is to treat myself to a new lens.
  • Start planning the bathroom refit. I flit between a Burlington sink or a modern basin and need to commit so I can moodboard the rest of the design. What’s your favourite style?
  • After a few more trials with Alpha-H I reckon I can say my skin has vastly approved, especially after last week’s facial, so next I’d really like to move on to my tresses and overhaul my whole haircare regime. Watch this space.
  • Get more dates in the diary with friends and family. We had a houseful last weekend and it was so good to host so many of our friends. What’s the point of putting all the effort in to the house if we don’t have time to share it with folks?

So that’s my spring to-do list now the clocks have changed. What are you planning over the next few months and what have you already achieved this year?

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24 thoughts on “Spring Fever

  1. I need to get our kitchen tiled, persuade the neighbour to cut down a tree that’s blocking our light, put up a fence at the back of the garden and sort out our allotment so we can get planting in a couple of months – it’s like a jungle and I don’t know where to start! So not much to do for a mother of a 2 year old going through tantrums and who works full time!! I’d be happy just to get the kitchen finished to be honest. The tiles have been sat on the floor for 5 months, but it’s my husbands job to ring the recommended tiler and he still hasn’t done it ?

    1. Hi Claire, would love to hear about your tiles? Do you want us all to give your husband a nudge? 😉

      1. I’ve given him a deadline of tomorrow to have spoken to the tiler. Told him I want it done by the end of April. We will see! The tiles are ‘wynter hues’ from topps tiles. The kitchen is quite dark (because of the tree!) and the units are white with an oak worktop. I didn’t want it to be too stark with all white tiles, but I got some samples of a sage green tile that we loved and they Were just too dark. The Wynter hues are white with hints of pastel blue, pink, yellow, green, so all slighty different. We thought that would add some interest whilst still keeping it light.

  2. Lisbon is great and I’ve a few recommendations in the Bairro Alto. Make sure you eat custard tarts from Manteigaria on Rua de Loreto, 2. Just by the square. They’re the best in Lisbon! (And I tried more than a few places)

    Also if you want somewhere local and devine for dinner go to A Taberna, it’s on the Rua das Flores. It’s tiny and you can’t book. You turn up and wait. They let you drink wine on the pavement while waiting though. It’s absolutely delicious Portuguese style tapas.

    For cool cork jewellery and accessories go to Cork & Co. on Rua das Salgadeiras, 10. Lisbon is famous for cork and the stuff here is really beautiful!

    Enjoy your trip!

  3. Oh Lauren you’re to do list is long but exciting! I love Spring too. I really struggle in January and February. I always lose my mojo.

    I have a long to do list too. One of the items I think yourself or Charlotte could help with. I’m after a new exfoliating wash. I do love my Clarins one but you guys are amazing at finding cheaper (just as good) alternatives. Any suggestions?

    We got a new camera last year when our son was born (Sony DSLR). At the moment, the auto function is our go to choice. However, I’ve just made a new friend at one of my local baby groups. She is a photographer and has offered to show me how to use my camera. Score!
    Hopefully, I’ll manage to take some gorgeous summer pics.

    I also wanted to join in the rockmyroom challenge as I’m building my own wardrobes in my dressing room. However, it was more important for me to start outdoors. My EPIC summer project is to build the ultimate vegetable garden and restore one of my polytunnels using materials found in my garden. At the moment, the place is a mess! The previous owners gave up on the patch. When we moved in, the nettle stalks were 6 foot high!

    I have managed one significant item on my list so far, and that was a hair cut. My hair is really thick and curly. It was super long and took over an hour to dry. I’ve just had it layered and thinned out so I’m feeling stylish again ?

    I just got a surprise bonus payment at the end of my maternity leave so I’m away shopping this weekend to buy lots of pretty things for the house.

    I do love the energy that comes with Springtime. X

    1. This is a great list Gem. Your garden project does indeed sound epic!
      The Clarins exfoliating wash – do you use that to take make-up off or just as exfoliator? x

      1. As a weekly exfoliator. It’s the orange one with little beads (hopefully not plastic ones ?). I use the melting gel as a cleanser/make up remover

  4. I’ve currently got a three week old snoozing on my chest so my main goal is to keep him happy and healthy and enjoy lots of sunny days in the park this summer (I hope!)! We’re hoping to get a city break sorted for the three of us in the next month or two and as much as I totally love Lisbon I think the hills might be a bridge too far with a pram!

    I highly recommend The Decadente for fantastic food and drink in beautiful surroundings (but make sure you book before you go because it’s really busy). We also loved Park, a rooftop bar above a car park, and the rooftop bar at the Memmo Alfama hotel (complete with infinity pool)! While we were there we went to Cascais along the coast by train and you can hire bikes for free and take them along this amazing coastal bike path. Uh, getting very jealous just thinking about it – one of my absolute favourite European cities. Xx

  5. The vast majority of my current to do list is centred on our extension – which we FINALLY have a start date for, and it’s less than 3 weeks away. A spanner was thrown in the works by an unexpected letter from Thames Water this week, but after some investigation on our part it looks like we will not need to apply for a build over agreement (though this has not been confirmed yet…).
    The things that we need to crack on with are some decision making as to tiles for the kitchen floor, finalise the plans for the new kitchen layout (ikea trip this weekend) and make sure that the existing extension that has to come down (currently used as storage) is in a position for them to start.
    And then a couple of weeks after that our little one turns 1, so I also have a party to plan!

    1. Fingers crossed the Thames Water issue can be resolved quickly.
      All the kitchen plans sound very exciting Rebecca, and how lovely to have a first birthday to look forward to as well x

  6. I have/had three big things on my list:

    1. Overhaul my make up and dressing table area.
    2. Get rid of all unworn and ill fitting clothes. They seem to have a life of their own and are taking over my spare bedroom.
    3. Book a summer holiday – ticked off last night!!!

    I am finishing a college course next week so I’ve been slow with my usual spring clean, but I can’t put it off anymore. Clutter be gone.

    But I did book my summer holibobs last night and I will be having a week in Budapest in July. Can’t wait! If anyone has any suggestions of things to do please let me know.

  7. Not sure if I feel that I’ve achieved much this year (find it hard to motivate myself in the doom and gloom of January and Feb), but have lots to look forward to in April and beyond.

    Like Claire B, we’re heading off to Budapest for a few days in April – I second her request for any suggestions. We’ve planned to go to one of the many thermal baths/springs but that’s it!

    I’m also on the hunt for a suitable outfit for my friend’s wedding – she’s getting married in Mallorca in June so it’s likely to be hot and I can’t seem to find anything suitable. I bought a jumpsuit for a christening in May which I could also wear to the wedding, but it’s full length and I fear I might just melt in the heat! I know you’ve done similar before, but fashion posts for wedding guests would be amazing and provide some much-needed inspiration!

    Following the wedding, we’re heading to Valencia for a few days so again, if anyone’s been, any suggestions for things to do/places to eat and drink would be much appreciated!

    Aside from our trips abroad, the bigger plan is to finally start thinking about buying a house. It feels like a long time coming and we’ve still got a way to go, but we’ve already started to look seriously at certain areas to help us work out what is feasible and within what timeframe. It’s such a minefield though and one of those things where although the end goal is something we both want, we’re both overwhelmed by the journey to get there.

    1. You little jet-setter! I’m sure we could ask lovely Lorna if she’d do some window shopping for a wedding guest post. I could do with some help too as we’ve got a wedding in Italy in September x

      1. I think we definitely need a destination weddings outfit post Lauren. I’ve got two this year, Madrid and Berlin. Then you’ll be pleased to know there is also one in sheffield!!

    2. Hi Jo, I went to Valencia a couple of years ago, it was just a day trip as part of my honeymoon, but it was lovely and we covered quite a lot of ground. The Cathedral is stunning and worth a visit – look for the mummified arm and the Holy Grail! In the Old Town there is a corner of vintage clothes shops and small craft shops that is fun for a schmooze around. There was also lots of lovely cafes that were prefect for a cold glass of vino in the sun. You will love it!

      1. June needs to hurry up and get here – can’t wait for that cold glass of vino in the sun! Thank you so much the tips, all noted!

  8. Ooh in Lisbon, go to Pasteis de Belem for pasteis de nata – I used to work with someone from Lisbon and he brought these back from his trips, delicious!! That’s all I can contribute, sorry…!

    I have SOOOO many things to do on my list it is ridiculous, every weekend comes around and I seem to find something else to do instead, so every Sunday evening I’m wondering when I will ever get round to sorting out the paperwork, ordering the bench cushion, finding a rug for our kitchen seating area and a coffee table too, finish the gardening, put all the pictures on the walls, order mounts for two of the pictures… I’m tired just thinking about the list!! Sunshine helps enormously though, although it seems to have vanished right now.

    1. Annie, my house to-do list was so long and overwhelming that I’ve broken in down to one nightly task each evening. After two weeks I’ve made some real progress and finally feel like I’m getting on top of things. Hope this helps x

      1. Excellent plan! I have just written out all the jobs (well, those I can think of immediately!) and shall endeavour to start ticking things off the list… Thanks!!

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