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Playsuits Vs Jumpsuits {And Can You Wear A Jumpsuit If You’re Curvy?}

Author: Lisa Soeno

Playsuits and jumpsuits…they’re such a strange concept, don’t you think? I mean, it’s a bit like wearing a matching top and shorts or trousers. You’d just never do it unless you were going to bed would you? But somehow, if you attach that top to the shorts/trousers to create a playsuit/jumpsuit, suddenly it works.

I personally have only ever worn playsuits, usually whilst on holiday or if it’s really hot in this country. But I’ve been wondering recently if I should branch out to jumpsuits, and whether they would suit me.

The Case For Playsuits

Over in the red corner, the playsuit. What I love about them is the fact that they make for easy dressing of a morning (a prerequisite if you have a newborn and a nursery run). You don’t need to worry about whether your top half matches your bottom half, just throw one on with a denim jacket and tan sandals and you instantly look effortlessly polished. (Or so I tell myself). It’s all the prettiness of a dress, but with the added bonus of being practical, even on the windiest of days.

I could wax lyrical about the tie-front playsuit from Oasis in the header image above. I bought last summer’s version in a similar print but since having my little boy have been unable to squeeze into it, so I’m going to treat myself to this one in the next size up. Its slightly flared sleeves and hemline make it flattering on your arms and thighs, it cinches in your waist, and it has the cutest cut out detail at the back, but it’s not so revealing that a backless bra is required.

The Case For Jumpsuits

And over in the blue corner, the jumpsuit. Due to the extra coverage, I see the jumpsuit as the playsuit’s chic and stylish older sister and probably more suitable for cocktails with the girls than nursery run with the babbas. If I do take the plunge I will probably go for something strapless or tapered (or both), and although I love the Riviera-style-swishiness of the wide leg jumpsuits that are all over the shops at the moment, I think I will be leaving these to the more slender ladies amongst us.

  • New Look Jumpsuit
  • Asos Jumpsuit
  • Warehouse Jumpsuit
  • John Lewis Jumpsuit

Whatever your preference, there’s no escaping the fact that you have to pretty much get naked to go for a wee whilst donning either option. This isn’t fun if you’re at a festival in a portaloo. Or just in a pub toilet for that matter. The fear of someone barging in on you is real. The price we pay to look good, eh?!

Have you got a favourite? Which outfit from the slider at the top of the page do you prefer: the casual ditsy playsuit, or the sleek and sophis jumpsuit? Are you a playsuit/jumpsuit virgin?

Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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32 thoughts on “Playsuits Vs Jumpsuits {And Can You Wear A Jumpsuit If You’re Curvy?}

  1. I am all about the jumpsuit for formal wear! I’ve had a black Zara jumpsuit for about four years and wear it through summer and Winter as the perfect alternative to a dress. You don’t have to worry about tights/no tights/your legs and I instantly feel elegant and put together with a pair of heels and a clutch bag. My lovely mum recently bought me the Reiss Flavia jumpsuit (which looks like it’s now sold out) for my son’s christening and I absolutely loved it. I can’t wait to wear it again! X

    1. Yes 🙌 to all of this Rebecca! Funnily enough my favourite playsuit was from Zara about four years ago too. It’s a bit bobbly now but still going strong.

      Just googled the Flavia, it’s gorgeous you lucky thing. And why do I never think to look in Reiss? It’s Rich’s favourite shop x

  2. I love both. Proud owner of an oasis play suit however I had to get it altered to encase the bosom. I was having to wear a vest top underneath otherwise it was very obscene booby wise! I’ve almost lost all my baby weight and then some but because I’m breastfeeding I still can’t get the girls not to burst out of the cross over top part of it!

  3. You know what? I adore both and know many a lady that can pull them off. I think I must just be long torso-ed, but I’ve yet to find a playsuit or jumpsuit that doesn’t ride up the foof.

    I will continue the hunt though! Love the New Look number in the header.

    1. That’s exactly my problem 😭 I love the look of them and religiously try one on every year but I just can’t seem to find one that doesn’t give me an extreme camel toe front (tmi – sorry).. same problem with swimsuits, thank goodness for tankinis!

      Ps I’m still struggling with the baby weight as his first birthday comes closer. I think I just have to admit it was more excessive icecream consumption before he fia Lily popped out than actually baby that made me gain the pounds.

    2. Haha! That has to be phrase of the day “riding up the foof “! Love it – best laugh in ages! I’m going to have to slip that into conversation somewhere!! Thanks you, Naomi xx

    3. I’ve got a couple of play suits from new look tall and asos tall which are a great fit for long torsos x

  4. I always think these look great but have never found one that doesn’t look ridiculous on me. I’m also quite long torsoed and, although slimish, a bit pear shaped. Anything which shows off my legs whilst skimming over my waist or stomach makes me look like a blob since they’re the shortest, fattest part of me. Most I see either have no waist definition at all or have something on the hips instead. I need something which comes right in on the waist to confirm that I do actually have an upper body 😂 Who am I kidding anyway. I don’t think I’ve bared my legs for at least ten years. I wore a fairly long midi prom dress to a wedding this weekend and felt exposed.

    1. I’m sure I came across a couple that had waist definition. Racking my brains trying to think of where… x

  5. I bought a playsuit several years ago that is still hanging in my wardrobe with tags attached – for some reason I thought it looked great on, in the shop, but whenever I put it on at home I look like Mr Tumble’s assistant.
    I have, however, very recently purchased a jumpsuit from Next that I was utterly surprised to find fitted me well AND didn’t make me look like an extra from Cbeebies. Its this one: http://www.next.co.uk/style/st160127#828122 Lovely drapey t-shirt material that you can slouch around in at home or dress up with gold sandals in the evening. Off to look up the cute Oasis playsuit in the header.

    1. Lol-ing at Mr Tumble’s assistant! That Next one is lurvely, you’ve totally sold it to me. I’m going to keep an eye out for it x

  6. I would love one but I’m a bit long in the body, hourglass and busty – this combo just doesn’t work! They are never long enough once the ‘girls’ are in there taking up room! I took a risk on a pretty playsuit from River Island on eBay before my holiday last month and it was way too short in the body. My tum is my problem area and I feel like you need a flat tum to pull this look off, as most have elastic just above my spare tyre!

  7. I tried on the ditsy Oasis playsuit Lisa, it’s very cute. It has a key hole front detail too, and I felt quite conscious in it, so put it back. This New Look playsuit did make it into my online basket last night though, not seen it in real life yet, but hoping it’s as nice as the picture, and fits! I also suffer from a long torso. I’ve always LOVED how sophisticated a jumpsuit looks too, but I’ve yet to try one on, I think I need to rectify this soon xxx

  8. The new look black jumpsuit is gorgeous, I think i may have to sneak there on my lunch break! I love a good jumpsuit but I have 34inch legs and am 6ft, so I find that most of them end up being too short in the ankles, or ride up in areas you wish they wouldn’t. However, I do now own two from the white company (Bicester village purchases), that are perfect for the taller woman. I actually wear mine to work on days when I want to be comfy, but still look smart.

    I would love to wear playsuits, but because of leg length, the pretty oasis ones always seem to show off my bottom, a feature that i would rather not show off. So I either don’t buy them or end up wearing them with tights, which is a shame in summer.

    1. Did you check it out Amelia?!

      Lucky you being a leggy lady!

      Yes I know what you mean about having to wear tights in summer. However I do love a playsuit and black tights for the winter. x

  9. I’m a very long 5 ft 9/10 but I still love playsuits and jumpsuits! I have a lovely printed playsuit from warehouse a few years back, but I have to be feeling tanned and brave to wear it as it is super short on me. For long bodied or tall ladies I find an off the shoulder jumpsuit somewhat solves the -ahem- foof issue. You can sort of wriggle them down a bit. I have a black asos tall range one, with a slightly cropped ankle and it solves all the problems and in a nice heavy material too, a version might still be available on asos.

  10. I love a jumpsuit but do struggle to find one that fits. Long legs, shortish torso makes it difficult to get one that fits both ends of me lol. However I found a fab one on Asos outlet – reduced to £30. It’s got a lovely flower pattern (with so many colours to match various lipsticks too – always a bonus!) It’s got cropped legs which is good and the body fits great as a result. I do have to pin the v-neck together to stop any unnecessary flashing but I love it.

    However it’s a bit dressy so the hunt is on to find a more casual jumpsuit for ever day. I’ve seen some in Next that look good so need to go and try them on to check the proportions work!

    Playsuits are a no for me – always too short and ride up in the front and behind!

  11. Lise, I’m late to the jumpsuit party because I was so worried about the toilet situation! Now that I’ve joined in they’re my new fave thing ever! I’ve bought two this summer and have two in virtual baskets. It’s as easy as a dress as a one item outfit, without the need to ensure smooth legs- perfect!

    1. Ha ha Su!! I am actually envisioning you sitting there worrying about the toilet sitch, you funny thing. Tell me more about these jumpsuits that you have x

    1. Gorgeous Lynsey! It has rave reviews too. Isn’t that the best, when you find an item you love and the shop brings out slightly different variations every year x

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