Sleep Tight

Author: Lauren Coleman

Back in the day, a school friend of mine used to receive a beautifully boxed set of pyjamas every Christmas – all the way from La Senza no-less. That was when the lingerie store was filled with enviable and elegant Victoria Secret type drawers and made you feel like you were in Cher from Clueless’ wardrobe, rather than a nightclub. I was always very envious of her new sleepwear and since then have always thought nightwear is a gorgeous gift to both give and receive. Today’s edit features a few of my favourites to wear when you’re catching up on your hard earned beauty sleep.

Classic Style {With A Contemporary Twist}

  • Asos Pastel Bloom
  • Hush Piped Silk Pyjamas
  • Desmond & Dempsey Bocas Print
  • H&M Nightshirt


  • There’s currently 40% off at La Redoute. I know? What a saving. Their nightwear collection is fab and great if you’re after a snugger fit on your nightwear rather than a wider leg. The Grey Short Sleeved Pyjamas with piping detail are my favourites however, I’m loving their three piece sets too
  • F&F always have a really great range of sleepwear and this year £12 will get you their Foil Star Twosie. The scoop necked, long sleeved top will keep you warm all winter.
  • Lazy Days (available from Asos) have some very trendy separates including this two tone, khaki and grey soft touch jersey set.
  • At John Lewis, the 100% cotton floral bottoms are sure to be seriously soft.
    • La Redoute Short Set
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    • Lazy Days PJs
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    • F&F Foil Star Twosie
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    • John Lewis Floral Bottoms
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Dressing Gowns



  • Gap Striped Slippers
  • Fat Face Pom Pom
  • New Look Ballerina Slippers
  • Next Fox Slipper

Anyone feel like heading back to bed?! What are you wearing between the sheets? Any other nightwear you’d love to recommend?


Image by Anna at We Are // The Clarkes

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38 thoughts on “Sleep Tight

  1. Oh I could buy the entire post! Nothing makes me happier than new PJ’s.

    I couldn’t resist doing our bit for our local childrens hospital this year and getting the three of us the matching Alder Hey #GetYourStripes chrimbo PJ’s from Matalan. Too cute.

    I’ve also picked up little E a dressing gown from the White Company, so now I’m thinking her Mama might need one too. xx

    1. Also bought the matching Alder Hay jammas from Matalan so I can get a full onncringe photo come Christmas morning! ??????

    2. Karen, those pjs are adorable!! I wish I’d got us all a matching pair!!

      I cannot wait for Felix to be big enough for a dressing gown ( well I can because then he won’t be a baby but you know what I mean!!) and proper PJs-he looks adorable in a baby grow but proper little PJs are just too cute….

      1. I can’t wait for proper PJ’s – I do worry about her getting chilly feet though! Pulling off socks is her favourite x

  2. Any chance of a article about something rather than just a load of affiliate links which is all we seem to get at the mo. BTW do you have a disclosure policy about ads/ affiliate links, couldn’t seem to find one and most blogs do these days?

  3. I personally do like having a browse through your suggestions, don’t care if they are affiliated or not. I love that you have included a wide variety of brands here, for a full range of wallet sizes.
    I also only have a dressing gown on my Christmas list, only right I have the biggest softest fluffiest one from white company yes?

    1. Thanks Claire.
      That’s the only thing on my list too! I think we all deserve a big fluffy gown this year. What colour would you like though? I love the look of white but the one I already have always ends up with make-up around the collar. Not a good look!

  4. I love dressing gowns and last year got a snuggly white company one in dusky pink. I have a gorgeous Toast floral one which is thinner and perfect for summer. On my Christmas list is some old fashioned piped PJS. But I would also like all of the loungewear too…

  5. Oh pyjamas are the best! Love all these recommendations. I really rate Hush for pyjamas / loungewear. They are a bit spendy but the quality is worth it. And I wore them on the morning of my wedding so have a sentimental value too! M&S have really upped their pyjama game this year as well I think. I’m on a search for a dressing gown but I’m quite weird because I don’t like them too fluffy, and prefer them on the shorter side with a hood. I still wear a ‘morgan’ one my mum got me in sixth form… Definitely seen better days. Cost per wear worked out well though! Thanks for the roundup Lauren X
    P.S I find posts like this really helpful as it saves me the hard work of looking! Half the stuff on Lolly’s Christmas list the other ended up being bought for girls in my life or went on my list (not strictly the point of the post admittedly…(so I’m all for affiliate links because it helps me out and ensures you get an (albeit small) reward for the work you put into rounding it all up. And we’ve all got mortgages to pay!

    1. Thank you Sian, that’s good to hear, and your girls are going to be very happy on Christmas morning too!
      On the dressing gown front, for some reason I’ve always steered away from a hood but as I’m always cold it can only be a good thing. Not sure how impressed my husband would be with me sat watching TV with my hood up though 😉

    2. Ahhh thanks Sian! Glad I could help…in other news we have a gifts for men post pencilled in for you for next week so you might want to stay tuned for that!

    1. Thanks Kat. The sweater dress is immense! Did you watch House of Cards? I can imagine super chic Claire Underwood wearing this.

  6. Love this!
    Nightwear is the PERFECT gift for Christmas, does anyone have any suggestions for typical twee but cute Christmas pjs?
    Thanks in advance!

  7. Those Gap slippers!! ??
    I love looking through your links for new ideas- it’s how I discovered Hush which is now my favourite brand and makes up a lot of my wardrobe… not a cheap hobby but hey! Oasis has just launched a lungewear range that looks very snugly, got my eye on this on pay day
    Keep doing what you are doing! Loving the festive posts

  8. OMG! I need the fox slippers – and I just happen to have Friday off work to do some Christmas shopping. Thanks Lauren.

    1. They’re so cute Claire. Those ones were Lottie’s suggestion – there’s a whole other gang of animals for your feet too 😉
      Have a lovely time on Friday x

  9. What happened to that lovely home tour from yesterday?! I was saving it to read on the commute home but it disappeared!

    1. Sorry Jenni we’ve had a bit of a glitch with the post. We have an absolutely beautiful bathroom tour for you tomorrow though.

  10. Lovely post Lauren – I love all the suggestions – like Sian mentioned it really gives lots of inspiration and I have half of Lottie’s wardrobe from things she has mentioned in previous articles – ha ha! 🙂
    Thank you for the lovely ideas x

    1. Glad to be of assistance Nicola! I’m sharing some more festive favourites over on Rock My Family next week if you need more shopping inspiration xx

  11. I bought those fox slippers a few months ago and love them! My 11 month old loves them too! I’d size down though as they’ve stretched a little.
    I’ve also got a dressing gown on my list but didn’t know which one I wanted, I do now!! Thanks! 🙂
    Love all the links, so much easier than doing the research myself! Lx

    1. Thanks Laura, these type of posts take a long time to research and put together so it’s lovely to hear they’re useful.
      Fab choice of slippers 😉

  12. The fox slippers are on my feet right now!!! I bought them back in the summer when I saw them as I couldn’t resist them!! I think I might have to get myself another pair as back-up!!
    And have added Hush pjs to my crimbo list 🙂

    Fab post – thank you Lauren!

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