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Making Time To Exercise {With Tesco}

Author: Lauren Coleman

When Tesco got in touch with me recently about their Activewear Campaign in partnership with Davina McCall the timing couldn’t have been any better. I’ve recently been carving out time to get back on top of my routines and more and more frequently I’ve found myself reaching for workout gear.

This time two summers ago I was religiously working out in preparation for a couple of summer holidays. As we headed in to the autumn I threw myself into 15 hour days on a big project for my own business and didn’t have the time sleep let alone exercise. With my routine out of kilter, the workout routines dwindled particularly with the stress of dealing with a house move and my mum’s illness.

A couple of months ago I realised I wasn’t dealing particularly well with a few pressures in my life. I won’t bore you with the details but I’m sure you can all relate. Previously I’d used exercise as a way to tone and firm and to be honest dreaded every time I had to grab the dumbbells. However I also remembered the energising feeling that can only come when the endorphins begin to flow and I remembered how much of a stress-buster a good at-home workout could be.

My one big excuse was finding time. As I’ve mentioned before but I have a job outside of RMS as well as my own stuff on the side and particularly in the last year or so my working day hasn’t really finished until about 8.30pm. The last thing I want to do after a late dinner is don the leggings and bounce about the living room.

Despite being an early bird I’d always been put off by morning routines as I don’t have the the energy on an empty stomach, and obviously it’s not advised to workout on a full stomach either. So several weeks ago I started setting the alarm an hour earlier and putting on my gym gear first thing in the morning. Having a drawer of leggings and racerback vests is a bit of a new thing to me but I’m really liking Davina’s F&F range. The racerback vest in breathable fabric is figure hugging but doesn’t ride up over my hips which I’ve found with other similar styles. Again the mesh panel cropped leggings are quick-drying and breathable but the best bit about them is the zip pocket in the back which is great to hold my key if I go out for a run. The snug fit zip through hoodie with thumb holes is brilliant for keeping off the chill when I’m out and about in the early morning.
I usually start the day with a tall glass of water but now I’ve also been drinking about a third of my usual breakfast smoothie.

After fifteen minutes checking emails and the like I’ve been hitting it (semi-)hard with one of the at-home workouts recommended in a post I did many moons ago. I’ll then finish my breakfast and jump in the the shower at the time I would have done with my later alarm. I’ve got to be honest I’m too tired at the moment to do this every morning but it’s working for me about three days a week.

I’ve also found once I’ve got to grips with the routine, muting the screen and a blasting a good playlist is just the thing to set me up for the day.
How do you fit exercise into your daily routine? Anyone else find working out is good for their mental as well as physical wellbeing?

This is a sponsored post but you know I’d never recommend a product I didn’t love.

  • Racerback Vest
  • Zip Through Hoodie
  • Mesh Panel Leggings
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10 thoughts on “Making Time To Exercise {With Tesco}

  1. I hadn’t heard of this range before – it looks lovely. That black hoodie is definitely going in my basket.

    Lauren, you look amazing in these photos! X

  2. Totally with you on this Lauren, I really stepped up my exercise game at the start of the year and it wasn’t about getting in shape, it was about finding something that benefits my mind as well as my body. And it’s really helped with stress relief!! I also love Tesco active wear, I have a few bits from there. Such great value and it’s always my favourite go-to exercise kit xx

  3. I found its a bit of a vicious circle trying to get a new exercise regime started. Once you’ve been doing it for about a month it usually doesn’t seem like a huge chore to get up an hour earlier (for example) and get out there and do something active. That’s at least what I found when I started running nearly three years ago (and I have a job where I don’t get home until 8/8.30pm each evening). I now get out there 3-4 times a week, set my alarm for 45 minutes earlier than I normally would and spend that time running rather than snoozing. It was tougher in the winter months, but now summer is here, its an awful lot easier. Persistence is definitely the key with these things – the endorphins make you less tired so its definitely worth keeping at it Lauren!

  4. Loving the leggings. I love the idea of exercising, and feel so much better when I do, but to be honest with a 20 month old and a job that means I don’t see her every evening I am very guilty of not making time for myself and instead indulging in the cuddles. I try to walk to work when I can but I’m aware that’s not doing as much for me as I would like!! Must do better…

  5. Im just starting back of making loads of excuses. Ive always dreaded the possibility of trying a morning wake up to exercise but am going to try it as seems best option to actually fit it in. Found a new exercise programme focused on mums so im hoping the frequent shorter morning approach will work.

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