Make-Up Haul {September}

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

I think I may have missed out August completely, oops – so sorry. I clearly didn’t buy enough beauty bits to warrant a feature, must try MUCH harder next time.

I need to apologise again though, I realised this haul is particularly spendy and that I may look as though I have some kind of sponsorship deal with Bobbi Brown. I assure you I don’t. Bummer.

Nars Illuminator in Copacabana £22.00

I am very into illuminator at the moment, now the central heating has been switched back on my epidermis is particularly dry and dull. Urgh. I’m moisturising like a demon but a dab of this on the bridge of my nose and cheekbones brightens things up a little. Yay.

Apparently lots of trendy beauty vlogger types mix it with their foundation for an all over glow, I’ve personally never tried this method but do let me know if any of you folks have.

You can purchase Nars at John Lewis

Bobbi Brown Lipstick Hot Tutu £19.00

A wee while ago Bobbi Brown released a new collection of lipsticks and I just couldn’t resist. Yes, I nearly bought “Hot Tutu” just for the name alone (I’ll admit to doing this before, don’t judge me.) but actually it’s an absolutely beautiful crisp clean hot pink shade that’s lovely and creamy. I’ve taken to putting a dab on straight from the tube for daytime and smudging it in with my finger for a more subtle hue.

You can purchase Bobbi Brown from John Lewis.

Bobbi Brown BB Cream £29.00

I don’t know about you but all of this BB, CC and DD cream malarky confuses the hell out of me. I actually bought this on a whim at Manchester airport whilst waiting for our flight to Bergerac, the weather was going to be far warmer than expected and I thought something light coverage with an SPF would be handy.

This is oil free which I wouldn’t usually opt for however, it didn’t drag and there was no need for powder. To me it is very much like a luxe tinted moisturiser and evens out skin tone without looking as though you are wearing anything at all. Winner.

Guess where you can buy this tube of perfecting genius? Why of course!… John Lewis.

Shu Uemura Calligraph Ink Pen £24.00

I have a lot of love for the Soap & Glory liquid liner, it’s relatively easy to apply and it’s six quid. However, I can’t draw a thin thin line with it.

This Shu Uemura number is like magic. I have never used anything like it before, so SO easy to use, and you can draw the thinnest yet blackest line known to eyes. Really. It goes on like silk too, no dragging or pulling and it doesn’t flake or smudge. Admittedly it’s expensive but you can buy a refill cartridge for £12 which isn’t too scary.

Not including the sexy balls, this is the most impressive cosmetics purchase I’ve made in a long time. True Story.

Bobbi Brown Lipgloss in Bright Pink £18.50

I’m not a gloss girl as it happens. I always find it lasts all of five minutes and I tend to get my hair stuck in it. The usual goopy texture makes me want to take it off as soon as I’ve applied it.

I actually received one of these for free a few months ago but the colour was drab, but I liked the slippery feel of it, the vanilla ice-cream scent and the fact my lips seemed quite plumped and bouncy in comparison to when I wear lipstick.

Whilst I was investing in the BB cream at the airport I also bought this colour pop gloss, it is perfect for whipping on whilst not even having to look in a mirror (a bonus with a baby) yet still gives shine and a natural yet reasonably pigmented wash of pink.

Whilst you are having a nose at the BB cream and Lipstick in John Lewis you can have a butchers at this too.

What have been your most recent purchases? Anything you would like to share? Any other glosses I need to know about? I quite fancy a kind of see-through red if anyone has any suggestions…..

Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.
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54 thoughts on “Make-Up Haul {September}

  1. Oooh I love this! I’m off to buy a Bobbi Brown lipstick today – I have one in a coral pink called “Guava” which I’d highly recommend, but now I *need* a classic hollywood red. May need to check out the BB cream while I’m there though – my skin is super dry at the moment and I’m starting to feel like I have the face of a lizard!

    1. Anna I have Guava! The BB cream is good for mixing with your moisturising cream too for super light coverage, I didn’t find it drying at all – non greasy though either which is a bonus x

      1. Yey for Guava!! Wanted a lipstick in a similar tone to a Korres lip butter I love (also called Guava!) and I was so happy to find it. Such a perky colour.

        Think I’ll definitely ask for a sample of the BB cream when I drop by today. I loooove make-up but am super-squeamish about skincare. I never wear any kind of foundation on my face, and when I try sunscreens it just seems to leave my skin feeling dry or cause break-outs etc. I know I should take more care but I also feel really icky knowing I have a layer of something on my face. Still searching for my magic you-‘d-never-know-it’s-there product!

        1. Anna I must confess I’m the same, this BB is the closet thing I’ve ever been able to handle on my skin and even then I only use a bit. I mentioned a powder sunscreen from Bare Minerals on here a while ago – it’s the only thing that doesn’t break me out or cause a rash (I would never just wear make-up with sunscreen for holidays, but I think it’s ok for being out in the sun here and there for short bursts which is why this BB is worthwhile)

          I’m the same with cream blusher, I know it looks nice and glowy but it just feels….weird. How do we get over this problem?!

          1. I bought that Bare Minerals sunscreen powder after your recommendation Charlotte and took it on hols. So useful for on the beach to touch up and stops that disgusting greasy sweaty face look normal suncream does. It worked a treat in hot weather & I didn’t burn. So thanks!

  2. I looked at my make up bag this morning and thought, “I’m not sure I’ve seen a beauty haul for a while, there doesn’t seem to be much new stuff in here!”. So clearly this is perfect timing, and I need to make up for it now. Anna – I’m wearing Guava today, I love it. I’ve also bought the Estee Lauder Pure Envy Colour Sculpt in Defiant Coral this week too, which is ace. Loving the look of that liner though, I normally use the Bobbi Brown gel liner, but might have to give this a try! 🙂 x

    1. Hi Emma! oooh more Guava love! I think I might have to wear it tomorrow for date night after all of these reminders! I have the Estee Lauder in a nude colour – I love the texture x

  3. My recent purchases have been from Charlotte Tilbury – Wonder Glow and Supermodel Body (wishful thinking on my part!). The WG is gorgeous – I mix a little in with my foundation and makes me feel, well glowy! The SMB was bought for my wedding in 7 weeks as I am not wearing fake tan but feel I want something to make me radiate at the start of December. It’s lovely on my arms and collarbone so worth the investment (I convince myself of this for every wedding related purchase!!)! I also bought Sali Hughes’ book “Pretty Honest” which I am loving! Great bedtime reading! x

  4. Hi Marianne, not heard of Supermodel Body but sounds great for winter, does it not come off on your clothes? Book sounds interesting too, I’ll look it up x

  5. Oh, pants. I recently spent half an hour umming and ahhing between the MAC and Bobbi Brown BB Creams. It was on our way to our engagement shoot in Florence so I wanted something that was quite light but would give me an even tone and I ended up buying the MAC one because the lady used all the right words when describing it. But it’s way thicker/more like a foundation than I was expecting so I *wish* I’d gone with the Bobbi as that sounds much better.

    …Also annoying because I just had my makeup bag stolen on Tuesday so I have to replace everything…except this BB cream which I left at home. I might just have to buy the Bobbi one anyway!

    1. Kate, you had your make-up bag stolen?! what happened?! oh my goodness that’s awful! BB are quite good at giving samples I find so I would ask for one of the BB, check you do like it better than MAC x

      1. I had my makeup bag in my rucksack which I left in a restaurant. I went back 10 mins later and it had mysteriously disappeared! My new trainers were in there too, hrmph. Fab, will try to grab a sample next time I’m in John Lewis, thanks. 🙂

    2. I also have the MAC BB cream which I also bought for warmer climes and at first I too thought it was too foundation-like but now I can not live without it! Applied over a thin layer of MAC strobe cream (but I’m sure any good illuminating moisturiser would give the same effect) it gives the most lovely dewy, even light coverage. It even seems to even out my weirdly yellow pregnancy skin tone at the mo! Stick with the MAC BB – its loverly! 🙂

      1. Oh no! Now I feel I need to try the MAC?! Love a bit of strobe – do you wear it all over Georgina? My skin is yellowish anyway but when I was pregnant my face was the colour of custard. x

          1. It was! I went to a counter for some tinted moisturiser of some sort (it may have even been Chanel?!) and they said they didn’t have anything yellow enough (!)

        1. I do indeed smear Strobe cream all over my face. Be warned though, the cream is different to the liquid – more moisturisey and a bit less shimmery, strobe liquid smeared all over takes you into the realms of the 90’s body glitter look. I learnt this when I accidently bought strobe cream instead of liquid – but I’ve never gone back. I now don’t moisturise my face in the morning – just strobe and MAC BB. (and then furiously cover up all yellow patches with concealer. – what is it with yellow pregnancy face? I thought I was going to glow!?

  6. I have recently started to transition from lip glosses (due to similiar hair sticking issues) to lipstick, because I think it will make me more of a grown up (?!) But I find it hard to pull off lipstick. Maybe it’s just my imagination though because I always think lipstick looks really nice on other people. I think I might give this Hot Tutu one a go, mainly for the name, but also because it doesn’t look ‘too much’. Red lips are the dream, but I’m not there yet. Think I will get this in my lunch break. Also, have you seen the Benefit Beauty make up advent calendar? ( I feel like it’s something you would love Charlotte as you get to try a new mini product each day. It’s not cheap at £60 though. But it might stop me from eating chocolate every day in December which really is an invest in my health…??? x

    1. Sian this looks like the best Advent Calendar ever, I think I might send the link to James…..also totally clean eating right? 🙂

      I was like that with lipstick for a long time when it came to anything other than a nude shade, I began by smudging the brighter colours in a bit to get “used” to them. The very heavy matts still scare me a bit, as do very dark/berry shades but they do look fab on others x

  7. I’ve recently bought the YSL baby doll mascara in black and it is AMAZING!! Literally makes my eye lashes look like they have been extended. I also use eyelash curlers before to give the extra wow factor.

    I am also keen on trying the TSL touche eclait foundation – has anyone tried this? I’ve not used a liquid foundation before, tending to stick to powder ones so any tips on application are greatly appreciated! x

    1. I’ve used the YSL Touche Eclait foundation – it’s good, but I actually think that Chanel Vitalumiere is better if that’s the look that you’re wanting. The YSL one is thicker, whereas the Chanel one seems to be easier to apply and gives a more even and smooth coverage.

      I apply either with my fingers or with a brush when I’m looking to build it up more on certain areas (e.g. when it’s cold and my nose is a little red!)

      Hope that helps 🙂 x

      1. Hi both! my sister tried the YSL and said it was quite thick, a friend used Vitalumiere though and it always looks fab on her x

  8. Charlotte you should do some short vids on application tips for your purchases! I mean I can obviously put make-up on but I do struggle with eyeliner application and some products are better when you have a little cheat on a better way to apply it – such as is it best to blend with a brush or fingers etc. 🙂

    1. Kitty – it’s funny you should say that, we’ve been talking about videos in general as it happens, we really need to get on with it! x

  9. Some thoughts..

    Gah at having make up bag AND trainers stolen 🙁

    I agree with Kitty on the make up videos – I am not quite getting the art of applying liquid eyeliner so any tips would be great.

    I bought MAC cremesheen lipstick in On Hold recently and love it. I find myself wearing more lipsticks than lipglosses these days. Maybes it’s a grown up thing?

    I have MAC BB cream – I like mixing it with my moisturiser in summer.

    I bought a new Clarins Flash Beauty Balm recently at the airport and wearing it non stop under my foundation – I just love it 🙂

    1. Oooh Lynn what kind of colour is On Hold? More MAC BB cream love, I can feel a shop coming on….oh hang on wait didn’t I just buy the Bobbi Brown one?!

      Noted on the videos, I’ll see what we can do x

  10. This has helped raise my spirits as I am currently distraught as the only blush I wear – it is literally my signature – a lovely peachy powder from YSL (shade number two) is being discontinued…

    …And get this, they’re not bringing out the new range until Boxing Day. How ridiculous is that.

    After trudging round every make up counter in Manchester trying to track one down the lovely lady in Harvey Knickers has just given me the display one for free as there were nearly tears. Don’t worry – she had only just put it out yesterday so nobody has used it!!!! Although that in itself begs the question why are the displaying blush they can’t sell you?!

    1. Eurgh I hate when that happens. Happened to me with a Ruby and Millie blush too. Now I love my new Bobbi Brown one though (their lip and cheek pot rouge – at least I think that’s the name). I have the very pinky one but then the sales lady convinced me to give one called “fresh melon” a whirl and I absolutely love it. Gives a very peachy glow that I love, and I would never have picked up that colour had the lady not advised me. Anyway, the moral is that despite how painful losing a beloved product can be, it can also be an opportunity to try out new things!

    2. Discontinued items that are amazing is one of life’s annoyances, I heard these blushes were discontinued as there has been uproar apparently (I have never tried them but read about it on a make-up review website)

      At least you have a back-up AND for free, Yay! Shu Uemura do a great selection of soft peaches, worth a look x

  11. Ditto Lauren… I tried YSL Touch Eclat foundation recently and was really impressed, I find the Vitalumiere slides off my face after a few hours, even if set with powder. Probably depends on your skin type.

    Neither are new purchases but speaking of Bobbi Brown I really their lipstick in Sand Wash Pink – its ‘s my go-to day to day lip colour. It feels incredibly moisturising and is very natural so it’s perfect for whipping out when you’re in a rush between meetings without fear of looking like Bride of Chucky.

    I’m also a huge fan of MAC ‘green smoke’ eye shadow, I wet an angled eye liner brush and use it to line my eyes, it has a touch of sparkle too. I can never get my fat sausage fingers used to the liquid eyeliners, I always look like I’ve been attacked with a crayola..

    YAY for being a girl and getting to wear make up.

  12. This is a totally random and unrelated comment, but Charlotte, where is your carpet from?! It’s just what I want for my new house and I am totally struggling to find anything – uninspired by Carpet shops, online is a minefield.. I know this is a VERY boring subject compared to beauty products so sorry about that!! X

    1. Ha ha ha! It’s Stockholm in Mouse by John Lewis – it was the ONLY carpet I liked. We actually had it made into a giant rug (essentially just whipped at the edges) as we have beautifully tiled floor (not our choice – previous owners) and it’s an arse in winter, but we just couldn’t cover it up completely, the rug was a compromise. x

      1. Brilliant, thank you so much! I am
        now doubting my dedication to John Lewis as I didn’t even know they did carpet! Call myself a superfan 😉 Off to check this out tomorrow X (May take a detour via the make up counter- Oh RMS you are bad for the bank balance!)

  13. Lovely, i need a new liquid eyeliner so will try the soap and glory one

    In RMW mag you featured the L’Oreal Super Liner… how does that compare with the Shu one?

    1. Hi Nicola! Super Liner is great, I don’t rate it as much as S&G because it dries up quickly – for me with daily wear I’d be lucky if it lasted a month, then it would go dry-ish and flake a bit. My S&G is still going strong and I’ve had it over 2 months now.

      Neither are as easy to use or can create such a fine line as the Shu. However, I wouldn’t choose Shu for a night out as I like more dramarama – I would use the S&G x

      1. Thanks Beauty Queen, guess that means I’m going to Sephora right now (they stock Shu and S&G!) so need it for my glamarama night out ce soir! 🙂 xx

  14. For a sheer red give dior a go, they have a new range available at house of fraser that is more sheer and I got a lovely sheer red, it’s called rouge dior baume. X

  15. Oh I am so with Anna on the discontinued Ruby and Millie – I was destroyed when they did that to me and might campaign they reunite for an anniversary blush release!
    I’ve heard good things about this illuminator and desperate to try it. Not sure how it would work on my skin – its quite oily – it just looks a nice product to mix in.
    I’ve not used Bare Minerals anything before actually (but am keen to try more as they are involved in the Body Confidence Be Real campaign so I can feel a bit more ethical when I shop) but got some in the goody bag from the lovely awards last night… the lip gloss is good – the MOXIE in trailblazer – its perhaps the most tingly thing ever though! It smells of chocolate mint ice cream and an hour after putting it on its still mega strong! Other than the fact its intefering with my cup of tea I’m a new fan.

    1. I used to use a Ruby and Millie eyelash comb, it was the best. Plus, didn’t they do a glitter eyeliner pencil?! x

  16. The Hot Tutu lipstick looks great! I’m looking for a new lipstick as I just lost my new Laura Mercier in a restaurant bathroom (along with several things that were given as gifts – gutted). It was really moisturising which was great for me but so sheer it practically slipped straight off. Does anybody have any good recommendations for a lip balm or moisturising cream to prep lips for lipstick? I have quite big lips and they can look a bit parched/flaky if I’m not careful.

    1. Hi Kate, Paw Paw ointment is good, quite cheap too. I actually like the Chanel baume under lipstick, it’s not too slide-y x

  17. Charlotte after your post I decided i needed some new makeup. I’ve bought Smashbox 3d eye liner in sparks it’s glittery and self sharpening and a trial run at home I love it (never wear eyeliner so an experiment) and a new Clinique chubby stick coz my other two are nearly running out (sort of…). Oh and another Natural Collection mascara but picked up the wrong one – build rather than lengthening so hope it’s okay.

    1. Oooh, never owned a chubby stick! always tempted but never find a colour I fall in love with, what one do you use?

      Not used the NC build, let me know how you get on x

  18. Fantastic Charlotte, thanks. I actually just bought a couple of tubes of Pawpaw just after I posted so I’m glad you recommended it! Fingers crossed it works for me 🙂 xx

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