I think I may have missed out August completely, oops – so sorry. I clearly didn’t buy enough beauty bits to warrant a feature, must try MUCH harder next time.

I need to apologise again though, I realised this haul is particularly spendy and that I may look as though I have some kind of sponsorship deal with Bobbi Brown. I assure you I don’t. Bummer.

Nars Illuminator in Copacabana £22.00

I am very into illuminator at the moment, now the central heating has been switched back on my epidermis is particularly dry and dull. Urgh. I’m moisturising like a demon but a dab of this on the bridge of my nose and cheekbones brightens things up a little. Yay.

Apparently lots of trendy beauty vlogger types mix it with their foundation for an all over glow, I’ve personally never tried this method but do let me know if any of you folks have.

You can purchase Nars at John Lewis

Bobbi Brown Lipstick Hot Tutu £19.00

A wee while ago Bobbi Brown released a new collection of lipsticks and I just couldn’t resist. Yes, I nearly bought “Hot Tutu” just for the name alone (I’ll admit to doing this before, don’t judge me.) but actually it’s an absolutely beautiful crisp clean hot pink shade that’s lovely and creamy. I’ve taken to putting a dab on straight from the tube for daytime and smudging it in with my finger for a more subtle hue.

You can purchase Bobbi Brown from John Lewis.

Bobbi Brown BB Cream £29.00

I don’t know about you but all of this BB, CC and DD cream malarky confuses the hell out of me. I actually bought this on a whim at Manchester airport whilst waiting for our flight to Bergerac, the weather was going to be far warmer than expected and I thought something light coverage with an SPF would be handy.

This is oil free which I wouldn’t usually opt for however, it didn’t drag and there was no need for powder. To me it is very much like a luxe tinted moisturiser and evens out skin tone without looking as though you are wearing anything at all. Winner.

Guess where you can buy this tube of perfecting genius? Why of course!… John Lewis.

Shu Uemura Calligraph Ink Pen £24.00

I have a lot of love for the Soap & Glory liquid liner, it’s relatively easy to apply and it’s six quid. However, I can’t draw a thin thin line with it.

This Shu Uemura number is like magic. I have never used anything like it before, so SO easy to use, and you can draw the thinnest yet blackest line known to eyes. Really. It goes on like silk too, no dragging or pulling and it doesn’t flake or smudge. Admittedly it’s expensive but you can buy a refill cartridge for £12 which isn’t too scary.

Not including the sexy balls, this is the most impressive cosmetics purchase I’ve made in a long time. True Story.

Bobbi Brown Lipgloss in Bright Pink £18.50

I’m not a gloss girl as it happens. I always find it lasts all of five minutes and I tend to get my hair stuck in it. The usual goopy texture makes me want to take it off as soon as I’ve applied it.

I actually received one of these for free a few months ago but the colour was drab, but I liked the slippery feel of it, the vanilla ice-cream scent and the fact my lips seemed quite plumped and bouncy in comparison to when I wear lipstick.

Whilst I was investing in the BB cream at the airport I also bought this colour pop gloss, it is perfect for whipping on whilst not even having to look in a mirror (a bonus with a baby) yet still gives shine and a natural yet reasonably pigmented wash of pink.

Whilst you are having a nose at the BB cream and Lipstick in John Lewis you can have a butchers at this too.

What have been your most recent purchases? Anything you would like to share? Any other glosses I need to know about? I quite fancy a kind of see-through red if anyone has any suggestions…..