Can I be honest? When someone asks for something very specific for Christmas I’m always a bit disappointed. Where is the joy or the thoughtfulness or the surprise in that?

I always think Christmas should be about giving something to someone that actually they do really want, but might not consider buying for themselves because it’s perhaps a bit frivolous or would only be used for “special occasions”. My thoughts on that? frivolity goes hand in hand with happiness. And you can’t bloody well take it with you so to hell with saving something for Sunday best.

Yes it really is the thought that counts and no it’s not about how much you spend or how shiny and festive the packaging is. Although with regards to the latter, I really appreciate a beautifully presented gift box. So Santa if you are listening, I’ll have mine with colour co-ordinated tissue paper and some grosgrain ribbon whilst you’re at it.

This is my list of limited edition and super special beauty gifts for the make-up lovers amongst your friends and family. Or as the title suggests, perhaps a little something glossy for yourself…Merry Christmas!

For Your Mum Or A Special Family Member

Those that have been reading Rock My Style for a while will know that I love Guerlain’s fancy Meteorite balls. They look as beautiful on your face as they do on your dressing table – they bestow a sheer mattifying yet glow giving airbrush effect. Now you can buy special GOLD BALLS. Yep. The screw top container is a thing of beauty and they are slightly warmer and more iridescent (but not sparkly) than your regular balls.

I feel I have never used the word balls so much in a feature before.

For Your Sister Or Best Friend

Two words. Tom. Ford.

His lipsticks are the dogs whatsits when it comes to pigment and clickety click casing. Super spendy at £34 per tube but undoubtedly a lovely gift for anyone that loves luxe.

The new shade “Perfect Kiss” in the Matte collection is exactly that, a teeth whitening and complexion brightening suits-all red/pink.

A cheaper (£20.50) but no less impressive alternative is the limited edition Dior Nail liner – much like a glitter pen, you can draw lines or dots or anything you fancy onto your manicure. I LOVE this stuff. I’m literally typing with the most covetable cuticles right now.

For Everyone

The other day my husband came home from work and exclaimed “Have you had your lips done?! They look huge!”

Erm…What?! For one I’m pregnant. So no. And two… NO. I clearly don’t need to when I use Dior’s new Lip Kohl. There is no denying the shape of the bullet is quite unusual and pointy, and the casing is somewhat phallic in appearance, but good grief does it emphasise your lips in both size and shape. I hope they make it permanent. But if they don’t, you should probably buy one whilst you still can. Some colours have already sold out.

I’m on a Dior train today – I promise this is review in no way sponsored by the brand, they just have the best stuff this season in my humble opinion. Including their Precious Rocks Face Powder. I had something similar a few years ago from MAC, you can dust this champagne gold finely milled magic over collar bones, cheek bones, brow bones or indeed any kind of bone you want to highlight with a subtle gleam. You can also mix it with body lotion for an all over yet absolutely-not-resembling-tinsel shimmer. A pot lasts ages so it’s great value.

For The Costs An Arm And A Leg List

Have any of you tried any products from the Victoria Beckham for Estee Lauder range? Morning Aura is my favourite. And at £72 I’m going to have to be a very good girl if I expect to receive a back up bottle this December.

It’s a moisturiser and illuminating primer in one, I use it over regular moisturiser (and let that sink in for a good ten minutes) then apply a pea sized amount of Aura to my cheeks and forehead and essentially smooth it on all over my face. For grey and dull skin mornings it almost works miracles. And so it should at that price.

What beauty buys have you got your beady eyes on this month? If you buy at counter be sure to enquire about gift wrapping and bags, many of the cosmetics brands offer it complimentary with any purchase.

Also having re-read this post I’m acutely aware that I am seemingly banging on about balls, bones and phallic shaped lipstick tubes. I promise it’s just a coincidence and nothing to do with my off the chart unstable pregnant hormonal state.

“Tis the season to be merry after all.

  • Guerlain Meteorites Gold Pearls Powder
  • Dior Precious Rocks
  • Dior Diorific Vernis Nail Liner
  • Tom Ford Matte Lip Colour
  • Dior Lip Kohl
  • Estee Lauder Morning Aura