Life Lately {4 Months}

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

As you read this I will be on my way to Devon for our first “family” holiday – thanks so much for all of your super recommendations and general awesomeness on my post asking (begging?!) for help and advice.

Due to my typical last minute behaviour unfortunately many of the places I fell in love with were already fully booked however, I have a MAHOOSIVE list of lush locations for the future – the Rock My Style community is truly lovely (and have excellent taste).

I thought every few months or so I would do a general update on how I’m finding motherhood, the highs, the lows, the continuous learning curve, the unexpected and the downright marvellous. Sound like a plan?

Mabel is just over 4 months old and is the happiest soul I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, I honestly don’t know how James and I (bad sleepers, screamed A LOT) have produced such a ray of sunshine. I thank my lucky stars every day, if she wasn’t the jolly little lady she is I certainly wouldn’t be able to cope with my work load and still manage to have some sort of life (well, most weeks anyway.) I wanted to lay those cards on the table – I’m by no means some type of supermum, I receive more family help than I imagine many Mamas do and my baby, at least for the most part, is easy to look after and entertain whilst simultaneously running a business.

One of the things I have been most surprised by is just how much of a personality she has at this stage, there are certain things that make her laugh like a drain and that in itself is hilarious. I’ve also learnt to read the signals of when she’s hungry and tired – before a full on paddy flap arises (Mabel has what my Dad describes as “A right pair of lungs on her” i.e. really freakin’ LOUD) – I didn’t realise I would be able to. And don’t get me wrong, I do sometimes do exactly that – get it wrong I mean. Earlier today she was having a bit of a grizzle and I couldn’t work out why, then I realised what the time was and felt crap, bottle time was half an hour before. There is also a lot of that, feeling a bit useless when you make mistakes. But it’s over quickly when Mabel is happy again and then the euphoria sets in.

Maybe that’s the biggest surprise of all, just how your emotions change during a twenty four hour period, hell, sometimes within the hour. It really is a roller coaster ride, I can be exhausted from just seemingly sitting on my arse all day.

The major low, as I’ve previously mentioned, has been having such a short “maternity leave” period and shipping her off to her Grandparents from 8 weeks. I’ll never get that time back but I’m learning to embrace the fact that one day, when she is old enough to understand, she will be proud of how hard I’ve worked to make the best possible life I can for her (your support and feedback was a big contributing factor to me making peace with my situation, did I mention how awesome you were?)

And then there’s those moments of just feeling really bloody useless. I still struggle with my grip after Carpal Tunnel and don’t feel confident in clipping Mabel’s teeny delicate nails, they were left a bit longer than I would have liked between maintenance “shortening” last week (her Daddy and Granny do a super job) and she scratched her eye – made it properly bleed. I cried. A lot. And there was absolutely sod all I could do about the situation. The same with her 16 week jabs. Mabel had a temperature, was very sick and generally miserable – so unlike her. Again, there wasn’t much I could do except endeavour to make her as comfortable as possible until the effects subsided.

I don’t mind getting up in the night for feeds, I’m tired sure but her smiley face makes it all worth it. Plus I find I miss her if she’s been sleeping for a long stint. That’s the most euphoric moment of all – when she is just so obviously pleased to see James and I, we must be doing something right. I have to admit, husband aside, I’ve never felt that loved by anyone ever, it really is the most amazing feeling.

The next “major” stage I guess is weaning, (your high chair recommendations would be very VERY welcome by the way) which I’m looking forward to yet also slightly nervous about, which I guess is completely normal. Mabel loves her milk – I just hope she enjoys my attempts at pureed fruit and vegetable concoctions half as much!

How are/did you guys cope 4 months in? anything I should be aware of for the next few months?

Do you feel exhausted just from the emotional aspects of being a Mama?

How old was your baby when you started weaning? I know what the signs to look out for are….Mabel’s showing all of those already bless her.

Apologies if my responses are a bit sporadic but I will be checking in whilst in the car, it’s a long old journey!

You can see a whole bunch of other baby and Mama related pictures on my instagram account.

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64 thoughts on “Life Lately {4 Months}

  1. She’s so cute!! After another really uncomfortable night of being heavily pregnant those chubby little arms and cheeks have just reminded me that it is all worth it! For highchair recomendations I would recomend the Ikea high chair – I can’t remember what its called, but its like less than £20 and is white – its fantastic. I’m embarrased to admit I initially spent £300 (I blame the hormones), on a highchair that I kept seeing in celeb magazines it looked stunning, but was impossible to move took me forever to clean and took up so much space, it got sent up to the loft replaced by the Ikea one that my son loved. I weaned my son at 6 months, he showed signs of being interested in food before, but I held out as he seemed so content. At 6 months I didn’t puree anything I did baby led weaning, its a personal choice of course, but I couldn’t recomend it enough. It saved me so much time and he just picked up eating so well (and hasn’t stopped) appreciate that this could be luck as I only have one baby and I’m no expert, but I will definitely be doing the same with my next one. Have a lovely time in Devon x

    1. Vicky is there a baby led weaning book you would recommend? And what was your expensive highchair? I fear the same one might be what I had in mind 🙂 x

      1. I went to a talk on it provided by my local children’s centre (you don’t really need to do this, but I went out of interest) following their recomendation I looked into it online and the best book I would recomend on it is actually the River Cottage Baby& Toddler Cookbook. I still use it, it is great for toddlers and does have some puree recipes – there is a section in here on baby led weaning and it is much more ‘easy going’ than any of the baby led weaning books that I read. Some are quite strict against use of puree, whereas I did sometimes use the odd Ella’s kitchen pouch. I just wanted my son to recognise foods early on, not just be fed mushy food that all looked the same and not have to constantly spoon feed him!

        The highchair was the Bloom Fresco – I should sell it, but even though it wasn’t suitable, I still love the look of it – I’m rubbish!

        1. Ha ha ha!! Snap, I wanted a Bloom 🙂

          Thanks for the book recommendation, will have a look whilst shopping in Devon xx

  2. Hi Charlotte!!

    Sounds like you’re doing amazingly well…. On high chair recommendations, there are so many hideous hideous ones that you need to steer clear of! The absolute best is the ikea Antilop – really simple and about 9 quid. Get the attachable tray too…. Mabel will love it, I don’t know how but it seems to be the one that has the best sitting position with minimum slouching, even for littlies…


    1. Yes ikea antilop all the way! Worked brilliantly for my two. I have a wooden one from John Lewis now for lily as it butts up to the table with the tray folded back and I don’t trip over the legs like I did on the antilop. I’ve a few friends who spent hundreds on a highchair and they ended up buying an antilop. So good for sticking in the shower or hosing down after letting baby feed herself x

      1. Wow thanks both!! I didn’t even know Ikea did a chair?! For that price I could get one to keep at my parents house too, super recommendation xx

  3. We started weaning a week or two shy of six months. We weren’t in a hurry to be honest and annie didn’t seem to mind waiting. When we did start though I pretty much skipped baby rice and went straight to purées and after 2 weeks went to three meals a day. We followed the Annabel karmel plan with the book Annabel karmel complete meal
    Planner although I didn’t strict rigidly to exactly the same purées. I also gave finger food like cucumber, banana and mango at each meal.(m&s do fruit pre chopped which is so flipping easy!) At 1 Annie is a very good eater. Don’t be in a hurry though as fitting in three meals is way more difficult than milk feeding and restricts your day much more.

    Highchair wise we went with the baby bjorn. Expensive but really worth it and the reviews speak for themselves. It has no straps which is really a godsend and is tiny and compact. Plus super easy to clean. Can’t reccomend enough. When we were on holiday recently there was brand new high chair with padded seat and straps and it looked trashed in a few days and you couldn’t wash the seat either!

    Also reccomend bibetta bibs with sleeves (annie is v messy!) and investing in a steam mop!!

    Last piece of advice. Try and be chilled about it but consistent.

    Hope it helps! X

    1. Hi Rachie! Thanks so much for these great tips, a friend has literally just sent me a picture of the Bjorn, she recommended it for the same reasons you have above. Great tips on the bibs with sleeves too (!) I didn’t even know there was such a thing!. I’m prepared for the feeds taking a while, I just hope Mabel enjoys it xx

  4. Hi Charlotte, were at about the same age as you and I don’t know whether I’m looking forward to weaning or not. I’ve just bought a steamer and blender in one, it looks brill. I avoided the circa £70 ones as that just seems a bit ridiculous and bought on for £20.

    On the highchair matter, my sister wanted to buy one for us as a present, I said I’d have the ikea one as the reviews are good, but she refused to spend so little on one. I really liked the look of the Stokke Steps, but the price tag….joke! So we got a Bababing Noah, it looks fab and it grows with the baby so it can be used by adults too.

    Have a lovely time in Devon xxxx

    1. Thanks Kelly! That blender/steamer thing sounds brill, would you mind sharing which one? We have a super complicated food processor (don’t ask!) and I could really do with investing is something much simpler!

      Not heard of a bababing but will definitely take a look xx

  5. Love these posts! Mabel always looks like a very happy and content baby.
    Am about 6 weeks away from due date and still feel utterly clueless about what I’ll do when this tiny person arrives, so your posts are helping a lot ( also developed Carpal tunnel…can’t even make a fist, any remedies?!)
    I’ve been recommended Ikea high chair for when the time comes too. My cousin has one and she even chucks the tray in dishwasher! She also weaned her little one at about 6 months and by 9months was feeding herself sandwiches, quiche, yoghurt etc!

    1. Rhiannon not long to go! don’t worry about feeling clueless – it’s instinct for the most part. Promise.

      Carpal Tunnel wise I found anything warm helped – putting my hands in warm water or even holding a warm mug of tea (!) hope it improves for you soon xx

  6. What a cutie!! We are now 6 wks in with #2 and you forget how exhausting it is (she’s def not as easy going as Mabel sounds!) but she’s starting to smile now so it’s nice to get something back 😉
    I agree with above, the Ikea Antilop for sure. It’s cheap and easy to clean-perfect. If you do want something with a bit more class. The Stokke ones are great xx

    1. Wow, I think it’s worth getting an Ikea one just as a spare even – so many great reviews. Hope you are all keeping well peach, I can’t image managing two! x

  7. I have a Mamas and Papas Pixi. I like it because it comes in lots of different colours, it’s very easy to clean (I often just spray with anti-bac and come back a couple of minutes later to give a quick wipe down), it folds down and stands up in a folded position, and David is still happy to go in it at 22 months. The tray comes off easily so you can wipe between courses if needed and also pull up to the table. It’s not the type of highchair you would want to travel with, but when Mabel is a bit older you can get her a booster seat that clips onto any dining chair, they are suitable from about 1. The IKEA Antilop is popular but I find the tray mechanism a bit awkward with them, having used them a lot when out and about.
    I did pretty much the same thing as Rachie for weaning, a mix of purees and finger foods. I like Annabel Karmels book, felt like it was easy to follow and the recipes were delicious – the chicken korma and butternut squash pasta sauce are especially nice. David is now 22 months old and a brilliant eater. Favourite foods include courgette, olives, and chocolate buttons!

    1. Thanks for the tips Kathryn, that book does sound good – and the puree/finger foods combo seems popular. I do very much like the sound of a tray that easily comes off and you can clean easily. x

  8. She is so adorable. She looks so happy and smiley which makes everything so much easier and so much more rewarding. Both my little girls have been different but Alice was adorable but a complete nightmare as she only slept on me till 4 months. I spent 4 months doing nothing other than holding her and sleeping all night sitting up. Needless to say I was a zombie and could never have done what you are managing to do. Luckily after seeing a cranial osteopath and putting her to sleep on her tummy (a no no but it worked!) she turned in to an angel. I could set my clock by her and she is the hapiest little munchkin now. Both my little ones were weaned at between 5 and 6 months. Both loved food and I never had any issues. More now that my 3 year old can tell me what she does and doesn’t want. Monkey! Just try a few things like very runny baby rice or porridge first then just any mix of fruit and veg. High chair wise after having a big higchair I would actually consider getting a phil and ted clip on one that goes on your table. My friends had them and they are ace. You need a mat or oil cloth to keep your table clean but they are so small, and sturdy, and a bonus is you can easily take it with you when you go places. Sure mabel will have no problem with the weaning so don’t worry! x p.s. a tip on the nail cutting, my mum always told me not to bother with scissors when they are little and just bite them! That’s what I did and it always worked fine! x

    1. Really? I might try the biting thing – seriously, the clippers scare me to death!

      I’ve seen the clip on table chairs – definitely a good idea for when she’s a little older, and for travelling! A few of my NCT friends who’s babies are a wee bit older are just starting on baby rice, the good news is they all seem to be getting on fine with food whatever the method x

  9. Ooh happy 4 months Mabel! Niema is exactly 4 months today too – I can’t believe it… too fast! I’m just trying to get my head around weaning now too, reading up on baby-led (which wasn’t ‘around’ last time) When we had Holly I skipped baby rice and most fruits for the first couple of months and did pureed wholegrain rice and stuck to all the veg that children normally don’t like – so she started off on corgette and eggplant with brown rice! It seems really mean now but I kept her away from sweet fruits as long as I could (and off chocolate till she was offered it by someone else at 2 yrs) to give her a good start on some of the more difficult foods and I think it has paid off – she’s been an amazing eater – she doesnt like avacados but has always eaten everything else and has such a veg rich diet. I was a little lazier with Elijah and he is certainly more fussy so Niema is going to follow my strict-version plan. I think if you have a hungry baby this is certainly a lot easier – if they can take or leave their milk then you just have to focus on making food appealing… but if they are constantly trying to chew your arm off then they should be easier to cram some really unpopular but nutrient dense meals into. Niema is so obsessed with watching us eat -I feel so sorry for her at meal times – she looks so intregued!

    1. Mabel is a hungry baby, she jumps up and down as soon as she sees her bottle. She is also watching what we eat constantly, especially icecream !!!

      It’s interesting what you said about the veg thing, I’m trying to introduce healthier eating to the family as a whole, so she sees us eating well from the off. x

  10. But, my goodness, the sleep thing is a battlefield! We were getting used to her sleeping 9.30- 7 every night until bang on 3 months when 2 little teeth arrived! Since then we’re back on 2pm and 5pm wake ups!

  11. It’s all about the Ikea Antelop, it’s exceedingly cheap and (most importantly) will go in the dishwasher! We haven’t looked back using it to be honest.

    Weaning wise, we started just before 6 months – Juliet had been sitting up for about a month by then, had good hand-eye coordination and was losing her tongue thrust reflex. I did a mixture of baby-led weaning (i.e. chuck bits of what you’re eating onto their tray and let them get on with it) and traditional purees so that I could actually feel reassured that she was getting some ‘goodness’. Once we progressed from the first stage purees we gave up on them, she couldn’t bear the texture (but was perfectly happy with ‘proper’ food). There are some good books on BLW if it’s something you were interested in; it is considerably easier than spending all your time boiling vegetables and pureeing things. And of course with all food related things and babies – food is fun until they’re one; don’t get disheartened if Mabel is unfussed about food before then as she’s still getting most of her calories from milk.

    Juliet sat up by herself at about 4 and a half months (well, not by herself. Unsupported, but a bit squished in. Like a floppy beanbag). So you may have that to come soon – just watch out for the random and unexpected fling backwards, in which you worry that they’ll give themselves brain damage if you don’t catch them in time…

    1. Hi Sara! I think Mabel is already at beanbag stage!

      I think your method sounds like a great compromise, I want to try BLW but worry about her not getting ‘enough. A combination would work well x

  12. Another fan of the Ikea Antilop here – its SO easy to clean and I like the look of it. I also did baby led weaning and used a book called Baby Led Weaning by Gill Rapley. I started at 6 months and my little boy ate anything and everything from day one and has always had a great appetite. I didn’t do purees at all and he has always fed himself; it truly is the best thing ever to watch them learn to pick up, eat and enjoy real food 🙂 It can be very messy but I used to strip him down and leave him to it! Exciting, lovely times.

    1. Ha ha I don’t mind the mess, I definitely need a book though, I don’t know where to start. I just hope she likes ‘good’ foods as well as sweet stuff. I’m going on the Ikea website now to have a look, so many recommendations! x

  13. Thanks for the updates Charlotte, 12 weeks to go until Due date and it’s really nice to read an honest account of what the first few months have been like for you. Looking amazing BTW!

    1. Cheers Lizzie, If you could see me now you would laugh, I have puke in my hair and purple dark circles 🙂

      Eeee! Only 12 weeks to go, so exciting x

  14. Mabel is very cute and your posts are always so honest 🙂 I have to admit though, at first I thought Mabel was not only easy to look after and entertain, but she simultaneously ran a business! She is one impressive child!

  15. Loads of my friends have bought the ikea ones – they weren’t out when I had my boys, I bought a tripp trap – damn expensive but it saw both through all the high chair stages and is now at their desk, its fabulous and helps posture too – I use it quite a lot too!
    Your daughter is absolutely beautiful by he way.. a real sweetheart xx

    1. Bless you Jules, she is a cutie, I think this means she will get away with everything when she’s older….

      Not heard of Tripp Trap either, will take a peek! x

  16. Charlotte, you’re such an awesome mum.
    We bought the Oxo Tot Sprout Highchair. It’s sturdy and super easy to clean, which believe me, is all you will care about! Plus it matches in with our furniture and converts to a toddler chair. It is a little pricey but well worth it in my opinion.
    Started weaning Zach around 5 to 6 months. I wanted to wait until he was definitely ready, despite pressure from family members to get a move on. Glad I did though as he ate beautifully and still does (apart from the odd tantrum!) xxx

    1. Jennifer you are very sweet, I honestly don’t know what I’m doing half the time but I’m constantly learning! It’s a lot of fun.

      Nope not heard of this either (did I actually do any research?!) so thanks for the recommendation. I hear you on the pressure…. ‘You were eating rusks at 4 months…’ 🙂 x

  17. Have a fantastic holiday! High chair recommendation, we have the ikea one at the grandparents, fab and so easy to clean. At home we have the phil and ted lobster, clips onto our dining room table and is fab as a space saving high chair, going to buy another one for when my little boy is ready to wean as my little girl loves it and I love the fact she’s sat at the table with us when eating. Books, I like the annabel karmel ones, the pots are really handy too. The beba cook which steams, purees and heats is fantastic and I used every day x

    1. Hi Kim! I mentioned in another response I’m going to buy some books whilst away, the Annabel Karmel one defo. I have the Beba sun tent, seems like a good brand. X

  18. Hi Charlotte it sounds like you are doing a brilliant job. I remember freaking out at about 4 months about the whole weaning thing, especially as at 7 months I would be heading back to work and really wanted to get Sofia weaned before hand. I got in a bit of a flap over nothing. Sofia started at 5 months so I could take my time with it and chill out a bit. I followed Annabel Karmels books and found them a big help. Sofia took to it straight away, luckily and eats pretty much everything (takes after me!!) We are trying to encourage a bit more self feeding now at 8 months to build up her independence and get her more used to chewing. So far so good.

    I also spent ages looking at highchairs and finally settled with a lovely black wooden one from ikea, it was only £49 and is such good quality. It also fits in with the decor, bonus!

    1. Louise I’ve been on the Ikea website and couldn’t find the antilope?! What was the name of your one? Wow this Annabel sounds super, so many raves in this comment section. x

      1. Hi I have the BLAMES. The other one is all sold out at the moment, all the restaurants have them, popular little number, ha. Worth keeping an eye out for the grandparents though. Anabella is the baby guru. She has an app which I find useful. Xx

      2. Mumsnet says that apparently the antilop has come off their website as they are in the process of changing manufacturer and the name – should be back on soon, with a different name.

      3. Hi Charlotte,
        I’ve just looked for it too after all the race reviews on here! No sign of it on the Ikea site but have found it on Amazon.
        Katie x

  19. With the high chair Ikea defo for cheap and cheerful especially for grandparents houses. But I’d think about whether you might want to have her up at the table with you when she is a wee bit bigger. If so removable table is good. Tripp Trap is fantastic but there are cheaper copies. We went for the Joie Mimzy (got it in JL) as table can be removed and height has quite a few levels so we can pull it up to our dining table. X x.

    1. Plus you only need one thing to make baby purees….unless you happen to love a gadget in which case those wee baby cooker/purée machines are cute. But all you really need is a hand blender. Simples!

      1. Yes this is all I have, along with a metal vegetable strainer/steamer that was a couple of pound. (Not essential though). I highly recommend batch cooking so some mini pots for freezing. Tesco do good ones for £3. X

      2. Simples suits me Nicola! I’ve bought my fair share of kitchen gadgets over years only for them to sit in my cupboard most of the time 🙂

        Love JL, we’ve bought most of our baby stuff from there, staff are so helpful AND they price match x

  20. Don’t worry or stress about weaning- it was my favourite stage with both mine!! In terms of high chairs, I’d really recommend the Stokke Tripp trapp- expensive but grows with them and my two and a half year old still uses his- they sit up to the table rather than with a seperate tray which I really like as it feels like they’re part of a family meal time. They also promote good posture as there is a foot plate to rest their feet on. We began by just letting them chew and suck on bits of food that we were having to build that initial interest- both mine were gnawing on bits of garlic bread or steamed strips of veg at 5-6 months ish. Mine were also big hungry babies and I found that baby led wouldnt work on its own as they were not actually eating enough (more wearing and decorating the kitchen with it!) so we did a mixture of purées and lots of finger foods as well. Seemed to work and they both love really varied foods now. Esme is ten months and is eating what we eat now more or less- my advise is to go with your gut and let them lead you- they know what they’re ready for and in my experience they also know when they’re full as well as hungry! Just sit back and enjoy the hilarious faces they pull with different tastes and flavours! And get the camera ready for the inevitable ‘spaghetti bolegneise all over the face’ moment! X

    1. Ha ha ha Rachel! My Mum has a pic of me with my whole face in a plate of Spaghetti Bolognese!!! It used to be my favourite apparently. The Stokke has been mentioned a few times, I have lots of great recommendations to check out x

  21. Hi Charlotte…. I think our small people are at a very similar stage as Billy is 5 months today! So I am also debating high chairs (Sprout/Baby Bjorn or opp end of spectrum – IKEA!) and when to take the plunge. I’ve just been given three books for my birthday which my little sister swore by, so they may be a good start – the Annabel Karmel one, River Cottage & Ella’s Kitchen. Like you, I’ve also developed Carpal Tunnel since having Billy. It seems incredibly unfair!! I’d love to know if yours has gone yet? I’m living in hope it with magically disappear! It seems ironic that just as he’s sleeping for hours, I’m up tossing and turning. Boo. Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah! So sorry to hear you have Carpal Tunnel, it’s a real….arse. Mine has improved in the last few months definitely but still not back to normal. Have you seen you GP? There are options available, I’m going to consider physio in the next few weeks if it’s still not 100% better.

      Thanks for the book tips, folks have been so helpful on here x

  22. Ahhh so lovely to see your little Mabel growing! Our Mabel is now 8 months old and so the food adventures have well and truly begun. It’s a wonderful but also daunting (and messy time) and what I noticed when starting on the weaning road was the lack of practical support. I’m a qualified nutritionist and even I felt a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of feeding my little girl! We all know how important a healthy diet is for a long healthy life and whilst it’s completely my decision if I make the wrong choices – I really want to get it right for Mabel. I decided to start blogging about our food adventures ( and then a friend of mine (another nutritionist with a 15 month old) decided we could actually share not only our academic knowledge with other parents but also all those little tips we’ve picked up along the way. And so launched Happy Tums ( I’m so excited to be working on something I feel so passionately about but I have to say I’m having the same guilty moments as you when it comes to work, but I’m also fortunate to have a very content little lady (maybe it’s the name?!) and the help of my Mum one day a week and a very understanding and hands on Husband!
    And as for the highchair – I’ve been through 3! Don’t ask!
    Enjoy the mess!!
    Nicola x

      1. Hi Nicola! What a great idea! I will certainly be checking out your website. Good luck with it all, although if you are already passionate about it you’ll be just fine.

        Help from family is such a huge factor in being able to run a business, I am so lucky, and very grateful! x

  23. Another one for Baby Led Weaning here – best thing we ever did, also recommend the Gill Rapley book, it’s total common sense but will give you the basics you need to feel confident. George LOVED picking up and eating anything and everything from toastie soldiers to avocado slices and everything in between. You’ll have so much fun choosing lovely foods and it definitely them self feed earlier.
    We bought the antilop to keep at the grandparents and got a mothercare juicey for home, it’s got more soft head support which the antilop lacks which is good for the early days.
    Have a lovely holiday!

  24. I hate coming to a party late but on the whole highchair thing I don’t know if this helps but we got a bloom nano for home, it’s their cheap one that folds up quite flat for easy storage (our house is tiny) and Effie loves it. I got a cheap plastic one from Argos for my parents house and she’s happy in that too but I have left her happily sitting in her bloom one whilst I tidy away the lunch things and she’s gone to sleep in it, there’s no way she’d do that in the plastic one. I nearly bought a Phil and teds one that bolts on to a dining table, having just come back from a dinner out and Effie sitting in one I’d kind of wished we gone for that option, it was so cool, she was happy sat at the table with us and was comfortable. We did a mixture of spoon fed and baby led and she loves her food, just go with whatever Mabel finds makes her happy xx

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