As you read this I will be on my way to Devon for our first “family” holiday – thanks so much for all of your super recommendations and general awesomeness on my post asking (begging?!) for help and advice.

Due to my typical last minute behaviour unfortunately many of the places I fell in love with were already fully booked however, I have a MAHOOSIVE list of lush locations for the future – the Rock My Style community is truly lovely (and have excellent taste).

I thought every few months or so I would do a general update on how I’m finding motherhood, the highs, the lows, the continuous learning curve, the unexpected and the downright marvellous. Sound like a plan?

Mabel is just over 4 months old and is the happiest soul I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, I honestly don’t know how James and I (bad sleepers, screamed A LOT) have produced such a ray of sunshine. I thank my lucky stars every day, if she wasn’t the jolly little lady she is I certainly wouldn’t be able to cope with my work load and still manage to have some sort of life (well, most weeks anyway.) I wanted to lay those cards on the table – I’m by no means some type of supermum, I receive more family help than I imagine many Mamas do and my baby, at least for the most part, is easy to look after and entertain whilst simultaneously running a business.

One of the things I have been most surprised by is just how much of a personality she has at this stage, there are certain things that make her laugh like a drain and that in itself is hilarious. I’ve also learnt to read the signals of when she’s hungry and tired – before a full on paddy flap arises (Mabel has what my Dad describes as “A right pair of lungs on her” i.e. really freakin’ LOUD) – I didn’t realise I would be able to. And don’t get me wrong, I do sometimes do exactly that – get it wrong I mean. Earlier today she was having a bit of a grizzle and I couldn’t work out why, then I realised what the time was and felt crap, bottle time was half an hour before. There is also a lot of that, feeling a bit useless when you make mistakes. But it’s over quickly when Mabel is happy again and then the euphoria sets in.

Maybe that’s the biggest surprise of all, just how your emotions change during a twenty four hour period, hell, sometimes within the hour. It really is a roller coaster ride, I can be exhausted from just seemingly sitting on my arse all day.

The major low, as I’ve previously mentioned, has been having such a short “maternity leave” period and shipping her off to her Grandparents from 8 weeks. I’ll never get that time back but I’m learning to embrace the fact that one day, when she is old enough to understand, she will be proud of how hard I’ve worked to make the best possible life I can for her (your support and feedback was a big contributing factor to me making peace with my situation, did I mention how awesome you were?)

And then there’s those moments of just feeling really bloody useless. I still struggle with my grip after Carpal Tunnel and don’t feel confident in clipping Mabel’s teeny delicate nails, they were left a bit longer than I would have liked between maintenance “shortening” last week (her Daddy and Granny do a super job) and she scratched her eye – made it properly bleed. I cried. A lot. And there was absolutely sod all I could do about the situation. The same with her 16 week jabs. Mabel had a temperature, was very sick and generally miserable – so unlike her. Again, there wasn’t much I could do except endeavour to make her as comfortable as possible until the effects subsided.

I don’t mind getting up in the night for feeds, I’m tired sure but her smiley face makes it all worth it. Plus I find I miss her if she’s been sleeping for a long stint. That’s the most euphoric moment of all – when she is just so obviously pleased to see James and I, we must be doing something right. I have to admit, husband aside, I’ve never felt that loved by anyone ever, it really is the most amazing feeling.

The next “major” stage I guess is weaning, (your high chair recommendations would be very VERY welcome by the way) which I’m looking forward to yet also slightly nervous about, which I guess is completely normal. Mabel loves her milk – I just hope she enjoys my attempts at pureed fruit and vegetable concoctions half as much!

How are/did you guys cope 4 months in? anything I should be aware of for the next few months?

Do you feel exhausted just from the emotional aspects of being a Mama?

How old was your baby when you started weaning? I know what the signs to look out for are….Mabel’s showing all of those already bless her.

Apologies if my responses are a bit sporadic but I will be checking in whilst in the car, it’s a long old journey!

You can see a whole bunch of other baby and Mama related pictures on my instagram account.

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