It all started with prams. We still have the Baby Jogger City Mini that we used for Ethan and I… Adore that pram. The ease of use is just insane. We used it from newborn with Ethan, but he was born in the height of summer in Australia so having something that was open and airy was exactly what we needed.

With baby number two however, I’ll be doing twice daily school walks with Ethan and need to be prepared for the meteorological unpredictability of a British August. Will it be snow? Rain? Blistering sunshine? Who knows?
So the search began for a 3-in-1 travel system with a lie-flat, carrycot pram attachment that could be well protected, whatever the weather.

And when I say “the search began”… I mean I spent an entire day researching pram options. Which resulted in my jaw hitting the floor on several occasions (the price!!) and a complete (hormonal) overwhelm strop at the options available. I closed all tabs, walked away and felt no better about any of it.

By fluke, last weekend, my mother-in-law and I took a quick trip to a local Kids and Baby Market for a browse. As we walked in there was a pram section and I immediately spotted the beautiful, super minimal Uno Stride. It did exactly what I needed, looked great and was in almost new condition (save some wear on the tyres). The price? £170 for the entire system, car seat and all attachments included (also almost new). I snapped it up and was on my merry way within an hour of entering the place. Zero meltdowns. And no need to research the thing as if it were our next car purchase.

I’ve also snapped up a Moses basket & a Medela Swing breast pump for a steal via Gumtree (I intend on replacing the mattress and the pump tubes for hygiene reasons) and even scored a Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair off a good friend for free. I’m now on the pre-loved lookout for a baby bath and changing table.

Almost all of Ethan’s baby things were brand new. But this time around (considering we were not intending on having anymore and didn’t keep anything) I guess I just feel like buying everything brand new would be, well a bit of an expensive waste? There will be no more Baby Liddells after this one so it’s not like I can claim that each item is an investment. And they only use everything for such a short period of time.

I’m well aware that everyone’s financial situation and priorities are different. But I have heard of some couples taking out big loans from lenders like the geld lenen zonder bank in order to buy top of the range everything for baby. Each to their own I guess. Maybe they plan on having 6 kids or maybe they just deem the debt worth it. And there are plenty of folk who can afford to buy whatever they want for bub.

My secret worry is that as a society we’re falling victim to a massively booming ‘baby industry’ and all those beautiful Instagram nice-to-haves can very quickly start to look like must-haves. When in reality, babies need somewhere to sleep, clothing, nappies, a means to eat and loads and loads of love.

I say all this after having just bought the Tutti Bambini CoZee bedside cot brand new today because it’s just damn beautiful and very well reviewed. I’m happy to invest in a few often used, amazing products. Our first pram is also case in point.

I guess my question is… Are any of you lot feeling the stylised pressure of the baby industry?
Aghast like me at the price of some ‘must-haves’?
And what are your thoughts on buying second hand for baby?