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Kitchen Makeover Inspiration {On A Budget}

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

The kitchen that came with our new family home was fine. Absolutely fine. An oak fronted Howdens number with excellent pan drawers, a fancy pull out bin and all of the other bits and bobs of convenience your heart (and time poor schedule) could desire.

There is also a rather snazzy ceramic sink by Villeroy and Boch and a double oven that has so many switches and turnable knobs I’m assuming it will whip up some kind of full-on delectable banquet at the touch of a button (I merely have to work out exactly what button that is obviously).

But it’s not our kitchen.

We can’t just straight up replace it because we are extending within the next 18 months to 2 years and our extension will essentially house a brand new kitchen (parquet, polished concrete worktops, a large island….I’ve already created it in my head folks) so it would be a complete waste of time and money to do much at all to the current design.

We’ve given ourselves a budget of £1000 for an O’Shea personalisation stamp “Makeover”. And I’m determined to come under if possible.

We are stuck with a kind of ivory-with-marbled-bits-of-taupe/grey floor and a matt black quartz worktop. Both are nice enough – not what I would choose but I’m rising to the challenge of modernising, incorporating aspects we really love whilst making sure these pieces blend seamlessly into their new environment.

Please find some of my key inspiration in the gallery below:

Budget Kitchen Makeover Key Changes And Ideas

1. We are painting the cupboards. I have chosen Farrow & Ball “Downpipe” for the lower units and “Manor House Grey” for the upper. (As I type this has now been completed and it already looks so much better).

2. I am replacing the handles – a mixture of pewter knobs and industrial looking pull tabs. I have found some super cheap on eBay, you can see a few of them I’ve been experimenting with in the “before” image in the slider above.

3. We are taking out the upper units on the right hand side of the kitchen as you look at it, we don’t need that much storage (there are LOTS of cupboards!) and I want to open it up a bit with shelving and perhaps a wire display cabinet to house some of my pretty vases and knick knacks. I am LOVING this version from Cox and Cox.

4. I am replacing the blind – probably with some kind of grey linen number? I dislike blinds only marginally less than I dislike curtains so I’m at a loss what to do here – I do quite like this wooden venetian blind. Any alternative suggestions welcome.

5. The tiles are going (they are actually quite luxe subway tiles but I’m not a lover of…green) and being replaced with a design more in keeping with the new colour scheme. I’m thinking charcoal slate. Or maybe a pattern. We are not doing the whole wall – just the area directly under the cooker hood to cut costs. I’m strangely attracted to this Batik Patchwork style at the moment.

6. I need to incorporate some clever (and cheap!) lighting. I’m swaying towards the industrial exposed bulb type of look but I’m not entirely sure where to put them. I’m loving this hooked wall light in copper and stone but at 25% of my overall budget it’s price prohibitive unfortunately.

Have you every updated your kitchen on a budget? Any tips or ideas you would like to share in the comments section would be greatly appreciated.

For less superficial pretty and more real-life tales of woe, I also have a feature on Rock My Family today.

You can see some sneak peeks of my kitchen makeover and the rest of our renovations on my personal instagram.

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67 thoughts on “Kitchen Makeover Inspiration {On A Budget}

  1. Gorgeous inspiration!
    We had those tiles shortlisted too. Big fan of the subtle pattern.
    We don’t even need to start going into how jealous I am you have a light floor. SO JEALOUS!

    1. Ha ha ha yes but the irony is I really like YOUR floor. And as discussed, I like your splash back tiles too 🙂

      I do the like the tiles – will have to get a sample to test the colour x

  2. Can I ask how you painted the cupboards? Desperate to do my cream ones in a dark blue but quotes I’ve had are almost as much as buying a new kitchen! Looking for a doable diy option for someone who works and has a baby!

    1. Hi Liz, I actually used someone to hand paint them – they were recommended on here believe it or not. He’s done a great job! The painting was £500 – so half of our budget. Apparently the big thing is using the right primer underneath (he bought that himself) – this takes a day to dry then you can start with the paint.

      Lauren’s Dad painted her kitchen though and I think she will be sharing more DIY tips x

      1. Charlotte, would you mind recommending the painter. I am in the same boat. Cream wooden cupboards that are crying out for a freshen up as per yourself and Lauren. I just can’t find the right person to do it!! (you can email if easier)

        1. I would love to know this too. Really want to update our kitchen until we can afford a complete new one, but petrified of doing a bad job.

      2. Would also love the contact info of the painter if possible as I’m so pregnant I can’t do it myself currently! 🙂 thank you so much!

  3. Love the inspiration photos!

    I also inherited black worktops (ugh). I told myself it was okay, we’d be extending in two years… that was two years ago, it’s still not okay and we still haven’t extended ?

    We did some of what you did but on a much tighter budget; we needed to create light and space, so took out cupboards and added shelves, put a new floor in, changed the lighting, painted the units (after an Annie Sloan disaster – we’ve use F&B Bone) & changed the handles. It’s still not *my* kitchen, but it’ll do.

    Yours will look fab, looking forward to seeing the results!

    1. I thought the black would bother me but it’s quite a nice off-black quartz. I don’t really like any worktops except concrete (I’m such a fussy mare!) I like the look of wood but I’ve had it before and know what an arse it is to maintain.

      Your makeover sounds fab x

  4. I would also love love love to know how you (& Lauren) painted your cabinets as I’m desperate to do mine! Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Carys, I had mine painted (for £500) and Lauren’t Dad did hers. The key is the primer – our painter hand painted it. I had a spray quote that was in the region of £2000 (!) x

    2. Hi Carys, I’m planning a big post on our DIY paint job covering as many details as I can. We did a lot of research and explored loads of different avenues. Hope to have it published in Feb xxx

  5. We too have a perfectly fine large kitchen in our home but it’s not what I would have chosen myself. We couldn’t afford to replace it but have just started discussing how we could give it a makeover so this post has come at perfect time! There is of lovely inspiration/ideas to steal in this post. Our current kitchen has high gloss vanilla cupboard doors so not sure if we’d be able to paint them so we have also started looking at the cost of replacing them too so really like the idea of removing some cupboards for open shelving as it not only looks amazing it cuts the cost of replacing the doors!

    1. Sophie absolutely! and I think the ability to display more personal objects on open shelving will make it feel more like “yours”. Once I finish all of the main stuff I’m going to look for some art prints to add colour etc x

  6. I’d love to convince the hubby of concrete work tops, he said stainless steel might be alright, but i haven’t pinterested that yet! So not sure! We have an inherited new build kitchen SO drab. Blonde looking cupboard, silver looking handles and a flecked worktop with black greys and a beige bits in it. IT is so boring. We also intend on extending in about 3 years so I have just replaced the floor with dark grey wood, repainted, done a big piece of wall art and had an oak table made for the centre of the room then accessorised with plants!
    I can’t wait to get my teeth into a new kitchen! SO would love a utlity room too but thats not possible in the small space!

    1. Lisa these changes sound immense – love the sound of dark grey wood floor and your oak table. I’m definitely going to be adding a few plants into ours too x


    I had to shout because I made this mistake and it’s HORRIBLE. Even if you only very rarely fry things it will get greasy and disgusting, and then dust sticks to it and it’s almost impossible to clean and you end up swearing and ripping the damn thing off the window. And I’m like the least house proud person ever – barely hygienic is my aim. Get something you can remove (and preferably chuck in the washing machine).

    I love your inspiration board, it’s basically the same as mine. I long for parquet; it’s going down in my next house!

    1. Ha ha Sara! I think you have successfully put me off the wooden blind – I’m not sure I want to introduce greasy slats into my makeover.

      I’m going to have to wait a few years for the parquet but it’s going to be SO worth it. x

  8. Downpipe and Manor House grey sound a fab combination! Completely understand kitchens not feeling your own, we have painted both our current and previous kitchens. It immediately makes it much fresher! Did you use Duane? Can’t wait for your kitchen refurb, concrete worktop sounds epic! x

    1. Yes Charlotte! Duane was amazing! thanks SO much for the recommendation – he si coming back to do a few other bits and bobs too x

  9. I am very jealous you get to do a kitchen makeover – our new rental we have just moved into has the most hideous kitchen ever – awful old fashioned wooden cupboards with detailing on the front, ornate curly handles on everything, those weird glass fronted cupboards that are liked stained glass without the colour, and to add insult to injury I discovered once we moved in that you can’t actually stand in front of the sink properly as the person who ‘designed’ the kitchen really did not think about how kitchens work AT ALL and in the spot for the sink they put the washing machine underneath, meaning no space for the sink to sit, so put in a sink the other way around (with draining board on the left instead of right), meaning the sink lies into the corner of the kitchen and you cant actually stand in front of it. You sort of have to lean in to do the dishes. And I don’t have a dishwasher, but I do have a 14 month old so I do a lot of dishes. There is a perfectly serviceable spot ninety degrees to the right where they could have put the sink …why not I have no idea, I suspect they cut a hole in the work surface and then realised their mistake…
    Anyway I’ve been reading with interest all the kitchen updates lately and trying to work out what I can do to make ours look slightly better (floor rugs and blinds a possibility, painting will be a no go)…renting is tough but hopefully by taking this less than ideal but slightly more affordable house we can save more and afford to buy in the next couple of years. Your kitchen updates sound lovely but I would kill to have that ‘old’ kitchen you have!

    1. Hi Emma, I do wonder when I look at folks designs sometimes….what were they thinking?! Some of the features in our old house were hilarious when we moved in, light switches behind doors (so you had to feel your way around in the dark) hanging light fittings right in front of wardrobe doors…..the list goes on. I’m sure there are lots of budget ways you can make your kitchen feel more like yours, we are actually planning a piece (or two) on how to make your rental property feel more personal to you soon x

  10. Gorgeous ideas! If i’m being totally honest, when I initially saw your before pics I thought “what on earth is wrong with the original kitchen, just leave it as it is seeing as you’re planning a brand new one in 2 years”…. However…. I do totally appreciate that you want to make your mark on a new house – paint walls etc, and I guess traditionally, I always thought of a kitchen as a room that you can’t change / have to make do with what you’ve got until you can afford to replace it. It is genius that you can now totally change the look of a kitchen for a very modest budget. The only thing making me a teeny bit sad is, I love those green metro tiles – exactly what we’re looking for, for our bathroom re-do this year!

    1. Nicola bless you! I don’t dislike the tiles – I just don’t love them, and they really look odd now we’ve painted the cupboards unfortunately. I did think about leaving it completely but as we can do it for a modest budget (and although I say an extension within 2 years we have to get through all sorts of planning regulations as we live in a conservation area so who knows)…it seemed worthwhile. So far we have kept to budget for the whole house (even with a lot of extra plumbing work that we didn’t account for) but I will need to reign in with all of the fixtures and fittings. x

  11. Charlotte you could totally fashion your own take on that expensive light fitting by building your own – Dowsing and Reynolds have a good selection, including a copper light bulb fixture…..

    1. I second dowsing and Reynolds – we made our own centre piece up with loads of bulbs and it was so much cheaper. They’re really helpful on the phone too

      1. Noooo – just looked at this site and I now NEED the copper sockets and switches. But we’ve recently replaced all our sockets and switches with brushed nickel and there is no way I can convince my husband that we need to change them again!

  12. I’m so pleased to see you say that about blinds & curtains. I hate them all! I’m keen not to have anything in our new kitchen. Is that really weird?

    1. No not weird at all, If I don’t find the “right” thing I’m not going to buy something for the sake of it so may follow your lead and have nothing at all x

  13. We have no window dressings in our kitchen. It overlooks a garden and I like as much light coming in as possible. Perhaps others see it as unfinished but it means there’s less stuff to get dirty!

    1. We also don’t have anything up in our kitchen window – it’s a lovely big window but faces the wrong way so we don’t get oodles of light in there. I don’t cook naked so it doesn’t bother me! Also, as someone else said above, I couldn’t bear the thought of cleaning a blind in there – we’ve got venetians in every other room and I hate dusting them! x

      PS Also have cream high gloss cupboards which I’d like to update at some point so tips on whether they could be painted would be appreciated. If not I’ll have to invest in new doors in a few years time!

      1. Apparently anything can be painted as long as you use the right primer – our painter is going to do all sorts of other stuff for us that I thought we would have to simply get rid of/put on eBay. But with a lovely coat of paint will be completely transformed.

        Also “I don’t cook naked” …. ha ha ha x

  14. I’ve nearly finished updating my kitchen for under £1000. Actually I was aiming for under £500, but when removing the tiles the plaster went all the way back to the brick so I had an unexpected £200 plastering job. But it still came in under £700.

    I painted the lower cupboards in Annie Sloan Graphite (lightened with a touch of old white) and a lighter grey for the upper cupboards, and finished with two coats of clear wax. Including the brushes this was only £100 of my budget which was a steal.

    I decided I could live with the floor which is a terracotta tile, straight out of 1990 when I think my kitchen was last done. I replaced the country chic blue, yellow, brown and white tiles with white metro tiles (used my Tesco Clubcard vouchers for these). Then painted the walls a fresh coat of white to cover the grotty grey that was on there.

    I replaced the worktops which were a cream marble effect for a white/grey marble effect laminate. And the finishing touches and biggest part of my budget was on two new light fittings, spots over the sink and some hanging lights over the bar.

    Considering how much time I spend in the kitchen/diner. It’s made it so much better, and because it wasn’t so expensive I won’t begrudge ripping it out when I sort out the badly designed layout of my extension in a few years.

    All that’s left to do is tile the windowsill (above my level of expertise!) and put the blind from my old kitchen up.

    1. Nicola you are officially a Kitchen makeover genius. And for the record – I don’t mind a terracotta tile. Lighting has such an effect doesn’t it – since all of the comments above I’m considering ways to DIY so I can implement more “luxe” looking fittings that didn’t cost the earth x

  15. love the inspiration shots.

    i hate blinds too, but have recently changed all my window from wooden blinds. they are a pain in the backside. the dust and stoor they collect is ridiculous and cleaning them is a pants job. i think they perhaps need oiled sometimes too, but after 5 years (i snapped a couple of bits with my cleaning of them), they had to go.

  16. Hi Charlotte, love all of the kitchen ideas. have you looked at Amazon for bargain industrial style lighting? We’re currently re-doing our bedroom and I found some lovely brass and glass vintage style wall lights for less than £30 each! Look forward to seeing the finished room! x

    1. You know what Nathalie we haven’t – I will look tonight! Have you checked out They have some reasonably priced stuff that’s worth a butchers x

      1. Also worth a look is I wanted an industrial chandelier that cost £900 (lighting goals) but hubby said no and we settled on one from here. Looks fab and great quality. Can’t wait to see the finished look Charlotte!

  17. Just thought I would put it out there, as I seem to be the minority but I have a wooden blind in my kitchen and I love it. The window is no where near the cooker and I’ve never noticed it being more dirty than the other which I have in the hallway. They do get dusty though, but so does everywhere else. Would love to see a DIY post on how Lauren’s dad painted her kitchen! x

    1. Sarah I think that’s coming in the not too distant future. Our blind is no where near the cooker either, I’m actually swaying towards not having anything at all – it is actually a lovely big window and even with the current blind pulled up to the top, it still blocks out some light (if that makes sense) x

  18. We had exactly the same Charlotte, oak units with black granite tops, not to my taste but perfectly fine. We spent some money hand painting the units in Farrow & Ball Lamp Room Gray (we spent more than your total budget doing this alone so you have got a great deal on yours!) we also added a Range Cooker, replaced the flooring and added a matching island. Needless to say 18 months later I still don’t love it so we are now extending the kitchen and starting again from scratch, very much in a similar style to those pictures you have posted above. I’m also considering Downpipe for the new island, choices choices, I have to get it right this time! In hindsight I wish we’d have saved the money we spent upcyling the kitchen, although I know in my head I wouldn’t have been able to cope with the kitchen as it was previously so maybe money well spent! Roll on new kitchen, works start in three weeks!

    1. Hi Anna! I’ve never been in this “makeover”situation before – it’s more difficult than I expected. I know what my eventual kitchen will look like so it’s hard not to implement too many of those ideas into the interim project. I love Downpipe – although I have just painted Mabel’s wardrobe in Little Greene’s “Scree” and that is AMAZING.

      Sorry if I have just thrown in yet another consideration! x

  19. I redesigned my kitchen a couple of years ago and it’s not too dissimilar to your inspiration pictures. I’ve got flat matt black base units with a laminate walnut worktop. Instead of wall units, I tiled from worktop to ceiling with flat white metro tiles and single handedly drilled twenty one cast iron shelf brackets through the tiles (without cracking a single one might I add!) and added shelving I got from a reclamation yard for a couple of quid. Everything is on the shelves in Kilner jars, along with all my pans, crockery and cooking pots etc. I hate to think of how much weight is on there! I didn’t have any budget left for lighting but wanted one of the 10-bulb industrial ‘chandeliers’ that you now see in every trendy bar/hairdressers and got it on ebay for £20 INCLUDING BULBS!! One of the bulbs blew recently so I’ve ordered another whole fitting so I’ve got the bulbs and I’ll try and flog the fitting for a tenner on Gumtree! eBay’s great for things like that, especially when you’re not in a rush for delivery.

    1. You had me at: “I tiled from worktop to ceiling with flat white metro tiles and single handedly drilled twenty one cast iron shelf brackets through the tiles (without cracking a single one might I add!)”

      Have you thought about starting your own business? I’m not even joking.

      I’m not sure what a 10 bulb industrial chandelier is but it sounds epic – I think I probably need one for the top of the stairs on the upstairs landing x

      1. I’m too much of a perfectionist! I’d never make any profit!

        This is what I’ve got, and it pretty much covers my ceiling. Thankfully I’ve got quite high ceilings, but it still hangs down quite a lot and gets whacked with the ironing board!

  20. We moved last year into a house built in 1995 and i think that was the last time it was decorated, we’re talking wallpaper with borders in 2 bedrooms here people.

    Luckily most rooms are painted out cream and easy to change, me and my husband are very much fans of colourful interiors so we are (very slowly) going around and painting everything mustard or pink because i think we’d be peak happy living in what resembles a Wes Anderson film set. I get the impression that most of people update outdated interiors really quickly after they first move in (i class within 3 years or so as fast) but well, i like a good long haul holiday and our wages don’t stretch to travel and interiors.

    Our kitchen is the most 90s room in the house, but realistically i think we will be living with it for maybe 10 years as I’d rather go abroad a few more times than have to set foot in Ikea and use their nightmare of a kitchen planning computer system again in that timeframe (once in 20 years is my limit) My ideal kitchen would be white plain cupboards, really modern style, white worktops, white tiles, pink walls and a cork floor (maybe even a cork wall there too, i think cork is really bad for the environment but f&&k it,i do plenty other good stuff for the environment and cork is my dream) What i have inherited from the 90’s is country style/shaker cream cabinets (we don’t live in the country and who has the time to clean the grime/dust that gets gunked up in the recesses in those doors) with cream tiling with random terracotta tiles, some that make up a 90s changing rooms style “feature” above our cooker. God damn, its so ugly. The worktops are real wood but haven’t been looked after so have many a stain- we could sand them down but we’re just not that kind of people. I’m thankful that the floor tiling is ok. We are spending a fair bit on the garden this year and don’t have enough cash to replace the wall tiles, but i am hopeful that something can be done in the short term- i have seen tile paint but i’m dubious- does anyone have any experience using it or any brands they recommend?

  21. So interesting to see the thought process behind the mini renovation.
    A couple of people above have mentioned but any info on painting gloss/laminate cupboards would be greatly appreciated… ?

  22. I have dream kitchen envy! I would love a big kitchen – we had a huge one (thanks to an extension) where I grew up, with a big kitchen table. I have a lot of good memories of the kitchen as it was pretty much the centre of all family events and so on

    However my dream kitchen is far off as we currently rent. And the rented kitchen is tiny and has no drawers…! We didn’t notice when we viewed it and it was only when we had the keys that we were like erm, something’s missing!

    Also it has four cupboards. Four cupboards for food, kitchenware and cookware. It’s a nightmare. A nightmare I’ve lived with for almost five years and can’t wait to move away from!

  23. I love this post and everyone’s comments. Feeling very inspired by all the makeover ideas. We moved into our house 18months ago, the kitchen is a brilliant space but the units and work tops are grotty – peeling laminate units and cabinets that don’t fit properly, it is a definite botched diy job. Sadly despite me secretly peeling bits off the cupboards to help my plea for a new kitchen ? It hasn’t worked and we are still in for a 1-2 year wait. The walls are magnolia and all the wood and pipe work ? (Apologies to any magnolia lovers out there). We’ve added a fabulous rustic dining table and dresser with one dark grey wall (to cover up the mess I made when I peeled off the hideous textured black floral wall paper!) I kept thinking what’s the point in painting the walls (it’s a big room with high ceilings) if we are changing it all in the not too distant future. Definitely feeling inspired now to at least freshen it up with some paint.

    What do people have in their kitchen windows? I was thinking of off white venetians but now out off wood.

    Charlotte not sure what type of lighting you need but I picked up these fab copper suspension kits from Wilkos for our loft study for just £10 with the bulb on top at another £10
    Your kitchen makeover looks fab looking forward to a nosey on Instagram x

  24. It’s going to look gorgeous! You are so lucky – I live in a rented house at the moment with a horrid modern but beige and yucky kitchen that I can’t paint (or demolish) not to mention the rest of the house being a bland magnolia nightmare. My decor obsession is really hindered and I can’t start the blog I’ve been wanting to write. So in the meantime I will live out my decor dreams vicariously through RMS and yours and Laurens instagram! Looking foward to seeing the transformation xx

  25. We recently made over our kitchen (removing upper cupboards and putting in some shelves, changing doors and handles) and we have used those batik tiles… we went for a mix of the grey and black and we’re really please with them!

    Your kitchen is a lovely big space, I’m sure it’ll look fab when you’ve put your stamp on it!

  26. I want to inspire everyone to have a go at painting their cupboards themselves!! My husband and I are ABSOLUTE DIY novices – I cannot stress enough how little experience we have – and we have even less patience or love for DIYing.

    But we had high gloss ORANGE cupboards (kind of a pale tangerine/peach colour – very fetching) when we moved in and pretty much zero budget, but given how bad they were, we figured we couldn’t make it any worse so gave it a crack ourselves.

    We spent 2 weekends (only about 3 hours per day – but you have to let the primer and paint dry for a long time before you can get on with the next stage) washing, sanding (with fine sanding paper), priming, sanding again (even finer sand paper), painting with white laminate paint (use a very fine microfiber roller), and then painting again. It took quite a bit of elbow grease, and was a pain because we live in a small flat, but the result (together with some sleek-but-basic new handles) was an instant refresh and we couldn’t be happier. Although the paint we used is called laminate paint, it’s not shiny – it has more of a matte finish.

    I was really worried I wouldn’t get a perfect finish and, to be honest, I didn’t. If you look very closely there are a couple of patches I’m not happy with. But frankly, no one looks at your cupboards that closely – trust me! The overall effect is such an improvement, I would strong recommend giving it a go. We spent about AUD200 (we live in Australia) on the primer and the paint for a small kitchen, plus all the microfiber rollers etc you need to get a good finish. I echo all the tips above – a good primer really is the key and worth spending money on!

    1. Orange?!? Wow.
      Thanks for sharing your diy – I’m a novice as well so good to hear no special skills are needed! Now I just need to convince my husband to sacrifice a weekend and find a good primer! x

  27. Loving all the ideas on here! Must check out Amazon for industrial lighting. Please can you let me know exactly what primer your painter used? Unless it’s a trade secret … must be a special one if it takes a day to dry .. I’ve promised my friend that I will help her paint her (rather large) kitchen and literally don’t know where to start. Thanks in advance x

  28. Hi Charlotte,
    If your looking for blinds, 247blinds have a great selection. Like you I also have a dislike for blinds and more for curtains. When we were looking I ‘settled’ for venetians, firstly looking at John Lewis and then took a gamble with 247blinds. I must say we’ve been very impressed and never had a problem (they are also great if your on a budget).
    Good luck, juding by your inpso pics it will look great.
    Natalie x

  29. Hi Charlotte love all your style ideas and you have given me the inspiration to give my kitchen a much needed makeover! Could I ask for the details of the guy who did yours please? My fiancé said he could do it but I’m not so sure!

  30. I’m the same with blinds – yak! When I get my new kitchen (which I WILL get, damnit!) – I’m facing this same dilemma. Shutters don’t really work well in kitchens (just think of all the cooking grease that would end up in the nooks and mechanisms on them). So I think I’m going to go for a wipeable Roman blind. It’d be tucked in out the way, won’t have loads of slats to collect grease (and then dust, which sticks to the grease like nothing else), and can be pulled up out the way neat and tidy, with a nice bottom decorative edge to it

    Just a thought

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