Jade's Kitchen
Jade's Kitchen
Bespoke Kitchen on a budget

Jade’s Bespoke Kitchen Units On A Budget

Author: Lauren Coleman

Kitchens are a dear do, and the minute you step out of the ‘off-the-shelf’ realm and into bespoke, the costs can become immense. That’s why when Jade contacted me about her featuring her recent makeover RMS I snapped her hand off because this stunning light and bright kitchen cost a lot less than you may think. Over to Jade to share more.

When we bought our house at the beginning of 2016 (a semi-detached Edwardian property), the kitchen was actually at the back of the house: it was a tiny room, with hardly any units and even less worktop space. It was also separated from the rest of the house through a series of rooms and doors, and the whole layout just wasn’t practical for family living. Having also found out I was pregnant with twins a week after moving into the property, we had to make the space work for our growing family!

Our brother-in-law was reading kitchen product reviews for what seemed like a week and he came up with the idea of moving the kitchen to the centre of the house, in what the previous owners used as their formal dining room. We then decided to knock down several internal walls to create one big open-plan kitchen/dining area, and turn the old kitchen into a family room/playroom. After hiring an architect to draw up our plans and getting the go ahead from building regulations, building work began in the summer of 2016.

Fast forward a few months to when all the major structural work was finished, and it was time to get the kitchen of dreams installed! I used a remote kitchen designer called Peter Earthy to put my ideas into a plan from which all the units could be ordered. I had spent months looking at kitchens on Pinterest, and wanted a shaker style in pale grey for its timeless look that would complement the period of the property. I knew that the space was big enough to take an island, so wanted to incorporate this too.

I had my heart set on painted wooden units, but knew this might be an expensive option. However, I had read in an interiors magazine about an online company in Hampshire that supplied painted wooden kitchens at an affordable price. Their showroom in Southampton happened to be quite close to us, so we got to see the styles for ourselves. We went with a collection called Madison Painted Ash Light Grey and the salesman in the shop helped me place my order. The entire kitchen (excluding worktops and appliances) cost just over £5500.

To keep costs down I also sourced every appliance online, using discount codes and cashback sites to ensure I got the best possible price. I love wok cooking, so wanted a range cooker with a powerful central flame, and this Bertazzoni one more than delivers. The kitchen handles and knobs were from ironmongerydirect.co.uk and the light fitting is from Willow and Stone. I often get asked where the bar stools are from – these are old science lab stools that I got for £50 on eBay, and I painted the legs. I love shopping at high street places such as Matalan, Homesense, The Range and TKMaxx for accessories, and I’m partial to a Cath Kidston accessory for a pop of pastel colour.

I hope my kitchen shows that bespoke needn’t be expensive, and that you can achieve a high-end look on a budget.

  • Monmouth Cabinet Cup Handle
    Monmouth Cabinet Cup Handle
  • ROBERTS Revival Mini DAB/FM Digital Radio
    ROBERTS Revival Mini DAB/FM Digital Radio
  • Newgate Cookhouse Wall Clock,
    Newgate Cookhouse Wall Clock
  • Le Creuset Stoneware Petite Round Casserole, Teal
    Le Creuset Teal Dish

Photography by Jade Lisa Photography

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29 thoughts on “Jade’s Bespoke Kitchen Units On A Budget

  1. Such a lovely bright space! I follow you on Instagram and always have Kitchen envy! I will be bookmarking this post for when we hopefully do an extension – I’m local to Southampton.

  2. This is lovely. Classic. Would be interested to see how the rest of the house is configured as I guess this is a living dining area which is quite a common L shape?

    Would be good to see how the kitchen has been designed to fit in the larger family space?

    1. Hi Rebecca, thanks for your comment – are you on instagram? I can send you a drawing of the floorplan so you can get an idea of what the layout is like x

        1. Hi Rebecca, sorry for the late reply, my instagram is @jade.six.by.the.sea (click on my profile icon on here and it should take your directly to my page) x

  3. Jade, what a beautiful kitchen and space you have created. Such a timely post we have just had our first quote for our kitchen revamp and it was significantly more than we had anticipated. Do you mind me asking what your worktops are? x

    1. Hi Natasha, oh thank you so much for your comment! That’s really kind. Of course, the worktops are called Apollo Slab Tech in Ice White – it’s like Corian I think, but a fraction of the cost. We found a local supplier and installer, but if you search google you should find something near you x

  4. Looks so lovely and bright. I love the pale grey and white walls.
    I am about to start a kitchen extension and i’m still undecided about having light cabinets or going to the dark side! Would love to see the rest of your house, Jade!

    1. Hi Sarah, thank you so much for your lovely comment! I was undecided too – I kind of wanted a dark island (still do!) but had to compromise with my husband! I have more house pics on Instagram @jade.six.by.the.sea x

  5. Jade you are either my saviour or a cruel temptress depending on whether I can get my husband to agree on this. Basically this is what I want in the barn but couldn’t find anywhere for love or money and was about to give up and get the plasticy looking doors my heart curdled at the sight of in the name of compromise. You have given me hope!

    There used to be a kitchen company on southampton called McKenzies who did our solid wood kitchen there for a bargain price- I know they closed down so wonder if this lot are their suppliers or a revamped version?

    Either way, copying you. Hope that’s cool. Even the colour is exactly what was in my head.

    1. Ah thanks Lucy, glad to have provided inspiration! I saw some plastic wood effect ones and they came to the same price as this, so it was a no brainer. Hehe hope you can get your husband to agree! Good luck x

  6. Jade, firstly, cool name 😉

    Secondly, what a beautiful kitchen! Light grey shaker doors are exactly what I’m having in my kitchen renovation soon. I think they’re a classic choice. I’m also having similar worktops and sink/tap. What a funny coincidence. I have mixed other styles in my design, so it’s not quite the same style overall, but I hope it comes together as well as yours.

    Where is the eating area? Does the £5500 include the worktop?

    1. Hi Jade! Oh thank you for your lovely comment – your kitchen sounds like it’s going to look fab, would love to see the finished result. No that was just the price for the units, the worktops were about £2000 from memory. And the dining area is just opposite, it’s a big open plan room x

  7. Beautiful! Planning a very similar kitchen at the moment and want worktops like these – could I ask what they are please and where you got them from? I’m looking at Minerva and Corian at the moment, not cheap though so I’m a bit scared to commit!! Thank you 🙂 x

    1. Hi Sarah, thank you for your comment – of course, they are called Apollo Slab Tech in Ice White – very similar to Corian but much more affordable. I think from memory all the worktops came to £2000. I’m really pleased with them – they do stain a little but I use Barkeeper’s Friend on any stains and it cleans right out! x

  8. Beautiful kitchen Jade 🙂 As mentioned by a couple of people above I would be interested in knowing where the work top was from as I looked at similar ones to you but they quoted £3.5k for just the worktop. The rest of the kitchen was only £4k so we had to go for wood instead but would like to know if you found this style of worktop cheaper somewhere?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Nicola, thank you for your comment! We nearly went with a wooden worktop for the island, for contrast and also to reduce costs, but I didn’t think I’d be able to keep on top of the maintenance with wood. In the end we were recommended Apollo Slab Tech by the kitchen company – we’re really pleased with it, as it’s similar to Corian but much cheaper, and came in around £2k x

  9. I love your kitchen, but I think the article is a bit misleading to say that the entire kitchen was £5500, when this didn’t include the worktops.

    We had a new kitchen last year and I went for solid wood worktops and I am highly regretting it now! I hate it. Have got hubby to agree to replacing it, but he won’t be happy with the price of corian, so it’s great to get an alternative I can look into!

    1. Hi Claire, sorry you felt mislead, it wasn’t our intention. I’ve added some further copy to clarify.
      I want to get rid of our wood worktops too! I can deal with the constant wiping down but I feel lighter ones would make it much more airy.

  10. Wonderful kitchen, so bright and clean. I think it’s always good to search around for local independent suppliers, I found a guy in Birmingham, without a fancy showroom and he made all my kitchen units, including a larder unit with concertina doors and pan drawers, three full height units and three wardrobe doors, all for £3,500. They were supplied with solid carcasses and mdf primed doors, which my husband painted.

  11. This is beautiful Jade, thanks for sharing. I was wondering if that was an existing ceiling rose or you put it there specially (looks so perfectly centred over the island). I wonder if your builder or electrician did this/moved this for you? TIA

  12. Hi Jade. Love everything about your kitchen. Thank you for sharing.
    Where is the blue casserole dish from? It’s absolutely stunning

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