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How To Ace Your Summer Suitcase With Boden

Author: Lauren Coleman

At the moment there’s no danger of me having any form of holiday to pack for, however James and I have spoken about potentially having a short break some time in September, location very much undecided. After my recent trip to Cornwall, last years holidays and a lot of capsule wardrobe experience I feel I’m qualified to give a few tips on packing the essentials for a break away.

Once again we’ve collaborated with Boden, this time sharing the essentials for a break away wherever you may be heading and tips you can use whatever the location.

Accessories Are A Girl’s Best Friend

A boho necklace and a straw hat make a maxi seem casual, but add glitzy earrings and a great clutch and you’ll be the belle of the ball. There’s no need to pack your entire jewellery box though just a couple of statement necklaces, earrings and bracelets is usually enough to transform an outfit. When I was in Turkey last year I embraced the layered woven bracelets which added a bit of an exotic edge to my plain attire. This year I’m coveting Boden’s Tassel bracelet instead.

Step Away From The Wedges

You don’t need more than three pairs of shoes. Promise. You might get away with two. I usually go for a pair of sandals or sliders (currently eyeing up these cross strap sliders which will go with everything), a pair of low heels for evening and depending on how casual I feel trainers or another pair of flats.

Plan Your Outfits

I once went to Barcelona several years ago taking lots of pretty pieces that did not go to together in any way. To avoid having to wear shorts with a dress then do piece together a few combos before you travel taking into account any specific underwear you’ll need too.

Mix and Match

In a similar vein it’s far easier to get your outfits to co-ordinate if you stick to some form of palette. For Cornwall I went grey and blue and I highly recommend this if you’re going away in this country and have to build up the layers. Stripes go with everything, in fact a breton and leopard mix is my absolute favourite combo.

Don’t Forget Your Cover-Up

A cardi or lightweight jacket is essential for cooler days, chilly nights or if your sightseeing involves the need to cover your shoulders.

Roll with It

Roll your clothes and you can get far more in your case plus there’s less creased at the other end. Double whammy.

Pack It Up

Favorites to pack for your next break.

On The Plane

UK Beach Break

Exotic Climes


`Sunny Days

How to ace your summer case

Coming up next week, vacation beauty but in the meantime what type of holiday are you off on this year?

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11 thoughts on “How To Ace Your Summer Suitcase With Boden

  1. We’re heading to Majorca in 3 weeks and I’m in the middle of compiling an epic packing list, so this post is exactly what’s on my mind at the minute. I definitely think sticking to a colour palette is great advice – I’ve always found it works for me. This year I’m going for blue, white and army green, with coral and yellow as accent colours. Some grey pieces and tan leather will probably make it into my case too.

    Shoes are usually my travelling nemesis, but this year I’m planning to be super disciplined and only take 4 pairs – trainers (which I’ll wear on the plane), flip flops, a smart pair of flat sandals and a wedge heel. IF I can stick to it… 😉

    Already looking forward to the holiday beauty post – and hoping it doesn’t contain too many amazing recommendations, cause I’ve already bought most of my stuff! I’ll definitely be taking my Laguna bronzer, purchased in a lunchtime shop after the last beauty post.

    1. Late June/ Early July will be heavenly in Majorca Tracy.
      Your palette sounds so pretty too – lovely to have a few brights as accents x

  2. I’m two thirds of the way through my hols (going to bed as the UK gets up) and half my suitcase is Boden. I’m in Canada and was expecting changeable weather so I chose to layer up. A mix of vests and t-shirts, and a couple of 3/4 sleeve tops and cardigans, 3 pairs of jeans, 2 shorts and a couple of knee length dresses have seen me through (plus leggings for comfy travelling). My tip is to lay all of your clothes out and mix and match as many outfits as possible. I only have 4 pairs of shoes with me – 1x super comfy trainers, 1x converse which goes with everything, 1x sandals and 1x flip flops. I seriously don’t feel I have missed anything out of my wardrobe. I think there are limited sizes left but this t-shirt has been one of my best buys http://m.boden.co.uk/en-gb/clearance/womens-tops-t-shirts/long-sleeved-tops/wo031/womens-denim-jersey-top

    1. Claire, that top is lush. But why do I only ever discover the nice stuff in Boden after it’s sold out in my size?!?

    2. Ace top Claire, loving things that can multi-task and be dressed up and down.
      Have a fabulous time in Canada x

  3. My bank account needs a break from RMS. See you next month – in the meantime I’ll enjoy my NIOD Photography Fluid, Laguna Bronzer and Hooray top 😉 Dammit
    ps. great post as always x

  4. The Hooray top is so cute!
    So upset I left my Laguna Bronzer (and all of the rest of my make-up bag) at my parents this week!

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