Five Things I’m Looking Forward To In June {Lolly}

Author: Lolly Gautier-Ollerenshaw

I’m well aware that I sound like a broken record when I say that this year is whizzing past at the rate of knots but it really is. And as you read this we have only today and tomorrow left of May before we enter a brand new month. Eeek! Hopefully you’ve all had a wonderful Bank Holiday in the sunshine and you’re feeling refreshed for the week ahead. In the meantime I thought I’d share those things I’m looking forward to in the coming weeks and I’d love to hear your plans too!

  • My kitchen goes in this month! Finally. In fact the installation was scheduled to begin last week but due to some unforeseen delays in the carpenter’s workshop it meant that it was pushed back to June which is fine with me. It feels right…new month, new kitchen, a kind of marker of sorts. I’ll be sharing all the updates on my Instagram feed if you want to follow along with the progress.
  • My mum has treated us to tickets to watch the amazingly talented Adele this forthcoming month. I’ve not seen her live before but having seen her in concert on the TV I know it’s going to be amazing. Better yet I’ll be going with my sisters and too so it will be a proper girly trip.
  • Talking of which we’ll be staying in London prior to the concert and the night after too so I’m very much looking forward to indulging in some cocktails and gossip and a spot of shopping. I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I relaxed and indulged and took some time out for just me.
  • June is such a wonderful month for gardens. Admittedly May is my absolute favourite for new and exciting growth but it’s June when Mother Nature really hits her stride. I missed out on Chelsea Flower Show this year but I’m hoping to persuade Ste along to Chatsworth Flower Show and to get the grandparents to babysit – Hector isn’t quite as enamoured with flowers as we are. We were lucky enough to have a couple of date nights in May but I’m thinking a date day is in order for the coming weeks.
  • And lastly I’m mostly just looking forward to taking the weight off my slingbacks, as my mother would say, and relaxing this month. Hopefully this blissful weather will continue and I can top up my currently non-existent tan!

What have you got planned for the second half of 2017? Can you believe that the first six months of this year is almost over already?? We’d love to hear your exciting plans for June…


Image by Adam Crohill from the home tour of The Vintage House That Could

Author: Lolly
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.
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5 thoughts on “Five Things I’m Looking Forward To In June {Lolly}

  1. I cannot believe we are halfway through this year! 9 weeks to go until baby no2 is due to arrive so by the end of June I would like to have the nursery complete, and everything ready for our home birth And the first few weeks at home. Then in July I can relax and enjoy my last few weeks wth my son. We also have the wedding of two very close friends which will involve a long weekend away. I’m very excited about June!

    1. Sounds wonderful Anna! I’m so very excited for you. Here’s to a wonderful June xx

  2. I cannot wait to see this kitchen Lolly! I’m sure it feels like enormous progress!
    June for us is just going to be establishing routine in our new home with parents and working on some financial goals for one day having our own house. Also hoping for good weather, it makes free activities for kids SO much easier to find.

    1. Honestly Naomi it feels like phenomenal progress even with just the floor in place. Somehow it just feels more complete, more finished and will look even more so when the second fix are sorted out too. I’ll keep you updated! As for you I’m keeping everything crossed that it all goes smoothly xxx

  3. We aren’t halfway through this year until the end of June, we’ve got another month yet! But you’re right, this year is going quickly!

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