Five Things I’m Looking Forward To {August}

Author: Lisa Soeno

How blimming gorgeous has this summer been so far? I’m possibly seeing it through rose tinted glasses as I’ve had a little bebe to snuggle, but I’m sure the weather this year has been better than usual. I’m praying the sun will keep his hat on for August.

  • My little brother is getting married to the loveliest, most down-to-earth northern lass at a brewery in Leeds. I’ve never been to a brewery before, let alone a brewery wedding, so I can’t wait. Needless to say I bought Mia a copy of Rock My Wedding: Your Day Your Way for ultimate inspiration. Lyra will be dusting off her flower girl crown and prancing around in this little Monsoon dress.
  • And of course it wouldn’t be a wedding without a hen do. For Mia’s hen she’s chosen a boozy, low-key day at Meanwood Park in Leeds. I told you she was down-to-earth. Apparently the plan involves prosecco, posh sausage rolls and hopefully a game of rounders.
  • My best mate’s little girl, Poppy, turns one this month. I’m on the hunt for a present for her so will definitely be checking out Becky’s post on Gifts For One Year Olds over on Rock My Family.
  • We are finally going to get round to sorting out the garden. It’s only taken us nearly three years. For anyone that lives in a new build I’m sure you can sympathise with my despair at looking out at a bland box every day. I will be sharing my garden inspiration post with you on these pages very soon.
  • You lovely ladies came up with some fab recommendations on Instagram for places to sip and see in York. Thank you so much! And now I need to pick your brains again because Rich and I are having a couple of child-free days in Marbella in the middle of the month. If you know of any cool little bars/restaurants/interiors shops then please pop them into the comments box below. You guys are better than Tripadvisor at this shizzle.
  • Have a lovely August x


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Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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3 thoughts on “Five Things I’m Looking Forward To {August}

  1. Ah Lisa! Hope you enjoyed the rounders and the plentiful prosecco, nothing like some competition to work up a thirst! X Mia

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