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Festoon Lighting
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Cox and Cox
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Festoon Lighting
Festoon Lighting

Festoon Festivities

Author: Lauren Coleman

It’s always flattering when people on Instagram ask where you got your lamp, table, top or whatnot and one thing requested more than anything is where I sourced my festoon lights. The string lights I used to have strung across my dining room (and now my new dressing room) were from Next. I bought them a couple of years ago and thought 50 warm white bulbs for just £30 was very reasonable.
At my new house the kitchen and living room form an ‘L’ shape so I’m hoping to string across swathes of string lights across the adjoining patio when the weather finally warms up. So far my search has found a few contenders.


Sadly the version I currently have from Next is no longer available but I’ve noticed they have a new set on their website with 40 outdoor retro bulbs which would be absolutely perfect for the garden hung amongst the trees.


Now these white string lights from B&Q don’t have great reviews as folks say they fill with rainwater, however as they’re on a white flex they’d be great for indoors strung across a mirror for example. For thirty squid you get fifty bulbs to light up your life.


As I need a long string of lights to go back and forth along my patio I’m tempted to save up and splash out on £130 25m Starter Pack from Lights4Fun. This Festoon bundle gives you five sets of lights, a 13 amp plug plus five metre cables which when put together give you 25 metres of Festoon lights or you can buy another plug and split the sets. Alternatively you can buy additional sets to make your swathes even longer. Very versatile.

Cox and Cox

Over at Cox and Cox they too have extendable sets with starter packs and extender packs so you can string up to 100 lights from one power source. I love the shape of their teardrop festoon lights which is a nice alternative to the usual globe shape.


These little lights are suited for indoors rather than out but my parents have something similar in their kitchen and the glow is so atmospheric. You get a string of 100 of these mini globe beauties for only £16.99 from Amazon.

Any festoon lights taking your fancy? Do you have any strings of lights up in your home or garden?

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15 thoughts on “Festoon Festivities

  1. Love festoon lights! I bought some from Lights4Fun last summer but want to extend my set this year as it just wasn’t quite long enough. I also have the indoor set from Next in my dining room. Is it too much to want them in every room?!?!

    1. Rose I’d have them inside and out if I could! How long did you go on your Lights4Fun set? x

      1. I ordered x4 of the 20 LED Clear Cap Warm White Connectable Festoon Lights but want at least another 2 sets I think. They do look great and very good value. Make sure you Instragram some photos once you have bought them Lauren! 🙂

        1. Will do Rose! I need to get measuring as not too sure how many metres I need.
          So good you can extend yours x

  2. Dunelm mill have a great selection of outdooe lights. I’ve bought a couple of sets of the micro lights. The wire is pliable and I’ve would them around tree trunks and branches-so pretty. They also have a timer function which is useful x

    1. Oh Siobhan, fairy lights around tree trunks make my heart sing! I am totally copying you 😉 x

  3. I ordered some outdoor solar panel festoon lights via a group on offer I saw recently but also noticed they had 20 lights for £10 in Tesco on a recent visit.
    I’m still waiting for my groupon lights to arrive, I think they will look fab strung up in my pergoda.
    I am just in the middle of decorating our small conservatory lean to room and the plan is to cover the room in fairy lights to hide the many flaws in the room! I find fairy lights make even the worse rooms look pretty.

  4. Ah man, my phone keeps deleting my comment. Mine are from here: http://www.festive-lights.com/festoon-lights/

    I have an outdoor set which are still sitting in the garage waiting for this eternal winter to end so I can string them back up across the patio. I keep meaning to pick up an indoor set but never get round to it, I also have a bit of a thing about the wiring looking crap and destroying the whole vibe so it’s great to see a selection! This might just be the nudge I needed xx

    1. Oooh what a lovely selection of lights Karen. Go and rescue yours from the garage. It almost feels like spring today! x

    1. Oh no Kitty. I saw the box in the outdoor lighting section and then when I picked them up it said for indoor use only. Very confusing. Nice for indoors though x

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