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Bathroom Planning

Author: Lauren Coleman

Yesterday work started on our patio and so with one project underway I feel I can legitimately move on to another. Who said I’m not a starter-finisher?
This brings me on to our bathroom. You may remember we updated our kitchen on a really minimal budget and originally I was planning on just having a spruce up in here, however as time has gone on I’ve decided I really want to design my own room rather than try and personalise someone else’s space. I’m really happy with the kitchen but if I started from scratch it would look completely different and so I’m using this an opportunity to bring my own (well Pinterest’s) ideas to life.

Once upon a time this was the box room and the previous owners converted it to a bathroom a few years ago. It’s not particularly sizeable but it really does the job. There’s an electric shower tucked away in the corner too which we plan to keep. We also have a shower room upstairs too and a wet room downstairs with power showers so we’re happy to keep this less powerful one to cut down renovation costs.

A couple of my friends are horrified we plan to rip out the suite but as I’ve said before it’s just not my taste and the taps really aren’t great quality so I’ll be happy to see them go.


Aren’t there a lot of things to source for a blinking bathroom? So far I have a sink in mind, am deliberating over taps and I think I’ve settled on the tiles. That’s it so far. Then we’ll need the bath, the loo, the lighting, a radiator and a mirror too and that’s before I even start thinking about storage.

I adore the black cast iron Brockway sinks from my inspiration images but these babies can cost thousands so I’ve settled on a standard porcelain one instead. We stayed at a gorgeous vineyard in Sardinia with a stunner of a wall mounted basin in the bathroom and I’ve found something slightly similar which has gone on the wish-list from Sanctuary Bathrooms. The matching toilet is quite spendy though so I’m on the hunt for something with similar lines that will complement, maybe this one from BathStore?

Wish List

  • Walls & Floors Hexagonal Tiles
  • Bathstore Savoy WC
  • Tilt Soap Dispenser
  • Waldorf Basin

Then on to the bath. Despite it being on the small side I definitely want to have a roll top in here again but would prefer a thinner lip round the top to the modern style one we have at the moment. There’s so much choice about but I haven’t come to close to narrowing it down yet other than it will be traditional in style.

We’ll run the tiles to a similar height as the current bathroom and then I’m thinking of asking James to run a ledge along the top to prop pictures and other such tat on.

For the lighting I wouldn’t mind one or two orb type sconces to go either above or to the side of the mirror. I like these from Heal’s but they’re neither chrome nor bathroom compliant. Back to the drawing board I think.

Talk about deliberation on the tile front. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone back and forth here. In the beginning I was set on a marble herringbone floor but I think I might leave that for when we do the shower room. In the bathroom I’m planning a penny tile floor with plain, matt square tiles on the walls. Don’t get me wrong I love a subway tile as much as the next person but we’ve had them in our last two houses so it’s time to shake it up a bit. I think we’ll keep the skirting board too and probably paint both the trim and door in a darkish grey to separate the two tiling styles.

James has gone away with work for a few weeks and my task while he is away is to hunt down all the supplies for the bathroom so we can start work later on this year. Any recommendations you have for any sanitaryware, lighting or taps, to hell with it, the whole bathroom then please do shout. I’d love to hear how you’ve renovated your own bathrooms too and where you sourced all your bits and pieces from.

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21 thoughts on “Bathroom Planning

  1. Ok so we have a roll top and I wouldn’t again. The bath water doesn’t stay as warm. It’s pretty rubbish to be honest. Pinterest can stick it.

    Incidentally have been doing much stalking of your house of late as we’re potentially buying a cottage that needs MUCH renovation and am having many discussions with other half about the influx of colour. Personally I think white white white and natural wood beams is a good mix but he says it’s dull. Any good inspiration boards on colour and more specifically, where can I find you on Pinterest?

  2. Lauren I’ve been trying to hunt out bits for our bathroom and I just get in a bit of a fluster and shut all tabs. I had found a lush bath, which I was all set to go for, before I remembered that our tiny room means we have to have the shower above it, and that simply won’t work with a freestanding beauty.
    Those Brockway sinks are a thing of beauty – can you not find a reclaimed one?!

    1. Can you have one of those half free standers Laura? Charlotte had one in her last house.
      The reclaimed Brockways I found on ebay were over £1k! x

    2. I have a shower over bath roll top, they’re a bit more expensive than standard roll tops, ours was about £400 from Victorian plumbing.

  3. We are having a debate over the bathroom, new windows/front/French doors and starting to convert the loft.
    We’ve settled on we will go down the route of just revamping the bathroom with a new shower screen, toilet, taps and flooring. I may attempt to regrout. I’m hoping we can do this for £500 and then we will have he windows done. Hubby is quite handy so wants to make a start on the loft himself! But hopefully the loft can happen over the next couple of years and I can deal with the wait for a completely new bathroom if it’s freshened up a bit!will look forward to seeing your finished room Lauren, your home improvements are always amazing!

    1. I think you can definitely do a revamp for £500 Claire and regrouting can make such a difference. x

  4. I am in the process of doing bathroom fitting choices – I got my quotes for fitting AGES ago – but each time I try to go and look at various fittings – there is just too much choice or it isn’t quite what I want – and I just get overwhelmed and close everything down – and the thing is I am desperate to get the bathroom and ensuite ripped out and re-fitted as they are just so blah with grotty carpet (who puts carpet in a bathroom?!?) – I think I might have to be strict this weekend and put some serious effort in! Look forward to seeing your final decision on fittings Lauren 🙂 x

    1. Janey – it’s taken me forever to get this far. I can’t believe how many things you need to find for one room!
      Good luck with yours (and replacing that carpet!) x

  5. We are nearing the finishing line with our bathroom after three weeks! We hit a snag (though quite a fortunate one) in that we found a secret space with an original 1930’s window all hidden behind a crappy stud wall. I have NO idea why they did it…
    So anyway, this then meant an entirely different layout, so we went back to the drawing board. I had envisaged a massive rectangular shower, but with the new layout, we had to settle for a D shaped on and actually I kinda like it!
    I had admired some patterned tiles I saw on insta but for our floor space, it would have cost over £700 just for the fllor!! So instead I went online and ordered some even better ones from Tons of Tiles (amazing company!). I have always wanted a roll top since I used to have baths at my nan’s and so we finally got one in 1500 rather than the usual 1675 size and we are going to set it at an angle with plants peeking out from behind ( yes, i’d like to bathe in a pretend jungle in the Midlands…)
    We have an exposed brick chimney breast that I’d quite like to make a feature out of, but entirely sure how and the rest of the suite has been sourced from our builder, so am excited to see how all this is going to look.
    I ordered some prints from Desenia (as per RMS discount) and some bits from White Company and Maison du Monde to complete the look (thank you sales).

    1. Rhiannon – the secret space?! That’s amazing! Your new bathroom sounds incredible and thanks so much for the bath recommendation.

  6. Oh and can I recommend We got our bath from them after dealing with a horrific company and they were superb. Website not as easy to navigate, but great prices and a great bloke that runs it. They even spray paint in F&B and others if you want.

  7. Lauren – great timing. We’ve got a bathroom fitter booked for a start date of 7th August to come and entirely rip out our two bathrooms and replace them. We spent several weeks poring through bathroom catalogues to find the styles of ALL THE ITEMS we liked. I mean ALL. I never thought I’d have such an opinion on a waste pipe. Check out Arcade and Burlington – they will have some bits you like going on some of the links above. Majority of our picks were from these two brands and looks like we have a very similar style to you. On recommendation from our fitter, we went to Chipping Norton Plumbing Supplies who have a showroom (not overly glam mind you) with lots of different brands and options and I found it so helpful to see things in person rather than just on screen/paper. Plus the manager there was mega helpful.
    I’m so excited to get rid of the peach bathroom suite (accompanied with peach curtains) and the carpeted shower room!! My bank balance, not so excited. Why are bathrooms so expensive??
    My one remaining dilemma is my hatred for all mirrored wall units I’ve seen so far. Hmph. x

    1. Sophie I do think I need to go to a real life showroom. Like you say it’s so much more helpful. Also if I go to Chipping Norton does that mean I get to go to Daylesford?! x

  8. Oh, this is great timing! Extensive works are just about starting on our renovation project of a house, now we have our business up and running. This week, the electricians are in doing a complete rewiring (HOW much mess?) but next on the list is our bathroom which is, quite honestly, rank! I think we’re about there on his w we’d like it, but my top recommendation, instead of tiles, is something called Splashwall. It’s essentially tiling effect on a sheet, but it looks incredibly realistic (especially their marble finishes), is nowhere near as expensive to fit as tiles, is a dream to clean and doesn’t have any grouting to discolour or scrub at. We had it in our last house, and I would 100% never go back to regular tiles now.

  9. While we are on bathrooms I would love some advice!

    We have just repainted our bathroom but there is currently zero storage. I am not a fan of built in “bathroom” type storage so wondered if any of you lovelies had ideas for quirky storage ideas? It needs to house clean towels, toiletries, cleaning products & have space for some plants etc.

    It’s a decent sized room as it was previously the 3rd bedroom in our Victorian semi. We’ve painted the panelling on the bottom half dark grey and the top half Sail White & we have a roll top bath in the mix too.

    Any ideas much appreciated!

    1. Hi Fleur! We have just completely ripped out our old bathroom and had new storage put in. Our bathroom is absolutely tiny so we needed as much space as possible. We ended up having a Belfast sink installed which sits on a bespoke wooden chest. That way we get all the storage stashed away but have room for the pretty stuff either side of the sink. It’s over on my IG account if you fancy a gander xx (b.cdesignstudio)

    2. Hi Fleur, would you fancy going open plan? Something like Alaina from The Evergirl has? -
      You could hide the cleaning products in a basket on one of the shelf cubbies? x

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