The Autumn Fashion Edit {Our Picks for the New Season}

Author: Lisa Soeno

I can’t believe I’m saying this … but I think autumn has arrived, guys. In the past week I’ve worn a jumper for the first time in months (that feeling of sleeves against skin! So strange!), had a bath, and been tempted to put the heating on. I’ve even seen talk of white pumpkins on insta. I’m a summer girl through and through, and I’m gutted that the long and hazy days are fading, but I have to admit I am excited about the new autumn fashion that’s dropping into the shops.

Here’s my run down of the best bits.

New Look

I am loving the retro 70s vibe that New Look have got going on at the moment. We’re talking flattering shapes in autumnal tones, and cos it’s New Look, everything is so affordable. Even the winter coats! I’ll have one of these 45 quid maxi coats in every colour please. The tan version is in the header above and the khaki is below, but my fave is the grey. All so swish tho.

And for a simple wardrobe update item – this stripy tie front top is perfect. I have FAR too many nautical blue-and-white-stripe tops, so the yellow is v refreshing. It also comes in tall and petite, and as it’s button-down it’s breastfeeding-friendly.

  • New Look Midi Skirt £25.99
  • New Look Ankle Boot £27.99
  • New Look Tie-Front Top £15.99
  • New Look Maxi Coat £44.99


I have my friend Stylish Su to thank for pointing me in the direction of the new bits at Hush. This ‘Yes Sir I can Boogie’ slogan tee? YES PLEASE. Team with their Chrissie check blazer. And another of my mates wore the Ivy dress in midnight blue out to drinks last night – it looked beaut and even though I already own it in black she has totally persuaded me that I need a blue hue too. I really rate the Ivy dresses – the quality of the fabric is excellent – nice and thick and super stretchy and comfy, and they hang in such a flattering way. I obvs can’t end this paragraph without mentioning the new red leopard version.

  • Hush Maxi Dress £110
  • Hush Yes Sir Tee £35
  • Hush Swing Dress £49
  • Hush Leather Shopper £139


I have a hen do in two weeks and although I have a dress lined up for the Saturday night (the Stories one which has been worn hundreds of times this summer and as such cost per wear must be pence), I am sorely tempted to buy this cold shoulder midi just because it’s always nice to wear something NEW on a night out.

  • Oasis Shopper £30
  • Oasis Block Heel Boots £72
  • Oasis Cold-Shoulder Midi £52
  • Oasis Mini Skirt £65

& Other Stories

SORRY to harp on about slogans but Stories is giving excellent sloganwear right now. Their In Solidarity tees are the result of a collaboration with The Deep End Club and have been worn by the likes of Alexa Chung (ultimate girl crush). I like the tees, and the message behind them, a lot.

  • & Other Stories Blouse £69
  • & Other Stories Midi £79
  • & Other Stories Tee £35
  • & Other Stories Ankles Boots £85

And just in case you missed it, last week I was talking splurge and shoestring fashion items for autumn. Hop on over to snap up the bargains before they sell out.

Which of the shops have had you drooling over their new autumn wear?

Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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11 thoughts on “The Autumn Fashion Edit {Our Picks for the New Season}

  1. Where is the green dress on the right of the top header image from please? I can’t see it mentioned but love it!! Thank you! X

  2. Autumn is totally my jam. I love this round-up. One of everything please 🙂
    Especially loving the New Look coat & the Stories slogan tee. I am also still debating over whether or not I could pull off a shirt dress (inspired by your last post). Autumn/winter dressing is my fave and I am SO in love with this season’s seventies colours and vibes 😍

  3. Autumn dressing is my favourite Lisa! Black tights are officially OUT (well at least from September 1st) Really loving those mustard & Other Stories boots – the colour doesn’t suit me at all but I’m thinking if it’s that far away from my face….maybe I can get away with it? 😂

  4. I’ve just bought the Cassie dress from Hush but am thinking that I need the Ivy dress now! Love the coat from New Look too

    1. Yey Kate! Which colour did you go for? Please could you let us know what it’s like? I have been texting my sister re the Ivy today, we all need it x

  5. Lise, this is my favourite type of post, just like having a browse through the shops! I would never have thought I’d want mustard boots, but these are 👌

    I’ve ordered the green hush dress you mentioned in your last autumn picks post, but now I want this Stories one too!

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