Space saving wardrobe ideas for storing clothes and shoes
Space saving wardrobe ideas for storing clothes and shoes
Space saving wardrobe ideas for storing clothes and shoes
Space saving wardrobe ideas for storing clothes and shoes

An Organised Wardrobe

Author: Lauren Coleman

I had a huge clear-out of my wardrobe a couple of months ago so thought it might be worth sharing my new streamlined space. The last image in the slider is a ‘before’ shot refering to the area when I first moved into the house about three years ago. You would be forgiven for thinking I had just been ransacked and the thieves had left behind only the most unfashionable of attire. I also think the before image confirm why Adam photographs our content for Rock My Style rather than myself.

My wardrobe occupies half the space above my very narrow hall. As I mentioned back in my closet crashing feature you can walk in to my wardrobe but it’s a very tight squeeze.
In the same post RMS reader Claire commented on how she had opted for a capsule wardrobe of forty pieces. Well Claire, I have to bow down to you. How have you done this?! I really, really wanted to try out the whole capsule thing but was so overwhelmed by the whole process I just started folding up my jumpers neatly instead. It’s probably fair to say even after the removal of four bin bags of clothes I still only wear about twenty percent of the things I have in my wardrobe so I’m building up to trying out a capsule collection for winter.

If you’re down to forty items or four hundred here are the ways I store my clobber to make the most of every inch of wardrobe space.

Slim hangers

I used to covet those fancy wooden hangers. You know the type that makes you feel like you’ve kitted your wardrobe out like a boutique. However as they are quite bulky, and my closet is on the skinny side, I would only have been able to hang a few tops.
A couple of years ago I noticed the thin velvet style hangers next to the till in Primani. I think they were about £4 for 10 so over the next few months I bought a few bundles every week. The flocked texture means the garment stays in place rather than sliding off and they take up a lot less space. This is not an excuse to go out and buy more clothes…..


I’m not sure it’s possible to do a storage post without mentioning Ikea. The silver wire frame and racks I have to store all my accessories and trousers are no longer available but their ALGOT range is very similar.
There are various formations to fit in all manner of spaces. I think I’ve had my frame and mesh baskets for about six years and they’re holding up very well considering the strain of my excessive handbag collection.


I use fabric boxes to store my out-of-season clothes. I have debated about adding little labels to make locating last summers bikini a doddle, however I’m just not that organised. These ones were from Ikea originally and although they don’t do this colour anymore there is a new beige version available. I have the canvas shoe rack version laid horizontally under my bed to hold footwear too. Most of aforementioned charity shop castoffs were found hiding in these boxes so I’m debating whether they really are a good idea?


I’ve added various hooks into my wardrobe and find them useful for squeezing in bags, hats, jewellery, belts, oh and this old white frock I had lying around.


I’ll admit I’m probably not making the most of the space on my shelf unit but as it’s the first thing I see when I open the door I’ve tried to make it more styled. The unit in question was left by the previous owners and is simply made out of melamine with a wooden trim across the top.
I store my shoes in pairs with one heel facing in and one toe facing out as they take up slightly less space. I imagine if you have a few similar pairs this also makes them easier to identify too.

What are your tips for saving space in your closet? Is anyone trying the capsule wardrobe? And finally does anyone else find boxes just encourage you to hoard rather then streamline?

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27 thoughts on “An Organised Wardrobe

    1. I currently have a bedrobe Victoria. Putting this post together reminds me I need to impose by 24 hour tidying up rule x

  1. Now I’m just jealous! Plus regretting keeping our teeny ensuite as a teeny en suite and not a lovely organised wardrobe like I was considering! I too want to do the capsule wardrobe and periodically clear out clothes but still never manage that ‘I can pick anything from the wardrobe and it will go together’ look. Oh well! x

  2. I am hoping to get fitted wardrobes with my Christmas bonus as we are on rails, in boxes, over a chair… It’s all a bit much for someone usually so neat and OCD!

    Yes- I want a capsule wardrobe and I’m trying to buy classic items at the moment. A winter capsule wardrobe article would go down a treat…!

  3. Anna totally agree with you I’d love a winter capsule wardrobe article………pretty please RMS

    Love this and the organisation. I’m just coming out of the end of two pregnancies therefore two maternity leaves, now back at work. Still not sure what to keep and what to throw away yet so have way too much of everything. Casual park clothes, big baggy clothes, smart work clothes, clothes that don’t fit my new shape etc etc…….

    1. Hi Stacey, I’ll see what I can do!
      I’m having a good think about it at the moment actually – how do so few clothes cover so many uses?!

  4. Ooo fab! I am trying out the capsule wardrobe thing and find Caroline Joy at Un-fancy quite an inspiration. My problem is we are getting the keys to our new home on Friday so we have no money to spare towards a capsule wardrobe. So I am making it entirely out of my own current wardrobe (which is a challenge) and I was helped to cut down on items just this week when a waste pipe came loose flooded the wardrobe and made most of my shoes and a few other things mouldy! Anyway as I unpack my clothes into my new home I am going to create a capsule wardrobe and pine after a few investment pieces I can’t afford such as that navy ted baker coat…

    1. I very much like Unfancy Stef, Though I’m not too sure Caroline’s tendency to opt for more casual shorts and pants would be suitable for our climate and my worklife!
      Fab news on the house move. Rubbish about the waste pipe though 🙁

  5. Love the wallpaper – where is it from???
    Super jealous of your lovely wardrobe – we’re on a rail and a second hand vintage wardrobe which is pretty…but tiny! So far its only storing our ‘formal’ clothes i.e. dresses, his kilt, good coat etc etc.
    I long for a beautiful and well organised wardrobe and selection of clothes – I’m approaching my 30s and feel like I’m still stuck in jeans and a t-shirt mode from my late teens/early 20s. A capsule wardrobe would be amazeballs…but where on earth could I get style tips and hints from, and find clothes that don’t cost the world…hint hint RMS!!

  6. Oooo wow! I am so envious of your wardrobe! I also currently have a floordrobe! I am incredibly lucky in that we have a spare room and it’s where I store my clothes/shoes, while my husband gets the wardrobe in our bedroom. The problem is I just chuck stuff in there, close the door and forget about it until the situation becomes ridiculous and I have to have an epic sort out! The problem is that I just have way too much stuff!!! I do have clear outs and feel great, promise myself that I will keep the place tidy and not buy any more stuff as I really don’t need it but then H&M/ASOS/Primark do their work and I end up replenishing all the stuff I cleared out! Gaaaaa! I will learn some self-control one day!!! I have tried the vacuum pack bags for storing out of season clothing in the past – I’m not sure of how much of a great idea they are…. It was a bit out of sight out of mind for me and I just ended up forgetting about them totally – which shows I really didn’t need them at all!

    1. We’re totally on the same wavelength with these boxes/vacuum bag things. I think I kept about three things from the various boxes. Definitely out of sight, out of mind.

  7. I have an accessory hanger from Primark which is fab. I hang all of my belts and scarves off it. I also have a hanging handbag storer from Lakeland which is great.
    I have Ikea Komplement basket drawers in my son’s wardrobe and they are dreadful, they come off the runners constantly. going to upgrade to proper drawers instead! so anyone looking at Komplement jyst avoid those like the plague.

  8. Wardrobes are taking over all my thoughts at the moment. I even dream about them. We haven’t bought one since moving in to our new place on August, so at the moment we just have a rail and a load of wicker baskets under the bed. It’s annoying me a lot. We’re going to go for either a fitted wardrobe (in a dream world) or a PAX Ikea wardrobe (in the real world). But before that we need to paint the room. And before that, we need to decide the colour of the paint and none of the 6 (oops…) tasters of very similar creams are quite right. The PAX wardrobes are quite good value I think, and some of the ‘hacks’ on Pinterest look really good. A lot of people choose to go for no doors which is a) cheaper and b) looks really good. However, it only looks good if you keep everything neatly hung and folded all the time. Not sure if that will happen! x

    1. My ma and pa have a PAX solution Sian. I am very envious of the pull-out trouser rack. It’s very fancy x

  9. If you can stretch to it go for fitted wardrobes. I didn’t realise how much space I had until I put them in my last place. That space above the wardrobe is so useful for extra things. Thankfully our current house has them in (and was the main reasons we chose our bedroom as the main bedroom).

    When I was richer I had my colours and style done. While I realise this isn’t a cheap option and some don’t agree with the process for me it was one of my best investments. I have far less clothes than I used to (but more than a capsule wardrobe) and I wear everything in it. However, if you don’t have the cash/time/inclination I have another tip presuming you have hanging space to hang your clothes (and I wouldn’t be suprised if I got the tip from RMS so apologies if you’ve seen this on another post here). Turn all your hangers around so they face the same way. Then when you wear something and after you’ve washed it turn the hanger around the other way. After a few months you should soon see by looking at your hangers which clothes you wear and which you don’t. Keep the ones you wear and ditch the ones you don’t within reason – I’m not suggesting dumping your winter coat if you do this in summer.

  10. A name check on RMS!! *dies happy*

    I love love love my capsule wardrobe still 🙂

    I will admit that planning my autumn one was harder than the summer one for some reason, I seem to have ended up with 87 bottoms and about 3 tops but I’m calling it a work in progress. I freely admit that I’m lucky to have space in the spare room to store my off season stuff but shopping my own wardrobe turns out to be really fun 🙂

  11. Your walk in looks so gorgeously organised!!

    I could NEVER handle downsizing to a capsule wardrobe of 40/60/{insert number here} items.

    I have a huge problem with being a hoarder. I justify this behaviour by saying to myself that I feel my stuff, mainly dresses to be honest, are kind of like photographs to me.

    There is nothing of great monetary value stopping me from selling any… don’t get me wrong, there’s not much worth holding on to so I can “pass it on” to a next generation who wants to wear something original and authentic from the naughties but there is plenty that would make a few bob in a charity shop (or for myself on eBay)

    But that means giving away a memory or something. I can pretty much tell you every single place I have ever wore any of my dresses, in fact, I know I could, and I have about 150 frocks! Lace ones, sequin ones (a lot of sequin ones!), print ones, tulle ones, embellished ones, cotton ones… be it day or night, a festival, holiday, Ibiza club or lunch in a park – those threads take up more heart space than they do wardrobe space!

    Please people… tell me I’m not the only one?!!

    Nicola, a shopping addict who can’t bring herself to through anything away. ever!

    1. Sorry Nicola, I missed this comment originally.
      Your dress collection sounds awesome, I’m not surprised you can’t bear to part with it!

  12. This looks so beautiful Lauren! Mine is seriously suffering as I have done most of my Christmas shopping and wrapped it far too early (I get a bit excited) and then have nowhere to hide it from the children for 3 months…so its all at the bottom of my wardrobe alcove covered in a load of jumpers – for a QUARTER OF THE YEAR. Not pretty.
    I would love to do a capsule wardrobe but I’ve concluded it just doesnt work for my lifestyle. I need too many different types of clothing!
    What I do instead, which I like, is to pick out the weeks outfits in advance and hang 7 outfits out on a different rail and then it forces me to wear some of the things I ignore. If I do that on a Sunday I’m more likely to be creative for the week ahead. Also, at work, when I run courses with young people I plan out my course outfits (and make our team at work do the same thing) Working with teenagers our ethos is to make a real effort with our clothes to demonstrate that we are valuing our time with those girls and we want to wear our favorite (but non-expensive) things. So if we are running 8 week courses I need to plan out 8 good outfits and diary them in so that I don’t forget and end up wearing the same thing each time I see that group by accident. This was a bit harder to do when I was 8 months pregnant but I tried! But it saves time in the mornings to have a smaller rail to go to that you’ve pre thought about – a bit like a meal plan.

    1. I really like the idea of planning 7 days ahead Amanda. I find choosing clothes in the morning a real pain. Although the way I have my wardrobe set up makes it easy to locate clothes I am so uninspired when it comes to putting together outfits. I’m going to give your suggestion a try next week. x

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