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A Goodbye

Author: Lauren Coleman

It’s just a short post from me today to let you all know I’m leaving Rock My Ltd.
Since I took on a full time role with the team in Summer 2017 I’ve been much more heavily involved in the weddings side of the business but it didn’t feel right to part ways without saying goodbye to you all. I was asked in an interview recently to talk through my greatest achievement and without hesitation, I answered that building this community had to be my biggest career highlight.

Thank you for every single suggestion, recommendation, feedback and word of support you have ever sent this way. My home, wardrobe and holidays have no doubt been shaped by our chats on here. I hope maybe when you have a glimpse around your own four walls there’s a teeny bit of me there too. God knows I should be on commission from Dulux for Super Matt white paint! Most of all thank you for the incredible support you gave me during the backward book fiasco and to my pseudonym ‘Jane’ when I blogged about my experience of fertility treatment. You all rock.

There are some very exciting plans afoot at Rock My Ltd but sadly I won’t be a part of them. Wishing lots of luck to the rest of the team and looking forward to seeing what unfolds for you all.

Lauren x

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Lauren likes Paris, Prosecco and Paint Charts
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44 thoughts on “A Goodbye

  1. So sad to not see you pop up in my emails and on my Instagram feed. Have absolutely loved every single post and definitely more than a few of your ‘suggestions’ (or stolen ideas!) have made it into my home. Wherever you go in the future, they will be lucky to have you xx

  2. Hi Lauren,

    I have really enjoyed your posts and your voice over the years, and it will definitely be missed! I’m sure that many of us still refer back to your posts on white and neutral paints (and probably some of us will keep them eternally bookmarked).

    Wishing you every success wherever you end up next. Take care,

    1. Thank you Rebecca. The white posts were still getting comments when I left so I’m glad they’ve been of help to people! x

  3. So sad to hear this! I’ve loved reading your posts and been awed by your innate sense of style. Best of luck in whatever you do in future x

    1. Thanks Jade, that’s a lovely thing to say. Currently wiping porridge off myself and the kitchen floor and not feeling particularly stylish! x

  4. I’ll miss your posts Lauren – especially the interior ones! I don’t think there was anything you did I didn’t like.
    Wishing you and your little family all the best with whatever comes next xx

  5. As a much older reader (very senior citizen)I have particularly enjoyed reading your ‘interior’ posts which have helped keep me up to date on what is happening with Interiors, pinch ideas and dream – mainly in the hope that my home will not fall into a sad state of ancient tiredness! Sadly, I cannot understand why remote working is not feasible in the new RMS set up which now appears to be localised. Contributors working from homes in different locations bring fresh ideas to what is happening around them and in their part of the country. Reach for the stars Lauren!

    1. So good to hear that you enjoy the Interior posts, Cheryl. There’s definitely more of those to come. Whilst we now have a Head Office (as you may have read in Charlotte’s last post) we have contributing writers from all over the country, so you should still see that nice mix of fresh ideas going forward. Although Lauren’s impeccable style will definitely be missed!

    2. Thanks for your kind words of support Cheryl. I’m sure your home definitely won’t fall into a state of ancient tiredness! x

  6. Wishing you all the very best Lauren. You were incredibly kind to me when I guest blogged on the opening of my business back in 2016, so thank you for that. Excitng times, and we’ll all miss you over here! Xx

  7. Hi Lauren
    I will certainly miss your posts. As the lady called Cheryl is I am also a bit older than the instagrammers ha. But when I joined Instagram as I’ve always loved interiors and loved your style and always with care and not too much expense . I was a young mum and I’ve budgeted my likes for my home through the years. You were my first that I followed. Your house is beautiful. Your star tiles in your kitchen well I’ve seen loads with them now. Sure you were the first. I hope whatever you do in the future you have success and hope you’re family all the best xxxx

  8. I absolutely loved it when I discovered Rock My Style by chance however many years ago! I’ve always enjoyed your posts Lauren and just wanted to say thank you 😊
    Wishing you & your family all the very best for the amazing things you’ll do in the future 🌟

  9. Oh Lauren you’ll be so missed. I always love your posts, and I have you to thank for my Super Matt white dining room! Wishing you lots of luck for whatever you turn your hand to next xx

  10. Wishing you lots of luck Lauren. Will miss your posts (but will still be following you on IG). My whole house is painted in Super Matt white, and that is down to you 😊 it really is the best white paint. All the best for the future and whatever you decide to do next. Xx

    1. What did we do before super matt?!
      Thanks Alex. I’m trying to do a bit more on insta as my account has been very neglected. Hopefully see you over there x

  11. I’m so sad you are leaving, Lauren. Your posts have always been my favourite; they always had the personal touch to them and you have always come across with a great deal of humility. Good luck with whatever the future holds and thank you for cheering up my lunch breaks for so long x x x

  12. Ahhh Lauren I am going to miss you – and for you I owe you a big thank you for your article Suddenly Single back from 2015 – when this was published my marriage had literally a few weeks previously very unexpected ended and i was feeling very lost & scared in a brand new area that we had moved to 4 months previously and now I knew no-one – this article really helped me in so many way – your lovely writing style & then all the responses it got back from the community – which helped me get back on my feet and make new friends – so thank YOU and i wish you all the luck with your next move – you will be amazing and they will be so lucky to have you 🙂 xx

  13. Dearest Lauren, one of my fave friendly voices on the world wide web (always said in a Bryn accent from Gavin & Stacey*…)

    You have always rocked this thing called blogging, content creating and curating, community… I am going to continue to enjoy your insta posts but will miss you on here



  14. *how many whoops is allowed about the gavin and stacey christmas special…. whoop whoop whoop whoooooop!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I’m so excited for G & S! Was never a fan of the two of them but the rest of the cast are blinding! Thank you for your very sweet words x

  15. Ah lauren, I was wondering if this was coming when you mentioned redundancy on your insta. Hope your next move is a good one for you. I was so pleased to see you finally become a mum x

  16. Nooooo! Lauren, I’ve loved your posts. My house is very ‘inspired’ by yours, and your budget finds were incredible! You also had a lovely authentic charm to your writing. It’s such a shame you’re leaving. I hope you continue to post somewhere else. And congrats again on becoming a mum.

    1. Always like to hear someone has been inspired 🙂
      I don’t have any plans at the minute to post elsewhere but never say never! x

  17. You will be very missed Lauren, have always loved your posts and the paint colour ones have saved hours of research! Best of luck with what you go on to do and enjoy your little family xx

  18. Oh Lauren, you will be very missed! I’ve loved reading your posts over the years – you have such a unique voice on here and your authenticity as others have mentioned has always come through loud and clear. I wish you all the luck in whatever you go on to do and conitnue to enjoy your lovely little family! x

  19. Oh Lauren, I was hoping you were sticking around. I love your taste.

    And I’m still bloody looking in the Range for that White Company lamp. It alludes me still.

    More Instagram instead please.

    1. Sadly can’t make the long commute work for my family so can’t stick around. I’ll let you know if the lamp turns up in my local store!

  20. Wishing you all the best Lauren, my boy was born very close to yours so it was great to hear your parenting updates along the way.
    Your posts will be missed but hope you have exciting future plans

  21. Wishing you the best of luck Lauren. I thoroughly enjoyed your writing style. You wrote the best article on shades of grey that I still use when decorating to this day. When I went through ivf it was also great to look back at the blog posts you wrote to feel it actually might be possible even after the first transfer failed (and it was – my second FET worked like for you!). I do hope you move onto new and exciting ventures. I’m not on Instagram but will be looking out for your writing/styling features.

    1. Huge congratulation on your FET. This is wonderful news!
      always wanted those posts to help others in a similar situation so I’m really happy they gave you hope and you got your happy ending 🙂 x

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