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5 {K} A Day

Author: Amy Cooper

In April 2017 I wrote about my new found love of running after starting in January 2017 with a 5k App. Well, I am pleased to say that I am still running! As a serial quitter this is an achievement alone and I genuinely don’t envisage a time, injury aside, in my future that I won’t run.

This year my running buddy Sarah and I followed a training plan to run 10km, which we smashed and our furthest run to date is 11k. 11k! Just saying it makes me smile. I know this sounds smug but I am kind of ok with that. I think running just makes me proud, getting out and doing it gives me an enormous sense of accomplishment. Especially because I am not of athletic frame, I am a short, curvy woman with a body that reflects my age and the three children I have carried.

The 10km training plan was very different that the couch to 5k. We ran benchmark runs, splits, speed run, varying distances, all apparently to turn us into much better and powerful runners which, I would say it has totally done. Our form has developed and we are definitely stronger.

With this further boost in confidence and eagerness for a new challenge we decided to participate in 5k a day in May. We took it on as a personal challenge and laid out some rules. We would need to cover a minimum of 5k a day, mostly running but if a rest day was needed we could power walk it or run 4k, walk 1k, you get the gist. As long as the distance was covered and logged on our trusty Nike Apps.

Rounding up, of course this would mean setting aside 1 hour a day to ourselves. That’s a challenge in itself right?

So, with two days left, how has it been? Right, this month has been beyond busy and disruptive for our family. We have been living with my parents as we finish our house extension, had hospital appointments for our youngest who is prone to passing out, hospital appointments and an operation for the middle one who had a nasty finger break and two stay away trips for the eldest but do you know what, I haven’t missed a bloody day.

The natural born quitter in me struggles to run alone but being in a different town I have had to, it has forced me to, no excuses. As personal hurdles go, for me not to have someone else kicking me up the arse and to find internal motivation has been huge, SJP closet huge!

Finding the time has been a little tricky but I have just made my runs late in the evening and hello, perk of being at my parents is that my husband, Andy has been able to come with me a few times, which has been really lovely. Getting lost in fields, running along the canal on these warm May evenings has been a joy. One evening my eldest reluctantly came with me, he is 9. I forced him to come and he was very grumpy for about 5 minutes and then loved it. We ran the 5k looking at baby ducks on the way and cashed in on some lovely one on one time that probably we don’t do enough.

There was one night though, the night of The Royal Wedding where I climbed into bed started to drift off about 10pm only to jolt upright and gasp “F*&^ my run!” I had completely forgotten about it. Andy told me to just leave it, of course I couldn’t, I couldn’t fail just because I had forgotten. I also couldn’t let Sarah down. Thankfully we were at my Mum’s don’t forget so I woke her up and said I was going off on my run with Andy. She thought we were mad. We went from PJ’s to Trainers in less than 2 minutes and went off down the road. I am sooooooo glad we did it, I would have cried I think at the failure. I feel like there was a bit of fate on my side that night 1. We had childcare 2. I didn’t actually fall asleep and 3. I wasn’t drunk which let’s face it, Royal Wedding day I could have easily been.

Running everyday has become part of my daily routine, at this point I would gladly carry on with a daily run but maybe reduce it to a 3.5 minimum a day. I am not sure. Ask me on June 1st.

Does setting yourself a challenge help motivate you? Do you have a fitness buddy and what challenges can you recommend for me to do next?

Author: Amy Cooper

23 thoughts on “5 {K} A Day

  1. Woah I am so impressed! 5k every day O.O Getting up and running at 10pm after you’d been in your PJ’s already? You are a star!!! I still have to get back into running. I had my second baby 11 weeks ago and really need to start moving again!

    1. 11 weeks ago! Congratulations! It’s funny how capable you feel after your second isn’t it? Compared to the first time. Remember to take it easy but how nice will it be for you to have that ‘you time’ x

  2. Wow, that is amazing. It’s certainly not what lack of motivation looks like to me! Did you start running from no regular exercise at all? I’m currently doing the 30 day shred DVD (much less impressive). I’m starting level 3 today and this feels like a big achievement since I’ve never managed to keep exercise going for more than a few days. I’m not sure what to do after this because I don’t want to just stop. I have bicep muscles now! I don’t think running would be for me and I am very restricted by my husband’s odd shifts, two children and no car. A 20 minute workout at home has been perfect for me.

    1. I used to be active and do Ashtanga Yoga three times a week and have taken part in the Moonwalk twice so have trained both times. I did start running after a massive lull in exercise though which was the reason for it really, I really needed to get active and do something for me. Aghh the 30 Day Shred I have heard that is soooo good, not less impressive! I actually have the unopened disc lurking in a drawer somewhere, see couldn’t get the motivation to do it by myself. Maybe I should give it it shot. That’s amazing that it’s changed your body already. Go you x

      1. I do love a Jillian Michaels workout! I’ve tried a few, and definitely recommend checking them out after 30 day shred, if you want to keep going/building on where you’ve got to. Various bits and pieces from her dvds used to be available on the befit channel on YouTube – don’t know if they’re still there though.
        Should get myself back in to that habit, actually, as at the moment I’m only managing my weekly Pilates class and my cardio health is a bit lacking. Not this week though, because I seem to have come down with something :/

  3. Ahh this is flipping incredible! Congratulations on your 11k that’s a huge achievement and also every day, what a commitment!

    How did your joints find it? I would love to run daily but am scared my knees will blow as they are rubbish, but I can’t see how to up my distances from 10k to half marathon without running more than 3 times a week- cross training is the answer I guess.

    Amazing achievement and hope you feel really proud of yourself

    1. Sorry – my reply is showing further down x

      Thank you so much. Erm, I definitely feel more achey now than I did when we used to run 3/4 times a week. My lower back hurts a bit. Ahh great, are you booked in for a half then? What training programme are you following? I think that the runs for strength like those splits have really helped me to run further xx

      1. I’m not really booked for anything… but I have my eye on the Jurassic Coast challenge which is a half cross country on the Dorset coast in August. I was planning to do the Neolithic Half last weekend but have had a long miserable saga of new shoes and foot problems, after a 10 mile xc race with four river crossings finally killed my old faithfuls in March!

        I don’t really have a programme as I sign up to them and don’t stick to them- I loosely do one fast as I can short run (4-5k), one steep and hilly middle distance one or a pushchair one (6-7k) and a long run (10k ish) per week. Will check out the Nike run app you mentioned below… the problem is both time and terrain- nowhere is flat here which is great for fitness but tough for timings!

        Congratulations again on your achievement loved the IG snaps today from the challenge and Happy birthday to your son x

  4. You are bloody amazing!!! Such a huge achievement lovely. Hugely inspirational, especially, as a Anja said above, to get back out your PJs on that occasion. All the love for you!

  5. Thank you so much. Erm, I definitely feel more achey now than I did when we used to run 3/4 times a week. My lower back hurts a bit. Ahh great, are you booked in for a half then? What training programme are you following? I think that the runs for strength like those splits have really helped me to run further xx

  6. What an inspirational article
    After a break from running for over 20 yrs I have recently rediscovered the running bug .As a more mature lady at 57 I set my challenge to do the BHF my marathon in the month of May and although haven’t run everyday I’ve complete my 26.2 miles in the month ,joined a running club and currently lacing the trainers to do a 5k No matter how slow or how many catch up breaths needed I’d recommend it to anyone

    1. Fantastic! A goal is so important isn’t it? Oh I bet a running club is lovely, such a sociable sport for something you do alone I think. I love the camaraderie between runners you pass x

  7. This is so inspirational! I’ve joined a 0-5k running club programme for women and it’s grwat to have that team support. Between me and the kids this is day 10 of gastroenteritis so it’s not been very successful BUT I am feeling motivated and your post has made me feel even more so!

    1. Great! I have some friends who joined a 5k club too, I think they are fab. You poor thing with everyone ill, hope you enjoy it when you get back in your PE kit, it will always be a PE kit won’t it? haha

    1. We used the Nike+ Run Club app, you can download it from the Appstore or alternative. I log my runs on there too, when I have battery anyway. You can join challenges or create one so we set a ‘race day’ and chose when we wanted to complete the 10k by. It’s really good and monitors your activity so you are prompted to adjust your plan as the weeks go on. Get downloading and get running xxx

  8. Ooh you are super dedicated to go out at 10pm. On a weekend I would definitely have had fizz/gin! I have just finished a Couch to 5k programme with my local running club, which made it very real, I had to do the training runs to be able to keep up! To be honest I only did one of the two extra sessions a week and went to kettlebells class as well. I can’t quite believe the progress I’ve made but I haven’t lost a single ounce or look any better for it which is gutting! I’ve signed up to a 10k at the end of August to keep the momentum up!

    1. This is amazing! Well done! Eugh I am the same, the weight hasn’t shifted although my clothes are fitting better and I do feel a bit ‘tighter’. It’s amazing how it hooks you in though, running, and suddenly you are obsessed. Best of luck for August xx

  9. That’s fantastic, Amy! Running, I think anyway, is the purest form of imitating what we all once did way, way back. Anyway, besides any historical perspectives, don’t you find that feeling you have after a run pure dead brilliant!

    1. Yes! Completely. I think knowing you will feel like that at the end is sometimes the only thing that get’s you through the actual run. So freeing. Thanks for commenting Len x

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